honoring the fallen

Me and @peachymess made a pumking in honor of the fallen soilders of wings of freedom who bravely has fought for humanity and its freedom. You all fought bravely, Rest in peace Erwin, Moblit, Mike, Nanaba, Marlo, Gelgar, Isabel, Farlan, Thomas, Mina, Hannes, Petra, Olou, Eld, Gunther and everyone else ❤


U.S. Marine machine gunner Corporal Leonard Hayworth, 22 years old, weeps upon realizing that he and his men, who have taken heavy casualties, are out of ammunition. “His eyes swung searchingly along the edge of the ridge, then up into the rainy sky. Slow, heavy tears started down across his face.”

When it seemed that … machine-gunner Cpl Hayworth was shattered beyond all hope, a black-jawed, smiling old veteran crawled over … Sitting shoulder to shoulder with the younger man, he calmly told him how they were still holding the line … The grimy old veteran talked a feeble smile back upon the face of the corporal. Tears still streaked his face up under his helmet where the rain could not wash them away, but the Old Marine seemed not to notice. Korea, August 1950.“ (This Is War!)

Weeks after taking this picture, while still in Korea, David Douglas Duncan handed Hayworth a copy of the September 18, 1950, issue of LIFE in which the above photo appeared. “Hayworth looked at this huge picture of himself, in the biggest photo magazine in the world,” Duncan recalls. “He didn’t say anything. He just smiled. He looked like Errol Flynn, about 6-foot-3, a tall, handsome Marine. And no one’s saying anything, looking at this picture of him, crying, and an old sergeant behind him says, ‘We all cry sometimes.’ The next day, September 25th – the three-month anniversary of the start of the war – a sniper shot Corporal Hayworth between the eyes.”
Photo: David Douglas Duncan/LIFE

So let’s talk about Android #17 for a sec because HE’S COMING BACK IN SUPER (YAAAY!)

I’ve always wondered what happened to him and if he ever goes to visit his sister, 18 and her family. 

So according to KANZENSHUU translation, 17 became an efficient park ranger and receives a high salary for doing his job well. 

He also married a Zoologist, a girl he probably met as a park ranger and they have one kid. They also adopted two more kids and the big family lives on an island somewhere.

I was glad Toriyama elaborated on #17′s story more even if we never got to see him until the Universal Tournament Arc. I think he has one of the best story arcs in DBZ and here’s why.

He probably became a park ranger in honor of his fallen comrade/android brother, #16 who loves animals and nature so much. THAT and he is legally allowed to shoot/intimidate some people (poachers) whenever he wants :P It’s a win-win situation really. 

And the fact that he and his wife adopted two more kids? He probably saw himself and his sister in these two kids and decided to take them in and protect them :’) He and 18 must have led terrible lives as orphans before Dr. Gero turned them into weapons of mass destruction. I think the cruelty they must have experienced from the world is the reason why they’re more than happy to be on a revenge killing spree. 

What’s interesting is that 17 purposefully limits his interaction with 18 because he’s embarrassed by what he’d become. Like he still wants to retain that cool ‘I don’t care’ persona but knows 18 and to some lesser extent, Krillin, will see through him and he doesn’t want to feel awkward about it. 

Anyway, here’s to hoping they show his family in the upcoming arc *fingers crossed*

On a sidenote, isn’t it amazing that more than half of this group are former villains? 😂 Goku is really one heck of a guy! 

One of the most famous monuments in all of France, the Arc De Triomphe was built to honor the fallen soldiers of the French Revolutionary and Napoleonic Wars (and not the host of L'Apprentice, Donald Triomphe). It’s an impressive, Roman-inspired architectural marvel with an opening large enough for a suicidal idiot to barnstorm an airplane through.

Beneath the Arc is a WWI tomb for unknown soldiers, whose ghosts probably feel pretty thankful that they weren’t forced to spend eternity underneath another of the proposed designs for the monument: a monstrous, water-spewing circus elephant.

6 Iconic Monuments That Almost Looked Completely Insane

NO but this is too heartbreaking, because it could just as well be a scene where Newt is already dead, not just an awesome edit to show his death.

Just imagine it, the surviving Gladers having a bonfire to honor all their fallen friends, and Thomas takes a jar of that drink and sits down and holds it up, thinking “Here’s to you Newt. Wish you were here.” and then taking a sip all seriously and stuff but he just ends up spitting it all out like the first time

AND Newt’s ghost is sitting next to him, laughing his arse off, saying “Jeez Tommy all that and you’re still a bloody Greenie” but wishing he really was there to laugh with his friend, just one more time.

Also, this is not my gif, I think its this awesome person’s, if I’m wrong please correct me :)

Harry might have had a really personal reason for naming his son Albus, but let’s not forget that most likely every other parent did the same thing to honor the fallen headmaster and wizard. So Albus is probably sitting in class thinking “damn I’m so unique my dad actually fought the dark with Dumbledore” only to realize he’s literally surrounded by Albus F., Albusinia M., Al Bus K., and Dumbus III.


Heroes Commemoration in Wunsiedel 2016 (Video, Photo)

“Only those are dead who are forgotten,” “Your new grave is everywhere” (a line from a famous song by Stahlgewitter “Deine Asche - Dein Grab”), “[The living close the eyes of the dead], the dead open the eyes of the livining,” is written on the banners carried by the participants of the commemorative procession in a “martyr city” of Wunsiedel organized by a German nationalist party “Der Dritte Weg.” A noble cause of honoring the fallen national heroes and defenders of homeland encountered predictable resistance by the police that tried to check an identity of each particular march participant and escorted them to the meeting place, as well as leftists ridiculing the patriotic feelings of Germans and a torchlight tradition in a primitive manner.

Controversy reached its climax in 2011, when the mayor of the Bavarian town of Wunsiedel Karl-Willi Beck ordered to exhume the remains of Rudolf Hess, cremate them and scatter the ashes over an undisclosed location at sea, as well as demolish a tombstone and a grave. The reason for such a decision was an ever growing pilgrimage of German citizens to Hess’ grave who were unhesitantly labeled by the media as “Neo-Nazis.” However, the real situation is more complicated: the extent of Hess’ responsibility is still debated in a German society, and many Germans condemned the exhumation as an act of vandalism from a general cultural and historical point of view. As a result, this step by the local authorities largely reinforced the martyr reputation of the city, and this year, within the all-German Heldengedenken (Heroes Commemoration) action on Nov. 12, up to 300 Germans arrived especially in Wunsiedel to honor the national heroes, defenders of homeland and patriots.

One by one, the organizers called the spirits (“I call…”) of the fallen patriots from different periods of German history (Imperial army, Freikorps, Land Forces of Wehrmacht, Navy, Air Force, elite group members, and so on), and the participants, as their mouthpiece, responded “Here!” (Present!).

To sum up, German nationalists successfully transcended a mere subcultural level of national awareness, speaking on behalf of all German patriots and inviting the society for the further discussion by means of a legally conducted symbolic event, which is a big step forward.

Day 1 of Akame 30 day challenge; my favorite character is Najenda

She’s just a really special character who I can connect to, she tries to hide how she feels from the rest of Night Raid, but is really just extremely broken on the inside. Some of us argue whether or not the deaths were really her fault, but even if they’re not, she still takes all of the burden. At the end, she’s scared physically and mentally from all of this, but keeps fighting in the honor of the fallen. I didn’t find her that special during the anime, but while reading the manga I realized how much I can connect to her, especially during volume 9 (which I own because of that)

744. A decade after the Battle of Hogwarts, 21 year old Gabrielle Delacour went to a ceremony honoring the fallen and the survivors. She laid eyes on 24 year old Dennis Creevey, mourning the loss of his brother. Gabrielle Delacour went to comfort Dennis. Fleur was the happiest maid of honor at their wedding two years later and Dominique made a delightful flower girl. Everyone instantly accepted the two into their already enormous extended family.