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This drawing is by @ganetrain and I just wanted to talk about it. This show paints such a beautiful picture of the effects of abuse. Zuko, who was physically abused and belittled by his father, spent years trying to complete a task, that even his father viewed as impossible, just to win him back. He later confronted his father (Day of the Black Sun) and became a heroin that eventually took him down. Azula on the other hand, spent 14 years under insane pressure from her father. She was the prodigy. In book two there’s a perfect example “almost isn’t good enough.” Before her coronation, she snaps. The mental and emotional abuse from her father coupled with immense pressure created probably the most terrifying person in the avatar universe. During the final Agni Kai, she would not have hesitated to kill Zuko and Katara, and probably Appa since he was there. The two are polar opposites and portray the two (given, extreme) common results of childhood abuse.

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  • Zuko on a date: What is your home like?
  • Them: It was lovely until some douchebag with a ponytail burned it down.
  • Zuko stuffing his honor in his purse: That's rough, buddy.
I don't think a lot of people get this. Iroh's problem was that he lost his son. So he helped Zuko, who had been banished by his father, get his life back. The right life. By doing this Iroh got a second chance at being a father.

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So you know how the ponytail is a sign of honor in Chinese culture (and hence, the Fire Nation)? So, in Book 1 of ATLA, Zuko always had a ponytail (meaning he was always trying to reclaim his honor), but in Book 2, he never wore a ponytail (meaning he realized that he could never reclaim it). But in Book 3, when he was back home as the Fire Prince, he wore it again, because he thought he reclaimed it, yet when he left the Fire Nation and joined Team Avatar, he never had a ponytail, because he was trying to reclaim it the right way. Finally, in his coronation scene, he was wearing it again, leaving the viewers knowing that he finally DID reclaim his honor in the right way.

I found a gif with this on it and I almost started crying. Countdown to the Comet was when Nicktoons ran every episode for three days. I remember watching this. I remember being eight years old and waiting for this. I remember the countdown ticking down to five minutes. I remember seeing Zuko and Iroh’s reunion for the first time and my mom trying to hide the fact that she was crying. This brought up so many emotions because it put me back at an almost exact time. I can’t tell you how much I want to watch this like this again. Not knowing how Aang will master the elements, learning along with Zuko about the White Lotus, being flabbergasted at who Bumi really was, hanging off the edge of my seat when you hear Jet’s voice on the ferry, not knowing that Pakku and Kanna were in love, wondering how Zuko got his scar, watching Katara take down Hama, realizing who Suki was at the same time as Sokka on the docks, watching Zuko’s redemption arc, meeting Toph, watching Katara’s power grow, learning about Kya and Lu Ten, not knowing what black snow means, hating book one Zuko. Rewatching this reminds me how many great moments and plot twists and cliff hangers I’ll never get to experience again. I want to fall in love with it again.

Avatar the Musical

Think about it
This has to be a thing
Someone write this

Sokka singing as Yue dies
Katara’s songs getting more and more badass
Ozai’s Angels with music?!
Iroh… well he’d be the same
Toph rapping!
Zuko opera singing about honor
Aang singing about the nomads
Suki singing while training Sokka
June having a badass theme song
Jet having a cliche musical moment in the tree house
Ember Island being purposely off key


music history: a summary
  • baroque: yay for harpsichords!!! counterpoint is awesome!!! let's all be happy and honor our lord and savior j s bach!!!
  • classical: more happiness!!! sonata form!!! alberti bass!!!! also there are 80000 more rules now lmao
  • romantic: i have so many emotions and so much angst im gonna take it out on pianists by writing feelsy etudes with impossible runs and also break pianos if im liszt