honopu beach

*please don’t delete the text or self-promote because you will be automatically disqualified*

Hey guys! Summer is coming up soon so Maria and I are excited to announce our first ever awards together!



  • Honopu Beach - Best url (2x)
  • Fraser Island - Best icon (2x)
  • Matira Beach - Best posts (2x)
  • Barnes Bay - Best theme (2x)
  • Grace Bay - Best color scheme (2x)
  • Trunk Bay - Best playlist (2x)
  • Lopes Mendes - Nicest blogger (2x)
  • Horsehoe Bay - Maria’s fave (1x)
  • Flamenco Beach - Kaitlyn’s fave (1x)
  • Whitehaven Beach - Best overall (1x)


  • new friends!
  • q4q / p4p anytime on request / help with anything
  • featured on a page under construction

Higher Chances:

  • follow Maria’s insta @mariaduarteee and msg her
  • participate in any of our promos
  • talk to us! :)
  • reblog more than once so we’ll notice you more!


  • beautiful banner made by @glowust
  • winners will be chosen when we are happy with the notes
  • if you have any questions, feel free to ask us!

Happy reblogging and good luck!

~Kaitlyn & Maria