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anonymous asked:

How do you think Mr. Clarke will react when he says Mike and El together doing things second cousins definitely do not do?

I definitely think Mr. Clarke will find out about Eleven, her powers, and the fact that she’s not actually Mike’s second-cousin well before he runs into them holding hands and blushing together at the Hawkins supermarket.

It could be that he asks a very puzzled Karen and Ted about their Swedish family during Parent/Teacher interviews in the spring or it could be that  the boys enlist his help (and Bob Newby’s!) to build a super radio to help them find El. The possibilities are endless!

But Mr. Clarke would totally be a Mileven shipper. He’d just smile when he catches them sneaking a kiss during AV Club meetings (because even though El doesn’t go to school yet, she’s still an honorary AV Club member) and reminisce about the time he had his first girlfriend in middle school. 

Thanks for sending this along, anon! ❤️️