honorary ave

Gentle thought: Mike and Eleven, grown up and married, sit side-by-side at their kitchen table in the early single-digit hours of the morning. The sun has yet to rise, and the moon casts a soft, milky glow through the window. There’s no sound, at first glance, save for a few early-rising birds chirping and some solemn crickets. Mike is clad in his worn-out Star Wars t-shirt and gray sweatpants, and El is snuggled in her honorary Hawkins AV Club hoodie, constellation-printed pants, and bunny slippers. With a mug of black coffee and a mug of hot chocolate (with extra marshmallows) set in front of them beside a plate of homestyle Eggos, they pore over the glossy pages of a photo album filled with pictures taken by El herself (and a handful of Jonathan’s so that she could be in front of the camera too). Moving boxes and unassembled furniture are still strewn about their new home, but both of them are too giddy and in love to care, as she rests her head on his shoulder and he gingerly holds her hand between them. Mike turns the pages and El excitedly narrates all the silly mishaps and wild adventures behind each smile and funny face and new addition. When they reach one printed photo in particular, Mike and El’s hearts stop for a moment at the memory, before the two meet eyes and share a gently fond kiss