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Republic City Headlines // “Just like old times?”

I could barely go through with doing this, because knowing in the end, I’d have to do the death of some of the Gaang. Thanks to Liz for helping on the headline ideas! …and to bad you can’t see the miniature Air Temple Island in flames… *sigh*


The Gaang's Kids.

  • Zuko: We need Toph Beifong to help stop the Red Lo--
  • *ground starts to rumble*
  • *rocks explode*
  • *a huge hole opens up on the ground*
  • *hundreds of badgermoles crawl out of the hole*
  • *Toph emerges with all her glory*
  • Zuko:
  • Toph:
  • Zuko:
  • Toph:
  • Zuko: Toph! It's good to---
  • TRIP

The sketch for this image was so well received that I had to do a colour version (the composition has been slightly altered). Book 4 is coming a bit too soon for my liking but I am really looking forward to discovering the actual design and name of the Fire Lord. This ship-that-never-sailed is not the only offshoot of LoK that I support; I love all of the characters and their networks of meaningful relationships. I just enjoy bittersweet moments like this.

Zuko’s daughter has finally arrived at the position for which she had been prepared throughout her life. This is what she wanted but she sometimes might wonder how her life would have been, had she joined a childhood friend down a different path. I am sure that she was not pressurised into taking the throne, it would have been her choice but every choice comes with some sacrifices. Next time I must draw her attending Bumi’s Airbending Tattoo Ceremony with the poses reversed but I can’t really imagine Bumi without his shaggy hair.