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Describe Yourself with Three Fictional Characters

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1. Sailor Mars/Rei Hino (Sailor Moon)

Ahh I’ve always looked up to her the most (although I love sailor moon too ofc) when I was a kid because I felt really similar to her. Her anime personality is a lot different from the manga, so I wanna clarify that I connect with her anime persona haha. I can be hot-headed and fiery like her, and although I’m not as ambitious as her career-wise, I love trying (key word: trying) to practice a bunch of different skills/hobbies, just like how she aspires to be anything from a business woman to a model to a singer/songwriter. She also shows her affection to those she cares about most through teasing and banter, which I very much do to certain people LMAO Also her name’s Rei/my mid name’s Rae, I used to have long black hair a lil past my waist like her, and her element is fire which is my fave hehe

2. Alex (Totally Spies)

Lol does anyone still remember Totally Spies
But anyways I’m a mix of tomboy and girly, like Alex. We both love video games, animals, and definitely eating food omg, but we’re also both pretty concerned with fashion. I can be clumsy as hell like her and naive, too, I’m a little slow on the uptake sometimes or absolutely oblivious with certain things. The biggest difference between us though is that she’s really athletic and healthy. I mean, I was on a soccer team once in like the 4th grade and I do like playing sports if ever do play?? But most of the time I’m just extremely lazy and I’m certainly not the healthiest, my dry ass self barely drinks any water ;v;

Fun Fact: She shares a VA with eng dub Sailor Mars

3. Ayuzawa Misaki (Kaichou Wa Maid-Sama!)

Like Misaki, I’m hot-headed sometimes and (I like to think) I put my all into the things I do and do well in my studies. But I mostly connect with her rough ‘won’t stand for that bs’ kinda attitude. Growing up with a brother and cousins that were all (but one) obnoxious boys, I refused to put up with whatever annoying things they did to me. They still call me the tough one out of them haha. But because of them, in elementary/middle school I distrusted boys, kind of like how Misaki grew to be judgemental of men because of her dad, and I def wouldn’t let myself be pushed around by guys who tried to tease me or my friends talk shit get hit lmao



Honestly wow picking 3 characters to describe me is harder than I thought it would be, at first it was because I couldn’t think of enough but then I had too many LOL

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btw you don’t have to draw the characters if you don’t want to, you can use pics/gifs too~

Chapter XIX (ALT): Mirkwood Pt. II

“Years went by like days and my children were beginning to grow up. They had begun to sleep in their own chambers and spent much of their time with the other children of the court. The darkness of our kingdom had not kept me from the joy of watching them grow. My whole world lay beneath the earth yet there was as much light as before if not more.

One day, I was looking over some scrolls in my study. I had become accustomed to my children coming to me regularly to ask for something. I quickly glanced up from my work to see Isílriel. She was still in her youth but very quick witted.

“Ada,” she said and she walked in.

“Yes, Isílriel,” I asked. “What is it?”

“I was wondering why we are not as other elves,” she said woefully.

“How do you mean,” I asked.

“Why can we not go outside,” she asked. “Why must we stay inside always?”

I looked at her as I heard my heart start to break. She was not yet born when our kingdom was cursed by the evil of Sauron. Her brothers were young then, but Legolas and Tarthôn knew what she did not.

“Where is your mother,” I asked. “She could answer you better than I can.“

“I want you to tell me,” she said looking at me defiantly.

“May I ask why.”

She walked right over to my table, glaring so I had to look at her.

“Because, Ada,” she said. “You are the king.”

“Yes, I am,” I answered. “But your mother is the queen.”

Her face remained stoic and her eyes fixed on me. I thought perhaps I had won the argument.

“But you were born here,” she said. “Nana was not.”

“You are a very clever little elf,” I said. “Perhaps one day I will tell you all there is to know. Now, I am rather busy, Isílriel.”

Her eyes squinted and her face tightened. She could see that I was avoiding her questions.

“One day, Ada, you will have to tell me more,” she said.

In that moment, she reminded me of myself at her age. As quickly as she appeared she ran out of the room and almost into Fëaluin as he entered.

“And what was Princess Isílriel doing in here,” Fëaluin asked.

“You know full well what she was doing in here, Fëaluin.” He glared at me.

“Thranduil? She is going to continue to ask until you tell her. She is just as stubborn as you.”

I continued to read and smiled at him.

“I have all the time in the world,” I said.

“Yes, you do, Thranduil,” he began. “So does Isílriel.”

He smiled at me, bowed and left. I sighed, put my work down and went to find my daughter.

As I made my way down the hall, I wandered how to tell Isílriel in a manner she could understand. I passed the main gate and a sanctuary that was a garden beneath the ground. Our existence relegated to caverns, elven skills made it possible to make things as close to what they were before the shadows came. It was smaller than the gardens in which I had grown, but they were no less beautiful.

I watched Legolas shooting his bow. For his tender age, he was remarkably skilled. With him were Elenadar and Elenatar. They had grown into their adulthood nicely. Much like Fëaluin, they had grown to my height, both had the richest and darkest brown hair with the silver eyes of their mother.

Nearby stood Tarthôn. He reminded me so much of Melros. Eyes as green as spring leaves with long hair of gold with a touch of the red of autumn leaves. Watching them took me away to happier days. I longed for the days I took for granted when I thought nothing could happen—when I thought immortality was impenetrable and evil was myth.

Elenadar saw me and whispered to Legolas. He looked up at me and smiled and ran up to where I stood. Tarthôn took his place for practice. Being raised closely with Legolas, his skills were just as impressive to me.

“Ada,” I heard Legolas chirped. “See how I have improved?”

“Yes,” I said. “You have very much.“

He was next to me now, standing to my forearm. He looked at me and I began to remember the day he was born and watching him with his mother.

“Have you seen Isílriel,” I asked.

Legolas’ face seemed to flush.

“She asked about the outside,” he asked softly.

“Yes,” I said. “How did you know that?”

“She saw outside when the main gates opened, Ada. When your uncle arrived.”

I looked at him curiously. He was an infant when my uncle left for the Gray Havens.

“My uncle,” I asked.

“I am afraid I arrived rather unexpectedly,” I heard a familiar voice. I turned to see Fëaluin standing with Eldôr. I could not help but to embrace him.

“Uncle, you have returned,” I said.

“Yes,” he said. “I see you family has grown since last I saw you.”

When I let go, I felt like a child again yet somehow glad for that feeling.

“It has, Eldôr,” I said proudly. “You have come acquainted with Legolas, I understand.”

“Eldôr told me all about you when you were my age,” Legolas said gleefully. “You shot a tree with an arrow?”

“More than trees,” Fëaluin said. “I believe he might have hit a few blades of grass.”

“As you were, son,” I said grinning at Fëaluin stiffly.

Legolas returned to his lessons as Fëaluin followed him to see his sons.

“Tell me, Eldôr,” I began. “How is mother and Valdúril. Êlúriel would love to hear news of Nendúril.”

“They all made it safely to Mithlond, but I thought it better to return. It was best for me not to go into the Undying Lands quite yet. Especially when I heard of the news of the unfortunate change of our identity from out of Lothlórien.”

“Yes, it was unfortunate,” I said angrily. “Whatever reasons for it, you will never see me turn my back against the wind even if it were to blow from our own kin. I have a kingdom to rule whether by Eryn Galen or Mirkwood it is called.”

“You are very much your father’s son,” he said. “Oropher would be very proud. Have you thought of what you will say to your daughter?”

“Of course I have not,” I answered. “She is so inquisitive about everything.”

“Just like you were at that age,” he said. “Now you know what it was like for us.”

We walked into the palace to find Êlúriel. With Eldôr at my side, Mirkwood began to feel like the home I once knew.”–Excerpt from TKWR:BII The Saga of Thranduil (ALT END) by J.M.Miller (9-26-16)

Images: ©2012, 2013, 2014. Warner Brothers Pictures. The Hobbit: The Unexpected Journey, The Hobbit: Desolation of Smaug, The Hobbit: Battle of the Five Armies. All Rights Reserved.