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To be a Local Witch

Throughout history and our legends, Witches and Wizards were the crazy men and women that lived on the outskirts of the village. Their craft was wild and strange to those that lived in the village, but, nonetheless, people would seek after their wisdom of the land, the plants, the local spirits, and for wisdom or guidance in their path. These men and women, often bachelors, would know the ins and outs of the region and often went walking alone. 

Today, our villages are less rustic and more like local towns, and suburbs. But one can still be a Local Witch, and develop special connections with the land you call home. 

Become a Local Witch: 

  1. Learn Local Lore
    Folktales, legends, and even tall tales develop the culture of a town or area. Learn these. Retell them over summer campfires, and over drinks with friends. People will start to LOVE your stories. 
  2. Start Frequenting locally owned shops and stores
    Develop connections and relationships with the owners and those that work there every day. Learn their names, and introduce yourself after visiting more often. Supporting locally owned shops helps small business owners and provides nourishment to your community. This is putting down roots, and develops your connection with the people that shape your town.
  3. Find a Local Bookstore
    This is an extension of 1 and 2. Locally owned bookstores always have a Local Writers, Local Plants, and Local History sections. Ask inside where these sections are, and start devouring these books. Not only will you be supporting a local shop, but you have a direct source of helpful information. Oftentimes, employees and owners also know a lot of Lore. Talk to them about what you’re interested in learning. They probably have some hidden gems of information. 
  4. Learn about your Indigenous Plants
    Start researching and learning about the flora that grows locally, learn their lore, their uses, and magical or folklore associations. If Natives from your area used these plants, find out how. Learn where these plants grow and research local foraging. If you’ve never foraged, see if you can find a local group that can serve as helpful guides to stay safe. Never ingest anything unless you are SURE. 
  5. Start a local Plant Grimoire
    Keep dried presses of flowers and plants in it, draw and diagram to help you remember what they look like. 
  6. Learn about the indigenous animals
    Research their folklore and mythology. Start finding out what they eat, and what their habitats are. (Safely) Do your part to help foster their growth and health. This could be making insect houses to help local endangered pollinators, or leaving out special birdseed for endangered bird species in the area. (Safely) Start interacting with the non-aggressive species and leave them treats. This is great for birds, deer, rabbits, moles, chipmunks, hedgehogs, etc 
  7. Join local Conservation Projects 
    Getting directly involved in wildlife conservation strengthens our spiritual and natural ties to the land we call our home. Taking personal responsibility and interest in it’s stewardship is honoring the spirits of the land, and the Gods. 
  8. Use Google Maps while exploring parks, or protected open spaces to drop pins and places where you find animal habitats or useful plants for foraging. 

That’s all for now. More will come later I’m sure. Now go be the best local Witch or Druid you can be! 

We Have Liftoff: Lego Set Honoring Women Of NASA Will Land On A Shelf Near You
The set depicts, from left, computer scientist Margaret Hamilton, mathematician Katherine Johnson, astronaut Sally Ride, astronomer and executive Nancy Grace Roman and astronaut Mae Jemison.

“It’s been a busy week for Katherine Johnson, the NASA mathematician whose story was the center of the critically acclaimed film “Hidden Figures.”

The pioneer presented an award at the Oscars on Sunday alongside the film’s stars. A day later, Lego announced she would be enshrined forever in glossy plastic.

The toy company announced the winner of its semiannual Lego Ideas competition this week: a set honoring five women of NASA. The women are computer scientist Margaret Hamilton, mathematician Katherine Johnson, astronaut Sally Ride, astronomer and executive Nancy Grace Roman and astronaut Mae Jemison.”

Read the full piece here



A Prayer to the Many Gods

Wepwawet, opener of ways, granter of choices,
unfolder of options, I praise and honor you.

Anubis, measurer of hearts, friend of the dead,
warder against the dark, I praise and honor you.

Hathor, lady of gold, mistress of joy and pleasure,
steadfast friend of women, I praise and honor you.

Sekhmet, most mighty and most beautiful of gods,
healer of humanity, I praise and honor you.

Bast, devouring lady, mistress of truth and light,
preserver of the family, I praise and honor you.

Tefnut, lady of the waters, bringer of rain
to the dusty land, I praise and honor you.

Shu, lord of the air, steady and still of bearing,
master of the winds, I praise and honor you.

Heru-wer, great of terror, lord of flame, granter
of a heart bold and brave, I praise and honor you.

Ma’at, daughter of creation, ideal of the worlds,
mistress of the right, I praise and honor you.

Djehuti, great scribe of Ma’at, master of the pen,
lord of truth and wisdom, I praise and honor you.

Seshet, lady of names and numbers, mistress
of records, keeper of time, I praise and honor you.

Great Ptah, merciful of face, friend of the maker,
whose words work upon the earth, I praise and honor you.

Sokar of the opened wings, lord of the dark,
master of artisans, I praise and honor you.

Wesir, beautiful one who rests upon Ma’at,
lord of the silent lands, I praise and honor you.

Aset, queen of heaven, mistress of magics,
upholder of the good, I praise and honor you.

Heru-sa-Aset, master of magics, just one,
savior of your father, I praise and honor you.

Nephthys, mistress of renewal, friend of the dead,
easer of sorrows, I praise and honor you.

Set of the red land, before whom the sky shakes,
breaker of boundaries, I praise and honor you.

Nut of the sheltering sky, who holds a thousand souls,
lady of the starry night, I praise and honor you.

Geb, first and eldest of kings, deep father earth
who marks the joys of life, I praise and honor you.

Ra who is in heaven, who is in the horizon,
giver of light and life, I praise and honor you.

Khepera, ancient one, bright-winged one, wise and shining
heart of the morning sun, I praise and honor you.

Heruakhety who crosses the sky with incense,
great god of the horizon, I praise and honor you.

Amun, self-created one, king whose name is hidden,
protector of the humble, I praise and honor you.

Beautiful Mut, world-mother, mistress of heaven,
shelter of children, I praise and honor you.

Taweret, friend of women, friend of the home,
guardian of the family, I praise and honor you.

Kindly Bes, guardian of home and family, granter
of life’s many joys, I praise and honor you.

Neith, friend of the weaver and the warrior,
great of might, ancient of name, I praise and honor you.

Sobek who made the herbage green, lord of dark waters,
mender of a damaged world, I praise and honor you.

Khnum of the crumpled horn, self-created one,
worker upon the wheel, I praise and honor you.

Khonsu, path-finder, night-shining one, healer
and guardian, friend of women, I praise and honor you.

Nefertem who is beautiful, lily of the sun,
lord of healing, lord of scent, I praise and honor you.

Serqet, mistress of the beautiful house,
protector from poisons, I praise and honor you.

Mafdet, slayer of serpents, mistress of justice,
allotter of penance, I praise and honor you.

Meretseger, great of judgment, guardian of kings,
lady of the great peak, I praise and honor you.

Maahes, lord of slaughter, avenger of wrongs,
opposer of evil, I praise and honor you.

Montu, battle-wise, great bull who meets all foes,
might of the blasting sun, I praise and honor you.

Bountiful Min, virile and strong, lord of the black earth,
the swell of tender green, I praise and honor you.

Renenutet, lady of the fertile fields,
namer of children, I praise and honor you.

Mighty Heka, lord of magic, speaker of words,
placer of the ka, I praise and honor you.

Wadjet who guards the green, warder of the red crown,
protector of children, I praise and honor you.

Nekhbet, mother of mothers, broad-winged goddess,
keeper of the white crown, I praise and honor you.

Atum of the dark waters, O great of name,
first among the gods, I praise and honor you.

Great Nun, father of fathers, mother of mothers,
you from whom all arose, I praise and honor you.

Witchers get terribly annoyed by bugs bothering them because of their very sensitive hearing.

While Geralt usually has control over his temper, hours of flies bothering him will result in an impressive casting of Igni to incinerate the damn pests.


BLM Honor Guard honors the fallen

The BLM Fire and Aviation Honor Guard annually presents a wreath
at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier to honor those who made the ultimate sacrifice. This year they were joined by Acting BLM Director Mike Nedd and Acting Deputy Director John Ruhs.

The Honor Guard commemorated National Fallen Firefighter Memorial Weekend in Emmitsburg, Maryland, October 6-8, to honor Will Hawkins and Jacob O'Malley, two Nevada BLM firefighters who perished on duty last year. 

Story by Randy Eardley and Vanessa Marquez .Photos by Jeff Krauss and Vanessa Marquez.

Personally I would love to find some substantial Tododeku fic in which it is not

  • depressing
  • a squicky dubcon-filled AU
  • Omegaverse, or anything involving mating cycles (see above)
  • yet another villain AU
  • like eight different people fighting over Deku
  • Todoroki and Bakugou fighting over Deku
  • a threesome with Bakugou 
  • vaguely in the background playing second fiddle to a ship that contains Bakugou
  • look just stop inviting Bakugou
Imagine being the fianceé of Captain Salazar

Pairing: Armando Salazar x reader

A/N: So this is how we open our blog… with Captain Saladbar, hooray! Spanish is actually my first language, so i apologize for grammar, i´m still learning. If you think i should correct anything please notify me via message.

Credit: the beautiful art was created by @salmicka1 her blog is awesome! go check it out!

Warnings: Angsts, violence, broken heart

He had a mission, and you couldn´t be prouder of him. He also made a promise, as soon as he came back to land he would marry you, you just had to wait… and you did.

Many years passed and you were almost ready to lose hope (he was as stubborn as a mule and courageous as a bull, he couldn’t just… he couldn’t!) but you heard the rumors of a Spanish captain hunting down a pirate named Jack Sparrow, the same Jack Sparrow that supposedly was guilty of sinking the Silent Mary. Your fiancé was alive, it couldn’t be anyone else but him.

You told your father, a very important man of high rank, that your husband to be could still live, sailing somewhere in the sea. In no time a ship and a whole crew was ready to look for him. The only thing that your father wasn´t counting is that you were going along with the crew to find him.

When they found you hiding amongst the provisions it was too late to go back, and it was obvious that you wouldn’t get down without a good fight.

Days had passed, your course was only guided by rumors of honourless men you met in the docks of towns, until one night you were awaken by the explosions of cannons, apparently you had finally met another ship, but clearly they weren’t as cordial. The Spanish Royal Navy had no enemies in this waters, no one except… pirates. The kind of filthy pirates that took the love of your life away from you.

Your thoughts of realization were interrupted by the screams of fear and grunts of pain coming from the crew fighting for their lives. No! Your journey couldn´t end like this! This couldn’t be happening. But the silver glow of a sword hanging from the wall at your right filled you with rage, but rage and courage.

You took it without a second thought. Everyone was here because of your orders, you wouldn’t let them die alone. Enemy steps were coming down the stairs directly at your chambers. You hid next to the door, took a deep breath and as it opened you stroke right to the chest. Your gaze rose only to meet a patch and a golden eye, “¿Lesaro?” your lips spoke in almost a sob, “¡señorita!” he simply responded, clearly surprised too.

Lieutenant Lesaro, the right hand of Armando Salazar, was being impaled by your sword. You let out a scream and released your tight hold on the handle. He quickly retreated upstairs again. You went after him, how was he still standing? A heavy fog met you at the deck, figures running around in the darkness of the night. “Everyone stop!” Lesaro commanded, the shadows stood their ground obedient. “Capitán! This is- is one of our ships, a Spaniard ship” “No…” a strong raspy voice growled back. The fog started to dissipate almost as if they were the ones controlling it, you were met with the gaze of at least 30 men surrounding you and the terrified surviving crew.

Most of the candles had been blown out, but in the darkness you could still recognize the old black and white striped uniforms they bared before you. And up there next to the rudder stood Lesaro (still with your sword logged in his chest) along with a strong figure using a sword as a cane.

Your eyes filled with tears “Armando!” you screamed at him, pain mixed with anger. “and la señorita is here too” Lesaro said almost ashamed of not telling the captain sooner. Salazar panted, he couldn’t believe his eyes, his beautiful fiancé stood before him. “(f/n), amor mío” he spoke, it truly was him.

Your nightgown danced as you ran to meet him, but he stopped you raising his hand “¡no! Don’t come any closer” he shook his head, you could have sworn his dark locks floated. “Why? W-what’s the matter?” “fear not mi amor, soon we’ll be together. But for now you must be strong and patient, I promise I will come back to you. Now, go back to land where it’s safe-” “safe from what, Armando? From you?” you reached for the last burning lamp and climbed the last steps of stairs towards him and Lesaro, he tried to step back, looking away. “What are you hiding from me?!” but that man was not your loved captain, not anymore. The lamp almost slid from your fingers, a dead man, the corpse of the great Captain Salazar stood before you, black ink (you hoped) dripping from his lips. “Go back to land (f/n), please. You’re too precious to me, if any of those disgusting pirates got their hands on you I- go back to land!” his voice rose.

You didn´t fear his temperament nor his appearance, clearly he still cared. Stepping closer you copped his face in your hands “mi amor… what have they done to you?” “I will have my revenge, they will pay for hurting us this much. I love you.” he kissed your forehead and banished back to the Silent Mary before you could kiss him back.

“The capitán taught you well” Lesaro returned the sword, your tears collided with the smile he planted in your face, “take care of yourself, señorita (l/n)” “bring him back to me Lesaro, that’s an order” you tried to joke but your heart still broke “I will (f/n)” he gave you a bow and jumped back.

The ship sailed away while you hugged the sword that gave you some strange comfort, you suffered a sad deja vu from years ago. Why couldn’t he just take you with him? Why must he abandon you again? You needed to be by his side and protect him, but right now you could just honor his wishes, “back to land” you commanded to the survivors, it took them a few moments to process what just happened but they obeyed, mostly because they wanted to get as far from them as possible. An island was not far away, an island with a single habitant, a woman who was abandoned too but in her case she was abandoned by a pirate.

Snake, history will never know what she did. No one will ever learn the truth. Her story, her debriefing… will endure only in your heart. Everything she did, she did for her country. She sacrificed her life and her honor for her native land. She was a real hero. She was a true patriot.

We Have Liftoff: Lego Set Honoring Women Of NASA Will Land On A Shelf Near You
The toy company announced the winner of its semiannual Lego Ideas competition this week: a set honoring five women of NASA. The women are computer scientist Margaret Hamilton, mathematician Katherine Johnson, astronaut Sally Ride, astronomer and executive Nancy Grace Roman and astronaut Mae Jemison.