honor you

  • Belle: No! Please no... Come back!
  • Plumètte: (exhales)
  • Lumière: Plumètte? Plumètte! Oh my darling Plumètte. Oh no! Oh no!
  • Madame de Gardrobe (voice weakens): Maestro, you are so brave! Goodbye my love
  • Maestro Cadenza (cries): Amore! No! Don't leave me! (Sound of his cries freezes)
  • FrouFrou: (whimpers cease)
  • Mrs. Potts (panicking): Chip! Chip! Have you seen Chip?! (cries) Where is my little boy?
  • Chip: Momma! Mom! (sound of china shatters)
  • Butler: (sound of wood hardens)
  • Cogsworth: Lumière. I. I can't. Speak.
  • Lumière: It's alright Cogsworth
  • Cogworth: Lumière. My friend. It is an honor. To serve with you.
  • Lumière: The honor was mine
  • Me: (cries into oblivion)
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homies: @momiji-official @peacekeeper-in-training @official-peacekeeper @ferrum-the-conqueror

Precious brother (like if you hurt his feels this Kensei will hunt you down and make sure you can’t respawn): @daubeny-official

Big brother: @official-lawbringer

Teacher: @lawbringer-unofficial

Cool guys: @official-conqueror @centurion–official @squire-official @ninja-official @gunmundr-offcial

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I'm in love with you, what do I do??? You're such a nice and funny and talented person! Thank you so much for sharing your work with us and congrats on making me crush this hard after not having a crush for 4 years :,) RIP me

*clutches heart* words, where have you gone when I need you so dearly


Cream: “You know… pretty soon you won’t be able to call me Monarch anymore. I mean, my last name will be Dreamsicle, not Monarch.”

Glitz: “Monarch, you will always be my Monarch. A piece of paper or a license isn’t going to change that.”

Dream: “Do you not want me to take your last name?”

Glitz: “Oh no! It’s not that. I’m so honored that you’re marrying me and taking my last name. It’s just that.. I met you as Monarch and you’ll always be that Monarch – that beautiful woman that knocked the wind out me with her stunning smile and changed my whole world.”

Dream: “Alright, we better get on with this ceremony before you go through your whole wedding vows!”

Glitz: “Good idea, Monarch.”

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would you be OK with somebody making a rp account for Paper Crane on DeviantArt??

I’m really honored that you like my character so much BUT I would prefer not since Paper Crane is my baby and he’s honestly too complex to be played properly by anyone else but me.

And I honestly don’t want to live the same thing as Angel did with her character PJ… so… uhm… nope.

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Im gay as fuck but you always post damn good shit makes me forget how much i love ladies for a moment

That’s the best compliment I received for a while I’m so honored. Thank you!

Thank you all

Thank you 8pxl for the reblogs. I got a lot of followers because of that. 
I also thank you my followers, both old, and new.

I started doing pixel art in 2015. And I wasn’t sure about where this will take me. And to be honest I’m still not sure now. But all I know is I’m enjoying it, and I’ll keep doing it. And to see 740 people following me because of that is a great honor. So, again, thank you all.

If you scrolled down enough, you’ll see my older stuff. Hopefully, you’ll also notice the improvement. All of that happened because I decided to draw everyday back in May 2016. It took me a month of daily pixel drawing to be confident enough to post some of my daily stuff in social media, and since then I try to post here as often as I can. 

So this is my advice for new artists. Finish one pixel art piece everyday, and post them to social media or some of them at least. Take a day or two off  if you have to then, go back at it. You’ll see results faster than you think.

Also, If anyone has any cool landscape/outdoors picture that they took, and wanted me to draw it pixel art. Feel free to send it.

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Just want to tell you I think you are a remarkable person: intelligent, sensitive, compassionate, talented. Your poetry is so uniquely lovely in its use of language, which is why it touches so many people so deeply, myself included.

Ahhhh. Thank you so much. I do not know what to say or how to express my gratitude for your consistent support and kindness. Just know I badly needed it today, and most days, and I am so honored. Thank you, my love. 


🔮 E N N A 🔮

You are fine when in harmony but changeable when in discord, because many of your best qualities are then reversed. You are entertaining but may be impulsive. Freedom is a necessity, and you find it difficult to settle down. Your versatility results in many changes, and often brings travel. Your fine intellect is capable of high honors if applied seriously. You are capable of inspired thinking applied to material things. You can be restless, changeable, and very sexy.You have an eventful, exciting life. You are versatile and have the ability to learn easily.

// @peterbennjaminparker //

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"i dont want to court women!" "thats evident" jillian i just read all of ARP that youve published so far and it took me 5 hours and i have to wake up for school in 5 more hours but it was worth it holy shit its such a good fic!! i cant wait for the next chapter :^)

im honored that you wasted your good nights sleep on my fic :’)

Exo Reaction to Your Songwriting (OT9)

Suho: He becomes a mom that adores his child. He knew how passionate you were with your music, but lately you’ve been having a hard time coming up with new songs, feeling honored that you came up with inspiration from him. Once your mini-perfomance for him is over, he just has that mom-look and gives you a crushing hug.

Chanyeol: You were a famous, well-known song writer, and had your performance today. The song was dedicated to Chanyeol, and while you were performing, he was in the front row. As he watched you perform with all your heart, he felt his eyes tearing up. The song was so sweet, and the fact that you composed it for him made him touched.

Baekhyun: Baekhyun was humming to one of his favorite songs while walking over to fold the laundry; until he passed by your room. You had locked yourself up the whole day, wondering what that beautiful sound was coming from your room, he pressed his ear against it, just to hear your soft voice. Once you finished singing, Baekhyun crashed into your room and peppered you with kisses.

“Guess I found a new song” he says with a cute smile.

Kyungsoo: Both knowing each other for the longest amount of time ever since Chanyeol introduced both of you, no one had made the move. But, you both knew there was some tension in the air. ;) wink wink. Since Kyungsoo was too shy to make the move, you had decided to compose a song to confess to him. When the song was over, you looked up to see him staring at you with his owl eyes.

He calmly clears his throat and finally speaks, “so… could I take you out for dinner?”

Kai: Jongin was used to your singing, but he never knew you composed the songs you sang by yourself. One day, when you were casually practicing your singing, he looked over your shoulder to see the sheet music you were reading. When he found out that it was handwritten, and you had composed it, his jaw dropped. He truly knew you were secretly a blessed angel from the heavens.

Lay: It had not been long when you both started dating, so you decided to show Yixing your compositions. He admired them and held them as if they were pieces of glass dug up from the grounds of Rome; as he carefully flipped through your notebook of compositions, he realized that both of your music taste was similar. Yixing already knew you both were meant to be.

“Babe!!! We should make a duet!” his eyes sparkled brightly.

Chen: You had been talking about a piece you were putting your blood, sweat, and tears into (no BTS pun intended I swear) and you had finally decided to let Jongdae listen to it. Once you hit the play button, all the way to the last second, he couldn’t help but stare at you with loving eyes. He was so happy that you were able to do what you were so passionate and happy about.

Xiumin: You had late shift today, so, Xiumin being Xiumin, decided to clean the house. When he was cleaning your room, he found the stack of papers on your desk. As he leafed through them, he noticed all of them were written in your own handwriting, and most of them said, “To: Kim Minseok”. He sighed on a happy note, thinking about how lucky he was to get a girl like you.

Sehun: You were a solo artist, and considering that you had only debuted this year, had millions of fans who loved the songs you composed, and won the “Solo Artist of The Year Award.” As you went up on stage to deliver your speech, you were dead nervous. You looked over at Sehun, to find him giving his dazzling, and proud smile, seeming as if you two were the only two in the world.

All praise to wise Mnemosyne, mother of Muses,
mistress of your mother’s wisdom,
buried deep within the earth, with bone and stone.
Mistress of memory, the sweet and the sharp,
protector of history, preserver of stories,
maintainer of tales of sorrow and joy,
yours is the truth within the fact,
the shadow cast on what we know
by what has been forgotten.
O mother of sight and inspiration, I call to you.
I honor you, good and gracious Mnemosyne,
I offer you my praise and seek your blessing.


Titan prayer


Graphic - Michael Reedy

You guys, I am sick and snivelling and about to go to sleep, but thank you for being a part of the HTTYD fandom and giving me the honor of communicating with you.

And of course, thank you to Cressida Cowell, Dean Deblois, Chris Sanders, John Powell, Jay Baruchel, and all others who have given me the wonderful world of Dragons.

Married - Alex Karev

Request: An Alex Karev imagine where it is his and the readers wedding and they’re dancing and their friends are saying messages to hem? Please and thank you!

You never thought you’d be here. Here, at a reception hall, with the man you loved more than anything. The toasts were coming to an end. April was sobbing beside you as Arizona, your maid of honor, sat down. You locked eyes with your husband as everyone made their way to the dance floor. Before you were able to join everyone, Bailey pulled you aside. Her smile was unmistakably real and that actually surprised you. You and Dr. Bailey had never actually gotten along but you seemed to be on her good side today. 

“I’m happy for you.” She smiled, putting her hand on your shoulder. You smiled back and you felt that the relationship that you had with Miranda Bailey would be different. It might actually be a relationship. You rejoined your husband on the dance floor. Alex smiled at you, placing his hands on your hips. As the two of you started swaying with the music, you couldn’t help but notice that everyone else was looking at you too. 

“You look beautiful.” Alex commented, the smirk prominent on his face. You went to respond but someone else spoke. 

“Kiss her.” Meredith laughed from somewhere beside the two of you. You giggled as Alex went in for another kiss. 

“I actually hate you.” You whispered, hiding your face in his chest. Everyone in the crowd cheered for the two of you. And then, suddenly, you were the only two on the dance floor. 

“You can do better than that!” Amelia, who was a little tipsy, screamed to the two of you. You laughed openly, swaying to the music again. This time, the only thing that you focused on was your husband. He was the only one on your mind and the same went for him. He knew you were the only one for him. 

“Dr. Y/N Karev. Nice ring to it, huh?” You heard someone else say. You smiled involuntarily. You loved it just as much. Facing your husband again, you noticed his eyes staring directly into yours. Into your soul. 

“What?” You giggled again. Alex smirked and moved to move your hair out of your eyes. 

“Your beautiful.” He smiled again. You scoffed at the cheesiness of his actions but you couldn’t help the blush that formed on your cheek. “And I love you.” He kissed you passionately again in front of all of the guests. They cheered obnoxiously, making you pull away. 

“Here’s to the married couple!” Jackson called, raising his champaigne glass. Everyone did the same as Alex kissed you again. You knew that this was all you ever wanted.