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PLEASE do an imagine where you and Harry get into an argument and he kicks you out of the car

“I just don’t understand what the big deal is.”

It was the first day you and Harry were out in public–well, after he had announced it via tweeting about it. And to say the least, he was more nervous than you were. After all, all of his last public relationships didn’t turn out as well as he thought, and the intense way he gripped your hand as he breaks for a traffic light tells you that he’s scared of losing you.

Which brings you to your current conversation.

Harry sighs exasperatedly, pushing his sunglasses up onto his forehead. His green eyes look tiredly over to you. “Y/N…” he says your name like he’s reading it off a death list. “All I’m asking you to do is to walk a block without me.”

You laugh mockingly, wrenching your hand out of his grasp. “When you say that, it sounds as if I’m some co-dependent, clingy child that won’t leave you alone,” you spit. “But the truth is this: you’re dumping me out onto the sidewalk and making me walk not one but three blocks in this designer dress–” you gesture down at your expensive Vera Wang dress that had almost cost you all of your savings, “–that I spent years saving up for, just for this event, I might add, and you’re just–”

“Three blocks isn’t even that bad,” he counters, trying to snatch up your hand again, and he grows more frustrated when he sees that you’ve crossed your arms across your chest. “You’ve gotta consider my perspective, and the media’s perspective.”

You smile and tip your head to the side. “Yeah, I considered it. Your perspective is that you’re too ashamed to be seen with me on the red carpet, and the media’s perspective is gonna be why an ugly girl like me can land such a heartthrob.”

“That’s not true,” Harry says quietly. He picks his next words carefully, “I…I just think that it would be better for me and the boys to show up together instead, because this is our first public appearance after the hiatus.”

“I understand that,” you say immediately, “but I don’t understand why I can’t ride the car with you guys and just step out the other way when you all step onto the red carpet.”

The light turns green but Harry doesn’t move. He turns to you instead and says, “Because everyone will be wondering why you didn’t step onto the red carpet with me–on the other hand, if you didn’t ride the car and instead showed up after me, that’ll–”

“Make them think we broke up!” You exclaim. “Is that a better alternative, Harry?”

“At least they won’t think we’re serious!” Harry yells at you.

And then you let out a cruel laugh. The car behind you honks impatiently, but all you can think about is how with every second that goes by, Harry isn’t correcting himself.

Finally, you ask, “Are we not serious?”

Again, your boyfriend is silent.

“Okay then,” you whisper, gathering your purse in one hand and pushing open the side of the car door with the other. “Have fun on your big, red carpet appearance,” you hiss. “I hope you smile for the pictures; after all, it’s the person viewing them that will be determining your future, right?”

“Get out.”

A cry tears itself from the back of your throat. His jaw tightens. “I was just–”

Get out of my car.”

You slam the door behind you before you have the chance to start crying. Mouthing an apology to the car behind you, you are quick to disappear into the alleyways Los Angeles. The sky is still bright enough for you not to be scared to be wandering a foreign city by yourself, and you’re so full with anger that you wouldn’t even mind if a stranger came up to you and threatened you with robbery.

Fine, you think to yourself, ripping off your silver necklace. Take it. You dig your nails into your palms when you feel the smooth satin of your dress. Take it all, you think to yourself. I don’t need any of it.

Tears are stinging the side of your eyes, and you can’t help yourself as you turn around…and see that nobody is there behind you. Harry isn’t following you. He let you walk out of his car, just like that.

Two years of your relationship…gone.

He must’ve thought your relationship truly started yesterday, when the public first found out about it. But in reality, you knew it started the day he took you back to Cheshire to meet Anne. When you cat-sitted for Gemma’s cats. When you held Niall’s golf bag for him when he and Harry had to use the loo.

But if your relationship had started yesterday, none of those things have happened yet.

All you were to him was a one-night-stand who wanted to walk the red carpet.

You can picture the headlines already.

‘Girlfriend’ Gets Abandoned By Styles: Publicity Stunt Or One-Night-Stand Gone Wrong?

“Take it off!” You scream, cries tearing your throat. Your sobs wrack your bones as you collapse onto the dirty ground and rip out the bobby pins that were holding your hair together.

Off comes the blister-enducing heels that you were willing to suffer through for Harry. Off comes the silver tiara hairband that Harry’s stylist had recommended, because you don’t feel like a princess.

You feel like a pauper.

Your dress tears as soon as your body hits the floor and this makes you sob even harder. All those extra shifts and second job you had to take up–gone. Vanished. Just like that.

This dress, the price for this dress, meant nothing to Harry. He could purchase a thousand of them without creating a dent in his bank account.

He had no idea how much this night meant to you–how much you were losing for him.

And how less he was willing to lose for you.

pt. 2

Tinder Gone Wrong (Steve x reader)

Request:  Hello, can I request where the reader is a workaholic and rarely goes out and finally Natasha convinces her to go out but secretly she sets up reader with Steve. Fluffy and not angsty :)

Not angsty for you, anon. The date in the story actually happened to me on Wednesday night and I used some exact quotes, lmao. It was horrifying, really. Enjoy. 

word count: 2127

“(Y/N)!” you heard Natasha’s voice echo through the gun fires and explosions as you struggled to reload your pistol. The battlefield was littered with enemies as it began to stain the ground red. You didn’t think this would happen. “This is not how I imagined my Friday night off!” she shouted angrily towards you as she opened fire at a Hydra spy.

“Well, excuse me, Natasha! I didn’t ask you to tag along!” you retorted, tossing the jammed gun out of your way before letting out a string of profanities that would most definitely cause a heart attack to the poor captain. Looking down, you realized your weapons holster was extremely limited in choices after using most of it on the spies already. “Shit,” you cursed, having no choice but to pull out your set of throwing knives. “I could’ve done this perfectly well alone!”

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Answered your call for a pick-up from a drunken party even though you’re my brother’s friend and I’ve only met you once because it sounded like you really needed to get out of there AU? Sterek please? (:

Stiles groans when the sound of the phone ringing jolts him out of his ADHD fueled research binge.

“Hello?” He grumbles.

“Uh? Hi? Is Scott there? He told me I could call this number if I couldn’t reach him at his normal one.”

Stiles rolls his eyes. Amazingly, this isn’t the first time this has happened. Stiles ends up giving out Scott’s number to his friends all the time too.

“Nope. Sorry, he’s on a date right now.”

“Oh, okay, sorry to bother you. I guess I’ll just figure something out.”

Stiles doesn’t know what inspires him to do it, but maybe it’s because the guy sounds so damn lost or maybe it’s because he knows Scott will probably kill him if he doesn’t help.

“Hey, no, what’s going on? Maybe I could help.”

The guy sighs, “I’m just at this party and I only agreed to go because Scott wanted someone there for our friend. He’s doing fine of course, having a good time for once and I don’t want to ruin that for him, but I’m-“

Stiles can read between the lines. Something else happened and he needs to leave. Stiles has been there, way too many times actually.

“Where you at? I’ll come pick you up.”

The guy heaves a sigh of relief, but still sounds tense as he gives Stiles his address.

“I’ll be there in ten.”

Stiles pulls on a pair of sweats and heads out the door as quickly as he can.

As soon as he pulls up he’s pretty sure who the guy is.  

There are several groups of people smoking, but there’s one guy slumped against a wall away from anyone else.

Stiles approaches him slowly. “Uh, Scott’s friend?”

The guy looks up and nods, and of course, this is the guy Stiles has been crushing on from afar for months now ever since they had that class together.

“I’m Stiles,” he says as he offers the guy (Derek, his brain kindly supplies) a hand to stand.

“Derek,” the man replies as he uses Stiles’ hand to leverage himself up.

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5SOS Preference : He Leaves For Tour For First Time After Baby Is Born

Calum: You sat on the bed with your two month old son while Calum finished packing his bag for tour, and you could tell he was struggling to do so. “Calum, we’ll be okay here, you know.” He stopped packing and turned his back to he packed bag and smiling at you and your son. “I know, i just don’t want to leave you guys. I’m afraid that if i leave, i’m going to miss so much of him growing up.” “Calum.” you say softly, standing up and passing your son over to Calum. “You’re only going to be gone a month, he’s not going to grow very much in a month, if anything happens i’ll call you on skype and you’ll be able to see it for yourself, he’ll be okay, i’ll be okay, you don’t have to worry.” Calum sighed and kissed his son’s forehead. “You take care of your mommy when i’m gone, you’re the man of the house.” You giggle. “He won’t let anything happen to me, Cal, we’ll be okay, i promise you.”

Luke: The drive over to the airport, was absolutely silent. You drove while Luke sat in the passenger seat, every so often he’d glance over at you and then back to your five month old daughter, Emma. “You don’t want to leave do you?” you ask finding a parking spot at the airport and Luke sighed. “I do but i don’t. I want to tour, but i don’t want to leave you guys. I like being a dad and i can’t exactly be a dad when i’m on a different continent. You put your hand on Luke’s thigh. "Look, we’re still going to be here and i’ll make sure that she sees her daddy all the time, just skype us, Luke.” Your daughter then began crying and Luke groaned and you sighed. “You’ll be okay if i call you at three in the morning to sing her to sleep, right?”

Michael: “We’ll be able to visit you, Michael.” You say as he had a few stray tears fall down his face at the thought of leaving his two week old baby girl. He bounced her gently in his arms and gave you a weak smile. “No, you can’t. You know what the doctor said. I’ll be home in a few weeks, won’t be gone long, but it’s going to be long enough.” “Michael.” You say and he looks up at you. “At my check up yesterday the doctor said i would be good to go on a plane in about a week. So i’ll be able to visit you with her. We’ll be able to visit you in just over a week, it won’t be long and then we’ll be able to come back home from the tour as a family, okay?” He nodded and passed your daughter back into your arms and firmly held you and planted a kiss on your forehead before stroking her hair and turning for the door. “Call me if anything happens, okay?” You smile and let your hand fall after touching his arm. “Okay, have fun, see you soon.”

Ashton: Ashton laid his son back in his crib before taking a deep breath and walking back to your dark bedroom where you slept. He knelt by your side of the bed and gently shook you awake. “What time is it?” you ask and he sighs. “Time for me to head to the airport, the guys will be here soon to get me.” You nod and sit up carefully with his help as you had just had a c-section and you were still in pain. “I’m sorry i was only able to be here for his first night at home, i promise i’ll make it up to you later.” You kiss him. “Don’t worry, your mom and siblings are gonna stay here until you get back to take care of us. Do you mind bringing him in here before you leave though?” He nodded and got your son, bringing him back and placing him in your arms. “I’m going to miss you guys.” “We’re going to miss you too. Have fun, okay, don’t worry too much, have fun, enjoy it.” “You be careful then, okay? I’m on diaper duty when i get back, okay?” You giggle. “I’ll make sure he leaves the nastiest for you.” Ashton smirked as a car horn honked outside and then his smile faded. “See you soon?” You nod and kiss him again. “Call me when you land.” “Of course, bye. Love you both so much!” “Love you too, Ash!”