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In Chiron’s office there are two file cabinets. Both of them have files with all the information about each camper: the date they arrived, when they were claimed, school information if they are full time campers, their summer activities, etc….the only difference is that one cabinet is filled with all the living ones and the other with all the ones who died.

And every time he has to move a file from one cabinet to another he makes sure to read all the files in the second cabinet before putting it away. It is his way to honor the heroes who are gone.


The chalcedony waves belonged to the women of the House of Organa, the royal family of the planet of Alderaan. It notably belonged to Queen Breha, who already ruled her homeworld around the time of the Clone Wars. The necklace was later passed down to the Queen’s adopted daughter, Princess Leia Organa, who used to wear it for formal ceremonies. After the Alliance to Restore the Republic defeated the Empire over Yavin 4, Princess Leia Organa wore the chalcedony waves during a ceremony honoring the Alliance heroes of Yavin.

I think another endlessly fascinating thing about Avatar is watching Zuko and Azula begin on opposite sides of the spectrum, and then end on opposite sides, but with the roles reversed.
Where Zuko begins as a dejected, rejected young man who is so filled with turmoil that peace, and happiness, and love slide off of him. He doesn’t allow himself to be loved (by Uncle) because he feels he’s unworthy of love, because he is a disgrace to the Fire Nation, but more importantly to his father. He is nothing of what his father wanted in a child.
And then we see Azula, she is astute, and embraced, disciplined to an extent but very self righteous. She doesn’t allow herself to be loved per se, because she feels as though everyone around her should automatically worship her. There’s not a conscious decision. She is a fire bending prodigy. She is everything her father wanted in a child.
But as we progress forward, mostly in the third season we watch this dramatic shift.
Zuko, finds peace. Finds his honor. He becomes a hero, and he finally allows himself to be loved, and accepted. He masters his bending, because he finds his center. He realizes his destiny and he fulfills it.
Azula, on the other hand, loses herself completely. She is unwoven by the realization that her father never considered her an equal, never really saw her in his end game. There is no destiny for her to fulfill, she realizes there is no place for her in the past, present, or future.
I just think it’s really interesting. These two characters are so integral to each other, and this show is just so important lol.

dirty little secret: i’m a bitch for mythology

*I’m not even kidding I was the only person at my school to take the only mythology class we had twice and I finished with a 100+% each semester.*

Reaper76 spiderman-esque AU where Gabriel and Jack have known each other since forever and during their college days Gabriel gets this super cool powers but he doesn’t fucking know what to do with them, so he trusts Jack with this because Jack’d know what to do since he’s the nerd with all those superheroes comics and shit.

Gabriel: *gives Jack a sketch that seems drawn by a child of his costume* So what do you think?

Jack: …Gabe, no.

Gabriel: Why not? What’s wrong with it?

Jack: What’s wrong with it? Gabe, this looks like a supervillain custome! You’ll confuse people! Criminals won’t know if you’re an ally or what.

Gabriel: So? That will give me an advantage over the enemy. 

Jack: No. Draw it again. And i don’t know why you need all those guns. 

Gabriel; It’s the american way, Jack.


I can not agree more! It is truly the best squad and who else could lead it if not Izuku himself? 



Google Doodle honors civil rights hero Fred Korematsu

  • Fred Korematsu, the civil rights hero who crusaded against the United States’ internment of the Japanese in the 1940s, is the subject of the Jan. 30 Google doodle.
  • The digital tribute honors Korematsu, who died in 2005, on what would have been his 98th birthday. 
  • In 1942, the activist was arrested for evading Japanese internment, which eventually prompted the American Civil Liberties Union to step in and challenge his conviction in the landmark Supreme Court case, Korematsu v. United States.
  • In one of the most contentious rulings in its history, the Supreme Court upheld Korematsu’s conviction as constitutional. It’s a decision that’s still referenced today by current Supreme Court justices as a blemish on the nation’s history. Read more

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My lord may stand defeated, but we also won in so many ways.

We got a memorable fight.
We gave an older game more recognition.
We got a new a bromance and/or otp.
We got a good score in the end despite the lack of resources.

And most importantly,

We grew as a community and got new friends.

So thank you everyone for fighting in the voting gauntlet and I hope you guys had fun!

For honor heroes in a nutshell
  • Warden: Giantdad meta
  • Conqueror: T H E W A L L
  • Peacekeeper: D'Va's "nerf this" quote happening
  • Lawbringer: Extreme grunting edition
  • Raider: really smelly cheese
  • Warlord: big thick block of cheese
  • Berserker: the taiko game from Japan
  • Valkyrie: the fb poke button
  • Kensei: Dad Naruto
  • Shugoki: Reinhardt and Roadhog's love child
  • Orochi: Naruto
  • Nobushi: cheese from a distance
Send Me a Number
  • 1. Favorite PJO/HOO ship?
  • 2. Least favorite PJO/HOO ship?
  • 3. Grover?
  • 4. Percico or Percabeth?
  • 5. Jasico or Jasper?
  • 6. Valdangelo or Solangelo?
  • 7. Is Gaia or Kronos the better villain?
  • 8. Did Luke deserve Elysium?
  • 9. Favorite character?
  • 10. Least favorite character?
  • 11. Favorite scene in the books?
  • 12. Favorite book?
  • 13. Least favorite book?
  • 14. Most heart-wrenching moment?
  • 15. Best canon fluff moment?
  • 16. Cabin you're in?
  • 17. Cabin you'd like to be in?
  • 18. Coolest demigod powers?
  • 19. Caleo or Percy/Calypso?
  • 20. Leo/Hazel or Frazel?
  • 21. Percy/Rachel or Rachel/Annabeth?
  • 22. Pipabeth or Pipazel?
  • 23. Annabeth/Reyna or Reyna/Piper?
  • 24. Jeyna or Jasper?
  • 25. Do you ship Thaluke?
  • 26. If you went to Camp Half-Blood, what would be your favorite activity?
  • 27. Least favorite CHB activity?
  • 28. Who would you want on your team for Capture the Flag?
  • 29. Hunters or Amazons?
  • 30. Demigod most likely to stab another in the back if it would benefit them?
  • 31. Demigod most likely to die for another demigod?
  • 32. Best demigod parents?
  • 33. Best demigod siblings? (Can be actual sibs like Percy and Tyson or more like Piper and Leo)
  • 34. What would a prophecy about you say?
  • 35. Would you rather be mortal or demigod?
  • 36. Cinnamon Roll demigod?
  • 37. Most hardcore demigod?
  • 38. Most underrated demigod?
  • 39. Best demigod team?
  • 40. Most "WTF" moment in the series?
  • 41. Demigod most likely to survive the apocalypse?
  • 42. Demigod most likely to die first in the apocalypse?
  • 43. Demigod with the most awesome name/nickname?
  • 44. Metalest way a demigod has killed something?
  • 45. Cutest way a demigod has killed something?
  • 46. Favorite thing about BOO?
  • 47. Most "wtf" moment in Blood of Olympus?
  • 48. Least favorite part of BOO?
  • 49. Favorite minor character?
  • 50. Favorite minor ship?
  • Bonus Question: which character's death was totally unnecessary and should not have happened as they didn't deserve to die like wtf