What we know about TenTen as an adult (manga, movie and novels) :

- TenTen is considered an example of elegance, beauty and style. She is praised for her figure.

- She spends most of the time travelling around the world while searching for new weapons and tools.

- Her rank is most likely Tokubetsu Jōnin as she is described as an specialist by Mirai. Not to mention she must at least have this rank to boss around other shinobi during the Chuunin Exams.

- She opened a ninja tools shop as an excuse to be surrounded by ninja tools when there are no missions to do. She doesn’t sell much because of how peaceful the world is now.

- TenTen designes her own ninja tools and has a lot of eccentric ideas that have no useful purpose. Because of that, people are afraid she might go bankrupt.

- After chapter 700 (Konoha Shinden) she designed a kunai people could use at the hot-springs. They became really popular among women who wanted to protect themselves while bathing so she made a lot of money.

- TenTen has become as hot-blooded and dorky as Maito Gai and Rock Lee. In the past, she used to hide this side of her because of embarrassment (even though she secretely enjoyed and admired Lee’s personality), now that she is an adult she has nothing to fear anymore.

- She loves doing childish pranks to others so she is labeled as a bad example for the youth.

- Even though she has no problems dressing herself as a ghost she actually hates them as she fears she will be cursed if she meets one. She shares this fear with Gai-sensei.

- Gai-sensei is the person she idolizes the most. Everybody notices how much she loves him when she talks about him.

- About her love life, it remains unknown if she is married, single or if she has a lover/boyfriend. The last time this topic was brought up was before Naruto’s wedding (Konoha Hiden) in which she openly stated that she has never being in love with a boy in her whole life as she finds weapons more interesting than marriage or dating. Yet she believes she is the only woman who understands and likes Lee the way he is (she has a soft side for him)

- TenTen is the second best taijutsu specialist right after Rock Lee.

- She enjoys teasing others with perverted questions like: “Would you find a naked woman holding a kunai sexy?”

- As she is a bit irresponsable and childish (as pointed out by Kakashi himself), that might be the reason she didn’t bother to check the recording of the Chuunin Exams second test and just let Boruto’s team pass.

- Maito Gai thinks TenTen’s pranks are cute.

- TenTen kept all Rikudou’s Legendary Tools and have them exposed at her shop when she is at Konoha (they are not for sale).

- She is Konoha’s best ninja tools specialist and has been labeled as a one woman army. Fun fact: both Konoha latest legendary shinobi (Maito Gai and Anko) share that same tag with her… this could be a reference to her real goal.

- Boruto thinks she is beautiful and uses her in his sexy-no-jutsu along with other women from her generation. This attack works on Konohamaru.

A kiss never forgotten.

*Chap 1: A drunken night.*

Chap 2: A blurred night.

Naruto woke up in a mess, slamming his alarm off before the noise cracked his head into two. Naruto could not remember the last time he got that drunk, he was starting to regret the amount he had to drink the night before. His alarm started ringing a second time, he finally decided to get up and look at what time it was. “7.30! Shit”. “Shh Naruto, my head is killing me”, “Oh so sorry Hinata”. Naruto quietly got out of bed and grabbed his Hokage uniform from the wardrobe and headed for a much needed shower. The cool running water on Naruto’s body was very wakening from his still half asleep state.  Images started to flood into Naruto’s mind from the night before. He couldn’t quite piece the images together, but he remembered Sasuke’s eyes clearly, his cute smirk amongst the crowed room. Naruto didn’t even realize he was smiling to himself in the shower, and only after realizing how late he was going to be to work did he finally snap out of the daydreams. Naruto couldn’t remember much past the two shots he had taken, but he had sworn he kissed someone, maybe Hinata? He distinctively remembered the kiss being so passionate and beautiful, and deep down inside Naruto was happy.  He never felt those ‘butterfly’ feelings anymore with Hinata, and usually her kisses were quick and lacked any form of emotion. Naruto was glad that maybe his marriage wasn’t a black hole of emotionless love. That kiss was beyond different to anything he had felt in such a long time, he clearly remembered the soft touch of lips on his own, how desperately the lips wanted to devour Naruto’s. Though Naruto could not stay in his thoughts for much longer, he had to get to the office and start on today’s papers work and assign some missions that needed to get started immediately. As he left the bathroom, now changed into his Hokage gear he peered into his room where he saw Hinata soundly sleeping. He waited for his heart to start racing, or to feel something. Nothing came, but Naruto wasn’t too worried, if last night was any indication of what’s to come between his wife and him, he was certainly looking forward to it.

*At the Hokage’s office*

Naruto circled his fingertips around his temples, his head still throbbing from the hang over. He hated the crazy amounts of paper work that he had to do, he loved being Hokage, it had been his dream for so many years. But he had thought it would be more fun than this, he knew the more he whined about it, the later he would have to stay and finish up the stack he was looking at. The first thing that had to get done was summon Sasuke and his genin team so that he could send them off to Sunagakure, as Naruto sent a messenger he started to wonder how drunk Sasuke got last night. From what he could remember Sasuke had a good time, though considering Naruto could only really remember the first part of the night he wasn’t really too sure how the rest of the night had gone. Not to soon after Sasuke knocked and enter through Naruto’s office door, Naruto didn’t even realize that he was holding onto his breath and intensely staring at Sasuke. He assumed he was still suffering from the hang over quit badly to have forgotten to take a breath. “Sasuke, wow you look like shit, did you get much sleep last night”? “Hm, not really dobe, now what assignment do you want me to do?” Naruto felt a bit hurt by how quick Sasuke was to change the subject and how formal and distant Sasuke was being, he assumed it was also due to a bad hang over. “Well Sasuke, I need you and your team to go to Sungakure for a couple of days, Gaara has requested backup”. “He says that the forest near the village has been holding a few missing nin who are on the bingo book”. “Uh, Sasuke are you okay? You don’t seem to be paying any attention”.

“Huh? Oh sorry Naruto, I slept badly last night, I guess I had a lot on my mind”. “No problem Hokage Sama, the job will be done”. With a blink of an eye Sasuke had taken the assignment from Naruto’s hands and was out the window before Naruto could even say another word. Something in his stomach was unsettled by how strange Sasuke was acting towards Naruto, it seemed like he was sad or annoyed. He had no idea what could have gone wrong last night, maybe he got into a big fight with Sakura over something. Naruto started a new pile of papers, finally starting to gain some focus again on some trades that where currently coming through to Honoha. Naruto started reaching papers which he hated dealing with, missions which he remembered to be extremely boring to complete when he was a genin. Unfortunately, they had to be done, so he sent a messenger to get Ino and her team. Naruto knew Ino would kill him for making her go catch a kitty which strayed far from home, but Ino’s team had just recently come back from an intense mission last week and Naruto believed it best to give the genin a breather. Something in Naruto’s mind could have sworn he remembered Ino stating last night that she would black mail him. Though as hard as he tried to remember what Ino had said his sobering brain just couldn’t figure it out, he just assumed he was making up crazy ideas in his mind. Ino came through the window, looking less than satisfied to be called at 9.30 in the morning, “Naruto, this better be good, or I swear to God”. “Ah! Ino, well actually I’m sorry I have to do this to you, I need a team to start the daily kitty hunt”. “Naruto, I told you last night I would use my black mail on you if you made me do shit assignments, I hope you don’t think I was kidding.”.

Naruto was trying to remember the haze which was last night, and couldn’t remember what Ino had said, but something in his stomach started churning telling him that Ino’s statement was correct. “Ino look, I know you don’t want to do this, and whatever black mail you have on me, I can probably deal with it”. “Holy cow Naruto, don’t tell me you don’t remember last night?” “Wait what happened last night, I got a bit to drunk, so I can’t really remember the second half of the night”. Naruto could have sworn he saw the devil in Ino’s eyes, her facial expressions turned into a face of pure evil. Her grin reached the top of her ears, and the power radiating off her body was enough to send Naruto flying out of his chair. “Well well well Naruto, it seems I have the upper hand this time, I don’t think you would want this flying around all over Konoha?”  Ino pulled out her phone and tossed the phone at Naruto, he caught the phone midair and turned it around to see the screen, everything in his entire body could not have prepared him for what he was seeing, at that moment his brain decided to hit the ‘self-destruct’ button. “WHAT THE HELL INO!” “HOW DID YOU EVEN CONVINCE ME TO DO THIS?” “Well you see Naruto, when you’re that drunk your very easy to manipulate”. Naruto looked at himself in this picture, kissing Sasuke, he wasn’t even sure if he was awake anymore or if this was all a dream, he stared at himself with his lips intertwined with Sasuke’s. Naruto couldn’t believe how much he looked like he was enjoying the kiss in the photo. But he thought it may have something to do with the large amounts of alcohol he had taken that night. Suddenly something in Naruto’s mind had clicked, he realized the kiss he had been thinking about this morning, could that have been the kiss he had with Sasuke. No it couldn’t be, Hinita and him must off kissed later on that night and he was remembering that moment. Naruto knew that if he deleted this photo off Ino’s phone he would win this fight and get her to do the assignment. “Naruto, I see your trying to find the delete button. Well you can delete it if you like”. “Really Ino?” “But everyone in the group already have a copy and I have about 5 at home just in case”. “Fuck Ino, I can’t believe you are doing this to me, I am Hokage now, and you guys are going to ruin me!” “Hey in my defense Naruto, I only did it so I would get out of shitty assignments, and hey it worked,” “Hmmph fine, I will find another team, but Ino if I find anyone outside our group who has it, I swear you better run fast because I will find you, and I will kill you.” “Haha, yer yer, you don’t have to tell me twice, anyways I shall be going back to bed now, good luck trying to find a cat sitter.” Naruto’s papers rustled against the wind that Ino created whilst quickly escaping through the window. Naruto sat there staring blankly across his room, he couldn’t believe what he just saw, is this why Sasuke was acting all weird with him? Naruto had a thousand questions and things to sort out in his mind, but he would have to think about it when he got home, firstly a cat was needing rescuing.

*Chapter: 3*