I loved Cory and I’m glad he was remembered in the series finale but I can’t help wondering, what exactly did Finn do more than any other student at McKinley to deserve having the school auditorium named after him? He coached the glee club for all of 5 seconds. Does that warrant singling out one student to be remembered in such a big way? He already had a plaque hanging up in there as well as a tree that was planted on school grounds in remembrance of him.

Happy birthday!

Happy birthday little hermit! I’m so sorry for being so late but the reason was because I was still finishing up your birthday present! Yes, I finally did it! I wrote something fandom related, just for you. I hope you’ll like it. (sorry for the length of it, but I wanted to submit it to you anyway)

Best regards, the other Hermit. :) 

With a heavy heart

Levi Ackerman is what you would call a socially awkward person and a born loner.

He’s not a fan of dirt or crowded places, has a foul mouth (and even a fouler attitude) and on top of it all, he’s not known for knowing the virtue of patience.

So what he’s doing right at that moment could be called “very out of character” and some might even consider him “out of his mind”.

Because there, in the middle of a crowded street, in an early summer heatwave stands Levi freaking Ackerman wearing a pretty tight and uncomfortable suit, paired with a long sleeved shirt and a tie, accompanied with a large black suitcase at his side. He looks pretty uncomfortable standing there all alone, sweating like a pig and constantly tugging on his tie, but he still doesn’t seem to be planning to move anytime soon.

People give him and his suit case blocking their way curious looks but one quick peak at Levi’s annoyed face usually sends them running away, and that fast. He regularly checks the passing time on his watch while running his fingers through his now sweaty hair, making a heavily annoyed face while at it.

Disgusting! The exact reason I’d like to move north over the summer time. And people go out in this heat willingly. Who would even do such a thing? Ugh!

He then nervously digs his hand down in one of his pockets and feels the little box that’s been weighting down on his mind the last few days and moves his finger over the velvet covered surface once again, definitely not the first time that day. This simple action seems to calm him down a bit in his inner struggle of this very annoying situation.

Unbelievable what such a small box can cause a heavy burden on one’s mind.

“Levi? Is that you?”

Levi quickly draws his hand out of his pocket, like it was on fire, and turns around to the source of the beautiful singsong voice. Standing behind him only few steps away is a pretty young man, more tanned than should be legal and with eyes bright as the sun and a beautiful combination of blue and green. The eyes are nothing though compared to the even brighter smile adoring his lips as he lays eyes upon the man in front of him. He’s wearing illegally short pants and a tight black tank top, to make his job out in the heat easier must be, and if Levi hadn’t been so dehydrated he would have been drooling. On the inside, Levi is stunned over the beautiful view in front of him and tries to remind himself that yes, jumping the boy right there in the middle of the street would definitely been frowned upon. His feelings scream happiness, longing and relief of finally seeing the young man again, but his face shows nothing of that sort. The slight difference is seen in his posture and in the way the corners of his mouth move a bit upwards just as he opens up his arms.

“Happy to see me Eren?”

He doesn’t get any spoken answer and barely has time to prepare himself for the large impact from his lover’s weight on his smaller body. His senses fill with only Eren and he can feel his chest filling up with warmth and comfort, the feeling of being completed again. He buries his nose into Eren’s chest and inhales his unique sent (being the smaller one has its positive traits). He can feel Eren’s body shaking against his own and his instinct tell him to tighten his arms around the boy, which he automatically does.

“You have no idea of how h-happy I am to see you again, I m-missed you so much Levi” Eren tries to say through his heavy sobs, his fingers grabbing Levi’s suit even harder. Levi moves his fingers in slow circle on Eren’s back in attempt to calm him down while trying to keep his own emotion in check at the same time.

“I missed you to, bright eyes, I surely did”.


After hugging and comforting each other for a while and earning quite a few glances from people passing by, Levi finally decides to take the jacket off and to loosen up a bit of his attire, not missing the look Eren gives him as he rolls up the sleeves on his shirt to show off his well-formed arms. A small smug smile appears on his face as he stretches his arms above his head, being sure to flex all the right muscles while at it.

“Take a picture, it will last longer” he teases Eren, making him turn completely red in the process.

“Not my fault you dressed like this, you know suits are my week spot. Why in the world did you appear in a suit out here anyway? Couldn’t you have waited for me at home or something?” Eren asks casually while trying to shake off the embarrassment from earlier. Levi’s body tenses up but not enough for Eren to notice and he quickly tries to come up with an excuse that could make sense for their situation.

“The flight was later than I expected and I just… felt like I couldn’t wait any longer to see you, that’s all” he quickly exclaims, a little bit embarrassed by his sudden love confession.

See? Not a complete lie…

At least Eren believes the excuse and a happy smile appears on his face just as he grabs Levi’s waist. “You can be such a sappy romantic sometimes Levi. That’s why I love you so much” he exclaims just as he leaves a tiny kiss on Levi’s nose before dashing quickly away from him, laughing happily. Levi stands completely still, more in love than he had ever been before, and can feel the weight of the box in his pocket growing heavier with every step forward.

Well fuck it all!


The heat has already gone down a few notches and the sun gone behind awful grey clouds when they finally enter the local park at the center, their favourite shared place in the whole city. The park which is usually packed on warm days like this, is already close to being empty so they have no trouble moving around and showing off their affection without feeling odd stares on them wherever they go.

 Eren has planted himself tight up against Levi’s side while wearing a smile that’s bright enough to replace the already gone sun. He also seems to be close to exploding from happiness and joy of being united with his Levi again while Levi… well he’s happy in his own quiet way. He can feel how his body automatically relaxes in the other presence, how it feels like nothing can replace this beautiful feeling of being around his precious person. He tightens his hold on the other’s waist as he tries to decide what to do with all of those feelings and all those worries he has not yet had time to voice out loud.

What should I do?

At last they find their favourite spot in the whole park under an old oak tree and Eren hurries to find a good spot to sit on beside the trunk. Levi intends to follow Eren straight away but he’s suddenly reminded again of the reason he came back earlier, of all the trouble he had to go through to get to this point, and so he comes to a sudden halt while trying to find a way to break the news to Eren.

Better sooner than later I think.

Eren himself, mistakes his hesitation for something else together and a large teasing grin appears on his face just as he pats the ground by his side. “Come on Levi, don’t you want to join me? I saved you a perfect spot right here.” he teases lightly, his eyes shining with excitement and longing. “Please come over, I’ve missed you”. Levi gulps loudly but doesn’t move. Eren senses that something is not right and his teasing look is replaced by a worried one. “Levi? Is something wrong?”

Levi stays silent for a moment, trying to find out what to say. He quickly spares a glance at the clock, shrugging when noticing how much time he has spent already.

We’re running out of time.

Suddenly, when he’s just about to say something, the skies open like on order and Levi is soaked through in only few seconds. He dashes forward under the large branches and curses under his breath while trying to protect his already wet shirt from more damage. Eren starts giggling over Levi’s bad fortune in the background and Levi realized that he can’t do this just yet. He misses Eren’s carefree laughs, those random warm hugs and his constant bubble of energy and he’s been deprived of it for too long, longer than he really cares for. Is it so bad to want to relish in those happy moments for just a little bit longer?

Please, just few minutes is all I ask.

He sighs in defeat as he approaches the tree trunk and slides down by Eren’s side. “Weren’t you offering me a spot earlier Yeager? Now move your big butt and give me some space”. Eren ignores his rude pleas and hurries to curl up against his side to seek out Levi’s body heat. The rain doesn’t seem to be fading anytime soon and there’s already fog appearing all around them. Levi silently passes over his suit jacket and Eren accepts it right away, the air getting chillier by the minute and his attire not providing any warmth at all. When they both have found a position to their liking they sink into a comfortable silence, Eren laying his head on Levi’s shoulder while Levi brushes his fingers though his brown locks. They sit there for a while, enjoying each other presence and Levi is again reminded of what he has left to do. But for now he relishes in focusing in the calm breathing against his neck and the relaxing sound of raindrops hitting the ground all around them.

 “When can you finally like… stay home for once for longer than a week? I’m tired of being alone all the time. I feel left out when I go out with my friends, my parents are constantly nagging me about where you are and want me to find another one take care of me but it’s just… I really miss you Levi” Eren whispers softly against his ear and therefore manages to drag Levi back into the harsh reality of his current real life. He tenses up involuntary and breathing suddenly becomes much harder than before.

It’s now or never.

“Eren, there’s something I need to tell you and I’m not sure how you’ll react to the news” Levi says quietly. Eren shoots up, alarmed by Levi’s soft but dangerous words. His eyes are frantic and Levi hurts seeing his love in such a disturbed state.

 He then grabs Eren’s hands, to comfort both of them, and takes a deep breath, willing himself to start the dreadful confession. “I know I haven’t been honest to you about half of my work. I’m away for weeks at a time and barely have time to call or anything. That’s because… in my field of work we need to be very careful about what we say and do even in real life. And I didn’t want them to know about you, so they could use you against me…” he admits softly, brushing his fingers over Eren’s still hand.

 He can see the gears in Eren’s head twisting (his face has always been an open book to him when it comes to emotions). First there’s the tensity, then comes sorrow and hurt, and finally a mix of defeat, misery and anger. “Ah so it’s all true then; working for the government, spying on the greater ups and risking your life all the time. Did it ever cross your mind that I had wanted to know about you? You could have been killed and I wouldn’t have had a clue” Eren whispers in a broken but harsh voice. “I think I don’t even want to know what you’ve been doing in Ukraine”.

Levi freezes.

How the fuck does he know about Ukraine?

 “Eren? What’s going on? Tell me Eren, how!?” Levi almost screams, his arms having left Eren’s hands to grab his shoulders, harshly. “Who told you?” What did I miss? How could I have been so reckless? Eren just smiles a sad smile while still trying to prevent the tears from falling. “Armin found out for me. I’m sorry Levi, but the suspense was killing me. I had to know, for my own sake of mind” he admitted, not caring about the tears anymore. “He h-hacked into your data base on your desktop, so no it wasn’t your fault I found out”.  

Levi stays silent for a while, the truth of how much he had hurt Eren with his lies and absence crushing him from the inside. He didn’t care about the sneaky ways Eren went to find out about his secret life, what worries him is what other unwanted people might have found out.

I never meant to get attached in the first place.

“Look Eren. To cut the story short, I saw things I wasn’t meant to see back in Ukraine and now all parties want me dead and off the surface of the earth. I’m a dead man wherever I go and I’ll never ever be safe again”.

There, he said it. It’s finally out in the open.

His hand travels towards his pocket, where the small box has been laying silently, waiting till the right moment. “There is a question I have been wanting to ask you, for quite some time now, I’m sorry the moment isn’t as romantic as it should be but we’re running out of time”. He opens the box and voices the hardest question he has ever had to utter in his entire existence, harder than all of his finished missions combined.

“Will you run away with me?”


I read this with a huge smile on my face!! (Although I got so worried near the end!!) THANK YOU!! I was afraid it’d end in angst but it didn’t, well not really? XD


The Blue Cloak

(Safe and Sound - Taylor Swift feat. The Civil Wars)

“Pass the butter, Alex.”

Aléssandro reached over the table and grabbed the bowl of butter, passing it to his sister, who was busy cutting potatoes. He moved his hair away from his eyes and Lucretzia glanced at him, chuckling. “You need a haircut. They don’t tell you anything at work?”

“No, once you’re in, you can keep your hair however you want. I’m thinking about growing out.”

“You’re crazy. Pass the rosemary. You’re going to be like those heroes who the city parades and they ride on their high horse with their hair flowing in the wind as they march along the rows of people begging for a single copper piece.” She took the herb and smiled at her brother, who was rolling his eyes. “Don’t tell me you’re defending your ‘brothers’ who do that?”

“No, Luci, but, well, many of them do go into battle with our soldiers and they do come back victorious,” Aléssandro said as he leaned his arms on the table. 

“Let the soldiers be soldiers. We have our own battles here in our lands and we need Knights and paladins to boost morale. Like you.” Lucretzia kept herself turned toward the pots and pans she was cooking on. 

Aléssandro chuckled and reached for a celery. “There are many like me.”

“Bullshit, Alex.”

“You just don’t see them because you’re too busy looking at the brave knights riding into the city.”

Lucretzia was about to say something when she paused and glared at her brother. Aléssandro smiled and winked at his sister before she rolled her eyes and sighed. She turned back to her cooking and asked, “How’s your shoulder?”

With a shrug, Aléssandro chewed the celery and sat up straight on stool. “It’s healed.”

“You should have asked the mages and priests to help you get rid of that scar.”

“It will go away when the time is right. It is a reminder that I should watch my back.”

“You shouldn’t need a reminder, Alex. You should always watch your back. Those Horde bastards are everywhere now. I saw a few sitting around the edge of the farm and I thought I would have to summon guards. You can never be too safe, Alex, especially you. You wear the Alliance symbol so prominently.”

He rubbed his left shoulder and sighed. “I can’t thank you enough for the cloak, Luci.”

“Try, little brother.” She grinned and leaned against the counter, folding her arms. “The lay sisters were worried about your well-being. It was the least I could do.” She smiled and turned to her cooking. “I see you never take it off now.” She stirred the pot a little and softly said, “You wear it over your shoulder at all times.”

Nodding, Aléssandro’s hand fell from his shoulder down his arm. “I feel my devotion to the Alliance and the blessed Light a lot stronger when I wear it.”

Lucretzia nodded and remained silent. She knew better than to question his devotions and faith. She had seen him walking around, his royal blue cloak with the golden lion embroidered wrapped around the marred shoulder, as if the whole world was blocked from seeing his shame: the branded Horde symbol on his flesh. 

“What’s wrong, Luci?” Aléssandro asked, noticing that his sister had stopped stirring the food.

Startled, she turned and looked at her younger brother. “Hmm? Oh, just thinking about how you should just attempt to enter the priesthood. I think you’d be better there than out in the field.”

“And abandon those who need me in Westfall? I can’t do that, Luci.”

She was about to continue talking when she saw her eight year old son walk into the kitchen with his uncle’s blue cloak wrapped around him. Aléssandro turned and laughed.

“Uncle Alex! Look! I’m you! Can I be a knight of the Light like you?”

Aléssandro jumped off the stool and picked his nephew up, spinning him once before hugging him. “You can do whatever you want, Anton, as long as your mother doesn’t stop you.”

“He can be whatever he wants except one of those filthy Defias scum.” Aléssandro laughed and put his nephew down. 

“Let me see you with that cloak. Look at you! You’re a proper knight for certain!”

Anton beamed and held the cloak closer around him. “I want to be a hero like you, Uncle Alex.”

Aléssandro smiled and knelt before him. “I’m no hero, Anton. I’m just a man trying to do the best he can in this world. That’s all we can do. Live everyday knowing that it could be your last and then do the best you can. Promise me you’ll do that.”

“I promise, Uncle Alex.”

“You sound just like mom,” Lucretzia said solemnly as she wiped her hands on her apron. Aléssandro turned to look at her sister’s saddened eyes and he smiled faintly, his hand gripping the cloak around his nephew’s shoulders.


Dalton Castle challenges Jay Lethal
[March 7th, 2015]

If you’re not familiar with Dalton Castle, it’s about time you hop aboard the bandwagon because he is awesome. Even though there’s not a match with this clip, it’s worth viewing just for the showmanship of Castle alone.


Arl Eamon didn’t want Alistair on the throne out of respect for Maric’s bloodline or because he thought Alistair could do a good job, he wanted to make Alistair king because he knew Alistair would be more tractable than Anora! 

Eamon was making a bid to become the power behind the throne, at the expense of Alistair’s peace of mind!