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Imagine homra being very confused because after they make up yata still calls fushimi every name in the book but one time one of the lower ranked guys referred to fushimi as “the traitor” and yata destroyed like half the bar trying to get this guy and was like “WHAT DID YOU SAY COME SAY THAT TO MY FACE WHERE DID YOU HEAR THAT?” and kamamoto had to be the one to go “you yata-san. he heard it from you. every day for the past four years.”

lewdest-warden  asked:

Well hi there, sweetheart <3 Been hear lots about the sweet little fox that everyone oh-so-loves. And I see why, you're downright adorable!~

Foxy is just excited finally she get to draw/meet a warden for the first time~

thank you for dropping by. <3

and tadaaa, finally draw Dawn as Raider.

gosh, its late here, i should really be sleeping by now–


PSA!!!!! National Grilled Cheese Day is April 12th!!! I repeat, National Grilled Cheese Day is April 12th!!!!

my mutuals as fruits

@ramimalekeyes - Kay - Dragonfruit

Kay is a dragonfruit because he is super cool! Unique! Awesome-lookin on the outside & super juicy on the inside it captures his gemini duality

@samnesmail - Samn - Watermelon

Samn is a watermelon bc she is sturdy, a lil tough on the outside but perfectly ripe and full of water on the inside

@ramiiiiiiiiiiiiiii - Momo - Strawbebbies

Momo is strawberries because they always remind me of her and because they’re small but full of flavor & pizazz like her! & they’re shaped like little hearts and momo’s birthday is the 14th of a month so I always think she was born on valentines day but she wasnt.

@ramimalekspuke - Stephanie - Durian

another person with a spiky outer shell but durians are delicacies & Stephanie is a rare find among people, too cool for everyone else. Plus I heard they smell so like, maybe they’ll remind u of puke

@lucifersass - Chee - Mango

Chee ur a mango bc they are v cool & creamy and also when I was googling fruit personalities the mango one said “a personality to be reckoned with” and that’s p much you

@malekbrosinc - Pam - Cherries

ur a gemini too pam but I couldnt make u a dragonfruit too so it had to be the fruit u see in pairs: cherries. Plus they’re super sensual & ur always sending me Nasty shit Plus I bet u could make a good makeup look off cherries

@samipapi - Sara - Peach

I originally was like “ur not” but u are u love the juice of life u don’t try to be something you’re not and people like you or they dont. Other people are soft inside but u have that big pit and you’ll fight literally anyone I know you would like, with your fists.

@raminified - Ooze - Papaya

an under appreciated fruit, but ur fearless and have a great sense of humor. a bright color to draw in the attention ur worth getting & native to brazil 

magnus knowing his precise worth will never not be my favorite thing like just imagine him studying his nails while the clave is trying to talk to him and they’re so exasperated he isn’t listening but they need him for this mission. until at last one of them abruptly names an acceptably large sum of money and finally magnus looks up to pay attention.

(and ofc alec is at the back the whole time looking faintly amused. the others look to him for help. alec shrugs. it’s not his problem if his boyfriend doesn’t like them.)


ok so i was tagged to do the bias filter selfie tag by @hwangminyeo aka one the prettiest humans alive (seriously omg alskjfks so beautiful) thank you abby!!~ ♥♥ (also can I say that literally everyone in this fandom is SO stunning like WTF not fair)

ahhHH i kinda look like I’m in pain lol but Daniels face is on the right (!!!) and his cute face (almost) makes up for my awkward one 😅😅

I’m tagging: @ongniel-wan @parkji-hoons @peachyniel @jeo-jang @kingdans @godkangdaniel and anyone else who wants to do it as well :) but pls dw about it & ignore if u don’t want to!! 😊