I got a little excited over getting the fight club mako nendoroid the other day, and I ended up building a nendoroid-sized Honnouji Academy!

I don’t think I realized exactly how involved this project would be, but I’m pretty happy with the results!

Be sure to check out the behind the scenes pictures on how I built it: http://nyotaku.com/2015/07/16/building-honnouji-academy/

  • Honnouji
  • Minoru Mukaiya
  • Sengoku Musou 2 Original Soundtrack

OMG THIS IS SO TIRING to put together OTL

I went hunting for maps online and marked the locations on this screenshot of Google Map because the originals were in Japanese and I’m saving you from having to decipher what street is which.

There are two Honnoji landmarks: one big one that kinda looks like an office name plaque, and the other one is tucked in the corner of what looked like someone’s house.

The Nijo Castle landmark is supposedly located in the precincts of the Manga Museum, so… hey, two birds with one stone. There’s another landmark that’s also sitting in front of someone’s house, and I cannot find where that is for the life of me. I’ve seen pictures, but not detailed locations as to where the thing is!

There aren’t any landmarks for the old Myokakuji. I got the location from the annotations in the Shinchou-ko Ki book and some Japanese maps that I forgot where I got from. The Shinchou-ko Ki description said it’s the area that I circled, but the Japanese maps said that the area includes the dotted section. Either way, it’s still more or less the same region.

The present-day Myokakuji is MILES away north from this area, and it’s placed there by Hideyoshi. It isn’t the Myokakuji that Nobutada had stayed in when Honnoji happened.

This freaking anime you guys, oh my god. Who ever is a historical-fiction freak like I am is going to love this. It’s basically the story of Oda Nobunaga told differently and I love every episode. Read up on the actual biography of Oda Nobunaga before you watch it because it is confusing if you don’t know it or dive in and learn whatever just watch it!!

This has been a P.S.A

[I feel like after being around Manfred for like ten minutes Satsuki was just like “I’m getting creepy Ragyo vibes from this fucker. Can I take Miles to Honnouji with me???”]

Light your heart up!


Another long week at Honnouji had just ended, leaving the students to enjoy their weekend out of school. Nonon, having already gotten ahead of her Deva duties and delegated her Band work to Chiyo in preparation for this, pulled out her pink decorra phone to message her recently new friend.

Laying on her stomach on her couch and hugging a stuffed animal, the Conductor daintily pressed in the buttons, spelling out and sending:

[TXT ~ 🎼Coconut🎶] - “Hey. U wanna come over and hang today?”

Closing her phone and setting it down, the pinkette gaily kicked her feet back and forth as she wistfully watched some clouds glide by and waited for a response.

Oh? A-Ah no, M-My Lady, I-I w-was merely stopping by to pay my respects…” Mio responded, suddenly feeling flustered, waving a little in denial, not expecting to be invited in. …Wait a second, what is she doing? They were no longer in Honnouji Academy. Not anymore, “…Though unless, of course, you are insisting. I don’t wish to be rude.

Satsuki realized that she must still come off somewhat intimidating to her former students, but that didn’t mean she lacked any sense of hospitality. It was still odd to think of the mansion as hers, but perhaps this would help alleviate some of that feeling.

“I’m not insisting,” she said. “It was an invitation.”

“So that’s the only reason our ‘wonderful’ captor brought us out, is it? Don’t take me for a fool, I’m calling your bluff, Mary. Do you honestly expect me, the analytical genius of Honnouji to believe something so ridiculous? Ha! But to humor you, I’ll look through this junk.”

Inumuta surveyed the gathering of items Mary had plopped onto the stage…A rather interesting and large group…How’d she even get all of these? Were they really possessions of the other prisoners’ loved ones? Joke was on them, this is what they get for getting attached to people. That was the-No…! Was that Bakuzan? But how? It was impossible, Inumuta himself designed Gako and Koryu, its successors. But there was no mistaking it…That was Lady Satsuki’s blade…

“Alright, dear hostess. I’ll play your game…Just expect me to win it.”