honnouji gakuen


I got a little excited over getting the fight club mako nendoroid the other day, and I ended up building a nendoroid-sized Honnouji Academy!

I don’t think I realized exactly how involved this project would be, but I’m pretty happy with the results!

Be sure to check out the behind the scenes pictures on how I built it: http://nyotaku.com/2015/07/16/building-honnouji-academy/

This has probably been said a million times already… but in view of the upcoming “Festival” in Honnouji Gakuen… yeah.

This huge ass school is definitely a mecha. To be used to fight against the Anti-Spiral huge ass ball of alien fibers. That, or it’s a huge ass mecha to be used by the huge ass ball of alien fibers.

Goes either way.


Honnouji Gakuen - Kill la Kill
Gouache Painting at MDF piece.

I did this a while ago but I only decided to post it now.
I previously did the sketch based on an official art from the KLK artbooks.
Btw look my tiny Senketsu: painting assistant, brush keeper and cellphone holder. The most helpfull tiny Kamui I own! :v

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