Song For Heather Heyer

It’s not very good but I felt I should honor our fallen comrade’s memory, and this seemed like a good way to do it.

Her name was Heather Heyer
She was 32 years old
And if you’ve got the time I think
Her tale ought to be told

She’d been standing up to bullies
Since she was just a kid
And when the Nazis came to Charlottesville
Standing up’s just what she did

Her passion was equality
Freedom and justice for all
So when Heather learned about the march
She responded to the call

With her comrades she took to the street
Held back the fascist tide
But when the car sped down the road
There was nowhere she could hide

The cowards took her life that day
But they won’t have long to cheer
For we will carry on the fight
For the cause she held so dear

And so, my friends, I would request
Our memories not grow cold
Of our comrade Heather Heyer
Who was 32 years old

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Most witches and wizards are surprised to hear Rose and Hugo’s names. Some raise their eyebrows–Rita Skeeter wrote a scathing article for Witch Weekly wondering if that “devious Granger” who liked to “toy with handsome and famous men” had “refused to let her husband honor the memories of our fallen heroes.“ 

Others were kinder, it made them smile to think that of the children of two of The War’s greatest heroes with names that had nothing to do with loss and violence. Maybe that meant they could move on to.

What no one realized is that Rose and Maurice Pascal were married in a quiet ceremony in Marseille, France. Maurice had a limp that kept him out of fighting in First World War, and Rose had a sweet smile that hid her whip-like wit. Their twins Hugo and Adeline were born two years later, just as what was left of France’s soldiers came home.

When the next World War came, Maurice had succumbed to an infection, Adeline was studying in Cambridge while Hugo helped Rose run the book shop. Adeline hated leaving her mother and brother, but Hugo insisted she was the brains of the family. "I just provide the laughs,” he explained.

When the Nazis swept through France, Adeline’s letters from Rose and Hugo stopped coming. Only years after the war ended did Adeline find their names on the list of Auschwitz’s dead.

Adeline had nothing to return to in France, so she married a young doctor named Frank Granger, the only son of Jean, a Rabbi who sold all his books to smuggle his son out of France before the war began. Frank never found his father’s name on a list. 

Frank Granger met Laura Collins while studying dentistry. Laura lost her father in the war, this time in North Africa.

What no one realized was that Hermione Jean Granger grew up listening to the memories of loved ones lost to hate and war, and that it wasn’t so hard for her to understand while people might want to kill her for having the wrong parents.

What no one realized is that when Hermione sent her parents to Australia, it was because she couldn’t stand the idea of them knowing their family was facing another genocide. 

What no one realized is when Ron (yes Ron) suggested naming their daughter Rose, he wanted to remember the other war that defined his family.

And that was one of many, many reasons why Hermione loved him. 

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Thank you to the all that you do. Your writing is amazing. If it isn't too much trouble, may I request a fluffy scenario for Sidon where he and his soon-to-be s/o are spending the day playing with the Zora children and one of them says, "the Prince talks about you a lot." Then the other kids chime in with, "yeah, he really likes you!" and whatnot and basically kinda embarrass him? Or would that go against your character limit for a scenario? If it does then I'm so sorry! (ó﹏ò。)


“Hey! [Name]’s back!!” A child called out from their group and bound their way over to where you and Sidon stood.

 As soon as you heard their little voices a smile made its way on your face and you turned around with your arms wide open to bring them in a hug. They all ran as fast as they could and dog piled upon you cheering and laughing. Sidon was beaming, feeling proud that the child of Zora’s Domain were enthralled by you. He crossed his arm and covered his laugh with his hand as the children began to bombard you with questions.

 “What took you so long!?” 

“Well, I was travelin-”

 “Did you get a new cloak?? Why did you do that, your green one was better!”

 “H-Hey now, it was old-”

 “[Name], [Name]!! My fin grew another inch! I’ma be taller than you, just watch!”

 “Hahaha, I don’t doubt it. Majority of you will be taller then me before you know it!”

 “Good, ‘cause then we’ll all be big enough to throw you in the river.”

 “WHAT! Don’t be cruel!!”

 Sidon pressed his knuckles to his lips attempting to quell the laugh that threatened to burst. The kids were tugging on your cloak while the other ones in front of you pulled on your pants. Each of them wanting your undivided attention and Sidon was trying to keep himself in check as they all fawned over you. He thought to himself that he was lucky that the children were not around all the time from how much they admired you.  It would have been impossible to get close to you otherwise, but then again, it made his heart sore at the thought if you allowed him the chance to raise children with you. He could already tell you would make a great parent.

 It was then when one of the children noticed that they forget Sidon was there and they rushed over to him pulling on his hand to come join. Sidon could only chuckle at the little one tried their hardest to drag him over, and so he pretended they were incredibly strong. They giggled uncontrollably as they ‘dragged’ Sidon while you were on the ground again with a few children smothering you.

 In a feign feeble attempt for help, you raised your hand as if you had fought a mighty battle. “Sidon…I don’t think…I can make it. Tell the children….that I.. that I ate all their shrimps.” Loud gasps from all the kids could be heard, “Also…it was delicious… Blehhh.” You went limp and stuck your tongue out.

 All the kid began yelling and tugging on your clothing. “Noooo! You’re lying, you really didn’t eat them all, did you??”

 Sidon made his way over and pulled you into his lap, he held his trademark pose over your ‘dead’ body. “Do not worry, my dear, [Name]. I will make sure your message to the children will not go undelivered.” He looked at them all and tried his best remain serious, “Listen my fellow comrades!”

 They all took the poses of soldiers, and some looked like they were going to cry. Others faces remain intensively stern. “Aye, sir!”

 “We must honor our fallen comrade in arms!” He looked between them all before his smile became devious. “By tickling them!”

 Your eyes shot open and before you could get up a horde of Zora children dog piled you again, but this time their tiny fingers jabbing and tickling. You cried out and laughed while trying to push them away. You shook your fist at Sidon, “You betrayed me! I thought you loved me!” You jokingly jest, but the children all paused.

 “Sidon does love you!” One them called out and Sidon’s eyes bugged out.

 “Yeah! He went on and on how..uh…what was the word he used?”

 “He said infatuated.”

 “You dolt, that means you farted.”


 “[Name], are you gonna marry Sidon?”

 You were confused and trying to get your bearings as all children spoke at once. You glanced over and saw Sidon hiding his face. He looked completely flustered and you bit your lip to try to suppress the smug smile from surfacing.

 You made your way over to Sidon and he looked up at you before you pretended to faint. His reaction was quick and thorough, easily swooping you in a dip. He looked even more flustered at your cheeky grin, “Infatuated, huh? I think I can say the same.”

 The children’s reactions were a mixture of whooping and gagging. It took him a moment to register before a blush bloomed on his face not at all sure what to feel embarrassed at; the children or the fact he got called out.

A and B turrets, HMS Hood 1940 HMS Hood’s forward 15" turrets, with a 4" gun’s crew under training in the foreground. The leading seaman, (noted) standing on the extreme left, behind the man with the 4" projectile, is leading seaman W Dowdell, who lost his life on 24 May 1941 along with 1414 other members of the ship’s company, there being just three survivors when the ship was sunk in action by the German battleship Bismarck.
Colourised by Royston Leonard

Cold sheets // Rex x Reader

“When’s the last time you slept?”

You never really understood how cold a bed is when you’re alone until you’ve had someone else share warmth with. That was epiphany realized at 2 AM, or o’two-hundred as Rex would say-or used to say.

He hadn’t talked much since he got back from the Umbara mission. He greeted you with the tightest hug and a kiss to the forehead, but he hadn’t touched you since. He was vague on the explanation.

“General Krell went rouge. Bad things happen when Jedi go rouge. We have a pretty long leave.” Other than that, you nothing of what happened on Umbara-just guesses that it wasn’t good. Your captain was obviously shaken up, and it took a lot to shake the war hardened trooper. So besides the vague explanation, most conversations were one sided, often answered in one word replies.

He would sit with you while you ate, but would barely pick at his food. When asked it was either, “I’m just not hungry.” Or “I snacked while you were at work.” But that was obviously a lie, face was gant and the cupboards were untouched. But, still you didn’t try to force him into anything.

Oh, the look on his face broke your heart every time you looked him in the eyes. Not one smile since he showed up on your doorstep, not much an expression at all except red-puffy eyes occasionally. Otherwise he just looked tired, but he never came to bed.

That brings us back to “ O’two hundred”, as you peeled back the blankets you were determined to help him tonight. Him wanting help or not. Your bare feet touched down on your apartment floor, again you were reminded of how warm Rex always was. Tugging a hand through your hair, you tried to make your footsteps as quiet as possible, but they still stuck ever so slightly to the floor as cold feet on tile do.

You never wanted to startle Rex, in fact he once warned you against do so. So once closer to the kitchen, you make your footsteps a little louder, shuffling slightly. Coming up behind and slightly to his side, you gently laid a hand on his shoulder He jumped in his seat, twisting around and grabbing your wrist so fast you hadn’t realized what happened until he’d knocked a chair over from standing up so fast.

For a moment, you were scared- staring into eyes that were obviously not looking at you. Ever so quietly, “Rex, please, you’re scaring me, darling.”

You watched as his attention came back to you, slowly then all at once. He looked you over and then to the hand that was gripping your wrist tightly. He dropped his arm in disgust of himself, before observing the rest of the damage. The Captain picked up the chair and shoes your Loth-Cat away from the spilled caf.

“Damnit.” He whispered ashamed, “(Y/N). I’m so sorry. Did I hurt you?”

“Never. There’s no need to be sorry, Rex.” You answered, inching closer. He inched backwards.

“No need to be sorry? I could have killed you.” He protested. It was sad this was the longest conversation you’d had since he got back.

“Rex, I’m not afraid of you.” He shook his head, at your statement moving past you. You could hear him in the living room, attaching his armor and clicking it in place. You had nervous energy bubbling up; you didn’t want him to leave, but you didn’t want to provoke him.

“I should go back to the barracks to get my head on straight. I’ll come back when-” he didn’t finish before heading towards your door. He looked at you as if waiting for a protest. All you could do was stare at the bags under his eyes. Shaking his head once more, he was ready to step out. “I’m sorry.”

“When’s the last time you slept?” You called out before the door closed. Rex stepped back in, looking at you quizzically.

“What?” He didn’t sound angry, but genuinely confused- as if your care for him was a new thing.

“When was the last time you slept? A full night? On something other than my kitchen table?” You elaborated, walking towards him. When you reached him, you shut the door before cupping his face in your hands, bodies pressed together. Your heart shattered at the way he tensed and how cold he felt.

“God, (y/n), I don’t deserve you.” He admitted, finally relaxing into your touch. He leaned down to rest his forehead against yours. “I’m so, so sorry.”

“Don’t apologize. Just let me help you.” Was all you could say.

Back at the kitchen table, he mopped up the spilled caf before sitting back down to explain it all. “General Skywalker was called back to Coruscant, with General Krell left in his interim. It was clear Krell didn’t share much sentiment about us clones. He didn’t fight with us, sent us with strategies designed for maximum casualty-” He paused, and the took a deep breath, “Heroic actions were overlooked. Hell, Jesse, Fives, and Hardcase took down half of the space blockade and Krell tried to execute them.”

One hand rested on the table, while the other drug across him face. Taking your hand, you gently covered his hand in yours and squeezed it lightly.

“He called us by our numbers- even when threatening to court martial us. He turned the 501st against each other- those loyal to the Jedi and those loyal to our brothers. I was caught in the middle, I wouldn’t blame them if they wanted a new captain. One who competently deal with a bad leader-”

“Hey, don’t talk about yourself like that.” You reprimanded gently. His smile was gone as soon as it came.

“Towards the end of the campaign, he ordered us to intercept some Umbarans who were on there way to our base- told us that they had stolen our brothers’ armor. So in honor of our fallen brothers, we did. We intercepted and opened fire and they did the same to us. It wasn’t until I shot ones helmet off that I realized it wasn’t an Umbaran.”

He stopped, eyes falling to the floor in shame. He dropped your hand before holding his face.

“Rex, you don’t ha-” you started. But he interrupted.

“He tricked us! Into killing our own brothers. (Y/N)! I killed my own brothers! I ordered the open fire on our own troopers!” He thundered, raising his voice before it broke.

“Oh my…” you trailed off, “I’m so sorry you had to endure that, but, please, baby, it’s not your fault.”

He shook his head, “If I had stood up to him-”

“You would be dead. From the information given, Krell was corrupt, malicious, and cruel. Even if you did stand up to him, he would have killed you and carried out his plans through someone else. Please, stop beating yourself up.” You ranted, furious that a JEDI of all people had done this.

“57 lives, I can’t just forget that.” He said dejectedly. You got up and hugged him, not letting go until he hugged back.

“I’m not asking you to, I’m just asking you not to let their death be the death of you. Don’t let them die in vain, fight for them, fight for me-just get out of this alive and they won’t have died in vain.”

“Force, (Y/N), I love you so much.” He muttered into your hair. You pulled away, brushing a hand over his cheek.

“Now, please, come to bed. I can’t sleep another night alone.”

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TLDR: Allura’s time as a paladin is coming to an end very soon... and she knows it.

If you haven’t watched the Allura vlog yet, you should.

Ya’ll notice that in her vlog, Allura’s wearing her old combat suit in the vlog, right? Not her Paladin suit. Don’t you think that’s a bit odd considering that she never wore her old suit again in season 3? 

After watching Allura’s vlog I started to wonder, what is the purpose of these vlogs from a storytelling perspective?

While Coran stated that the intention was for future generations to learn from the vlogs, they serve a different purpose for us, the actual audience. They serve focus points. Essentially, these vlogs are here to say “This is what you need to keep in mind for season 4.”

In Coran’s vlog, he focuses on teachable moments (albeit with little comedic bits thrown in) because he values teaching and guiding younger people. Keith talks about his insecurities and flaws because they have been at the forefront of his mind due to his new position as a leader and his realization that he is Galra. And finally, Allura talks mostly about diplomacy and her faith in Team Voltron’s ability to defend the universe. The point is, these vlogs are meant to shift the focus on what each character feels is most important to them.

With all that in mind, let’s break down Allura’s vlog.

After introducing herself she talks about her initial concerns about the new Paladins. I noticed that throughout the vlog, she refers to the paladins as separate from herself. She doesn’t say “the other new paladins”. She talks about them as if she is not one of them.

One could argue that this makes sense in the context of her referring to events from seasons 1 and 2. She never once talks about herself as a paladin and how Shiro’s absence shifted the dynamics of the team. The Team Voltron from seasons 1 and 2 technically doesn’t exist anymore, yet that is the team is she chooses to focus on. 

This is especially significant considering that the stories she told could have easily applied to the new paladin team as well. They also had a hard time working as a team and they also had a hard time forming Voltron, as seen in season 3 episode 3:

Considering that this scene and this team occurs so much closer to the time of her vlog, wouldn’t it make more sense that she’d talk about the team flying Voltron now, especially since it includes herself?

When she does finally focus on herself, she’s speaking solely about being a diplomat. In fact, her transition from the paladins to her diplomat experiences emphasizes even more how she separates herself from the paladins:

“The earthlings had to learn how to become paladins, and I had to learn how to become a diplomat.”

This statement right here is where she really separates herself. She does not say “Not only have I become a Paladin now but I had to learn to be a diplomat,” or anything similar. No, she is focusing solely on her diplomatic duties. 

Now, let’s return to the combat suit. Remember, why she chose the pink suit: 

“On Altea, we wear this color to honor our fallen warriors. I wear it to honor the paladins of old. And Shiro.”

While the “paladins of old” definitely refers to the original paladins as individuals, I think it could also mean the old paladin teams. With Shiro gone and Allura on the team, Voltron is completely new. And the old team from season 1 and 2 can technically be considered the paladins of old. By honoring the paladins of old, she could also be honoring the version of Voltron that formed when Shiro was on the team, which wasi different.

But Shiro is back now. And although he hasn’t been able to take his place back in Voltron just yet, I get the feeling that Allura believes he will soon. The choice of wearing the old combat suit alludes to this. Wearing the paladin suit would present her as a part of Voltron first, but the old combat suit with the crown presents her as the Princess of Altea first instead. Because while it is important to her that she is a paladin, her first concern is being a diplomat and the princess, especially since Shiro is back.

Remember, I stated that the vlogs are meant to establish focus points. Allura’s vlog is meant to draw focus on her as a diplomat, not a paladin. Because by the end of season 4, I think the original Paladin team will be back. And I believe she knows this. She knows that her time with Blue is coming to an end, and that is why she chooses to wear her old combat suit and not her Paladin suit.

On a side note, I have a long analysis of Keith’s vlog and more in-depth predictions for him during season 4 coming soon so be on the lookout for that! Also, I love having discussions about Voltron, so come chat with me!

My analysis on 2CT

After reading the latest chapter last night, I am shooketh beyond belief…So! To try and make sense of everything, and to reassure myself that everything will be okay, I have decided to make my own little analysis.

1. I was looking through the early chapters, and the campania chapters, and I found a few things that further prove (not that we need more proof) that the “new” Ciel is indeed the Real!Ciel, Our!Ciel’s twin.

This scene happens when Ciel witnesses Sebastian massacring the Bizzare Dolls in front of him, and it makes him think of how Sebastian killed everyone in the cult. He thinks to himself, “This is very much like..(or the same)..” then it flashes back to the cult leaders being murdered. But then he says “No, it’s not the same. I’m outside of the cage.” With a picture of Real!Ciel being stabbed.

This is referencing to how Real!Ciel was the one outside of the cage on the night he was killed, and how Our!Ciel was the one trapped, but Our!Ciel realizes he isn’t trapped anymore, and he can do something. Unlike the night where he witnessed his twin being sacrificed. 

Then this panel shows

“Ciel isn’t here anymore.”!!

Our!Ciel says that of course Sebastian killing the Bizzare Dolls isn’t the same thing as him killing the cult leaders. This is obvious, because Sebastian “isn’t killing the ones who soiled” Our!Ciel. He’s killing the things that UT brought back to “life”. Our!Ciel is also outside of the cage, as opposed to him being inside of the cage being helpless. Finally, it definitely isn’t the same thing because “Ciel isn’t here anymore.” 

Obviously Ciel isn’t there anymore, because he was killed in front of Our!Ciel’s eyes! Seriously how did 70% of the fandom look over this?

2. When UT stabs Sebastian with his death scythe, his record begins playing from the beginning of his duty as butler with Our!Ciel. I’ve seen many panels mentioned from that scene, except these two.

Our!Ciel states that “As Ciel Phantomhive, head of the Phantomhive household,” he wont lose the game like his predecessor did. Nothing unusual, but then Sebastian starts laughing…

Sebastian makes a comment that Ciel is lying, right after he says he is Ciel Phantomhive. This obivously is saying that Our!Ciel really isn’t Ciel at all!

Like???? C’mon…C’mon….

Okay so…I have NEVER been fond of the 2CT…Ever. I’ve always been terrified that it would change how I saw Black Butler and Ciel forever…But I trust Yana (I think) and we gotta accept that this is the reality. After all, Our!Ciel will always be..well…Our Ciel. He will always be the bratty little nerd we all grew up with, and his twin isn’t going to change that. That’s not saying it isn’t going to complicate the plot a bit, but Yana has been planning this from the beginning, and she knows what she’s doing. And honestly..the more I look into this theory, the more it’s growing on me. Plus the twin is supposed to be dead lmao.

Let’s all take a moment to honor our fallen brother… :(

I wholeheartedly believe that protest can be a devotional act.

Educating yourself on politics? Reading up on your enemies and their philosophy? Figuring out who to avoid and who to ally with in your area? Planning direct action? Old One-Eye loves that shit. He’ll keep a watchful eye on you - on the trans folks, the disabled folks, those who defy binaries and lash out at systematic, crushing oppression.

Standing with your fellow outcasts? Protecting those who have been called monsters by society? Ripping off the veil of misinformation and lies to reveal truth to the world, no matter how painful? Loki stands with you. He’s the mother of monsters, after all. May his silver tongue speak along with yours to inspire your allies and demoralize your enemies.

Fighting tooth and nail for justice? Recognizing when laws can be and need to be subverted in order to do the most good? Fiercely protecting your own? Tyr has your back, and you have his sword. Stand up, be brave, be loud, and remember that fighting oppression does not make you like your oppressors.

Honoring our fallen? Holding vigils and moments of silence for those we have lost? Women of all walks of life, standing in solidarity, holding hands; the femmes and the butches and those who have never fit any prescribed label; women of color and trans women especially - Freyja watches over all of us, all of you, with her fierce and sacred femininity, her warrior’s spirit and cunning crafts, and she stands with the fallen, bathing them in her golden light.