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I got a little excited over getting the fight club mako nendoroid the other day, and I ended up building a nendoroid-sized Honnouji Academy!

I don’t think I realized exactly how involved this project would be, but I’m pretty happy with the results!

Be sure to check out the behind the scenes pictures on how I built it: http://nyotaku.com/2015/07/16/building-honnouji-academy/

This has probably been said a million times already… but in view of the upcoming “Festival” in Honnouji Gakuen… yeah.

This huge ass school is definitely a mecha. To be used to fight against the Anti-Spiral huge ass ball of alien fibers. That, or it’s a huge ass mecha to be used by the huge ass ball of alien fibers.

Goes either way.


Fluffy la Scruffy AU! (•xω⊙•)

A tiny stray appears at Honnouji Gakuen and starts causing trouble for the Elite Four. They all get bitten trying to get rid of it. ;;; Satsuki takes matters into her own hands and decides to train the stray. Though it seems impossible at first (it makes lemon puddles when Satsuki ignores it!), the stray calms down and ends up sticking by her side.

Eventually, it brings out Satsuki’s secret inner Softsuki. (。˘◡˘。)

But there’s more to the stray than meets the eye…


Yeah hello. So this happened. I have reached 1600 beautiful followers. l know this is LOOONG over due considering i haven’t made one since , what, 250 followers?? So i now present to you this rushed follow forever. I love all my followers and the people i follow, so check out these blogs! *ps, if you hover over a link, you might find a message. *pps, its not letting me tag all the blogs, sorry!

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Well i reached 100 followers today. So why not do my first Follow Forever ! 
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i started to watch kill la kill when episode 2 came out so it’s anniversary 2 for me today! kill la kill was very powering for me and i became more confident with this anime! its a important anime for me there are many emotions! i meet many cool fans here i want to thank you all! thanks to

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you have very cool blogs! happy belated anniversary!

I’ve been meaning to do one of these for a while now – and I’ve finally gotten around to it! So here’s to the people who make my time on tumblr especially enjoyable, and without whom I know I wouldn’t be as satisfied with my own blog as I am now. Thank you all so much, guys!
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