Moana + forehead touches

The Hongi (or Honi) is a Polynesian greeting in which two people greet each other by pressing noses/foreheads and inhaling at the same time. This represents the exchange of ha, the breath of life, and mana, spiritual power, between two people. The ancient custom of Hongi when meeting another included touching foreheads together, inhaling, kissing the other on the cheek, hugging and then exhaling.

Pasifika culture meets pop culture.

I hate making posts like this one. I feel mean and like I’m being overly aggressive. Denying other people a good time.

But I really feel like I have to say something in this case. So lets talk about the hongi/honi, and fandom culture (particularly shipping culture).

(Image description: Pictured above is a still from James Cameron’s Avatar where two aliens are leaning in to press their noses and foreheads together. Bellow it is a photo of a Maori person and a white person engaging in a Hongi with their foreheads and noses pressed together.)

Said Hongi in New Zealand, and Honi in Hawai’i, the custom of pressing ones forehead and nose to that of another person is a traditional greeting.

It’s used widely in New Zealand in all situations. From formal events at parliament, graduation, a gathering at a marae (meetinghouse). To casual situations like visiting ones uncles, aunties, and couzies. Or welcoming an interviewee on a midday TV show.

A Hongi represents equality, trust, the sharing of ha (breath of life), the sharing of communal responsibilities and duties, belonging, respect, and conveys a welcoming spirit.

It’s considered to be somewhat like a handshake, and often accompanies a handshake.
The one thing it doesn’t imply? Romance between the participants.

Except with the greater visibility of Pasifika culture late last year and early this year (2016-2017), fandoms have been picking up on the Hongi. But the problem is I’m only seeing it depicted in ship art.

This is harmful. It’s appropriating, and divorcing it from it’s true cultural function. And it’s creating some awkward associations for people trying to participate naturally in their cultural customs.
Yes a fan artist might think “It’s just one picture.” But their one picture is one of many that are having the effect of misrepresenting and fetashizing the Hongi for use as ship fuel.

And in fact, this colonization has been in effect longer than one might think. Consider that the Honi is often translated or explained as “The Hawaiian kiss.”

So this is just a request to fan artist, to be careful, and to practice cultural sensitivity.

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 Finally finished this project phew. 
I’ve wanted to introduce these two for a while now. To the left with have Zachareal (Zach) my fallen angel of sorts. He comes from the ninth circle (treachery) of hell, just above the center where Satan himself resides. There angels are servants to demons by making temporary ‘contracts’. An angel is assigned to a specific demon; the contract being made through a kiss. Once an angel has been claimed, golden rings appear around their wrists and ankles signifying they have a handler. Every angel is special in a way, and by special I mean they’re literal weapons to their handlers. For example Zach here has the ability to turn into a gun powerful enough to kill almost anything demonic in a sense. He was once a guardian angel to his handler; said to have the brightest halo and a beautiful set of wings however they were cursed with jealousy that turned to violence. The end result being he lost his wings, his purity and his handler (another reason why his halo is in fact black). If you can’t already tell he does have his eyes on another ‘angel’ being @mscreepygreen20‘s boy Axel. His bad boy attitude and wings especially seducing him haha; it’s too bad he’s too low on the radar to be noticed by someone as amazing as him lol

Moving onto the right we have Nathaneal (Nathan) my vigilante. Like a loose teenager he’s always causing trouble. Stealing ink, money, anything he can get his hands on really. Like in this here picture, Nathan just stole a shit ton of Annie’s muffins for his own personal pleasure seeing as how her cooking is so good. Annie belonging to @idolaelyartist. He also enjoys stealing ink from @thelostmoongazer‘s Mob Bendy; making his life/job harder then it has to be hehe c:< Believe it or not Nathan actually lives in a mansion; he is in fact very wealthy which is ironic for him being one of the top 5 most wanted vigilantes.The reason being his father was an ordinary demon while his mother happened to be a very high and respected seraphim angel. To bury her sins she buried his father and constantly bribes him with riches to keep his mouth shut..which has unfortunately worked so far. But then again who would believe you even if you told someone? They’d never trust a demon over an angel right?
But anyways Nathan’s life is very complicated and I don’t have enough time to try and explain it all lol. 

Absko the rookie police officer belongs to @animal-guardian who has a thing for Nathan.
Honie the blind human girl who can only see things made of ink belongs to @skeleton-snowflake

P.S. @devilsroost Nathan’s coming to steal your booze next >:) 

I plan on drawing more of them in the future and explaining things a little better. I’m slow just gimme time I’ll catch up ^w^ if you have any questions about either of them feel free to ask friends <3

I’ve missed your calls for months it seems
Don’t realize how mean I can be
‘Cause I can sometimes treat the people
That I love like jewelry
‘Cause I can change my mind each day
I didn’t mean to try you on
But I still know your birthday
And your mother’s favorite song

So I’m sorry to my unknown lover
Sorry that I can’t believe that anybody ever really
Starts to fall in love with me
Sorry to my unknown lover
Sorry I could be so blind
Didn’t mean to leave you
And all of the things that we had behind

I run away when things are good
And never really understood
The way you laid your eyes on me
In ways that no one ever could
And so it seems I broke your heart
My ignorance has struck again
I failed to see it from the start
And tore you open ‘til the end

I know one day someone will love you,
Better than i ever did,
Better than you deserve,
Sorry to my unknown lover,
All i want you to know,
I tried.

—  Till the day i die

One thing that makes me most proud of Humans of New York is the warmth of the comment section. There are exceptions of course, but generally the responses to each story are thoughtful and encouraging. I joke that Humans of New York is followed by the nicest 25 million people on the Internet. Often the comment section will takes on a life and a narrative of it’s own. During my visit to Santiago, I received an email from a woman named Victoria (aka Sofia) who shared a story about how her life was changed by the support of the HONY community. Very proud to pass it along:


(½) “We’d been trying to adopt for several years. We didn’t want an infant. The waiting list was too long. Plus we had one child already, so we’d already been through the experience of having a baby. We wanted other couples to have that opportunity. So we decided to adopt an older child. But everything went wrong. Our application was invalidated after three years because my husband got a job in Ecuador. When we tried to start over, the government went on strike. Then we lost all our possessions in a storage facility fire. So I was about to give up. I couldn’t do it anymore. The process was stressing me out so much that it was affecting my biological child. Then right when I was about to give up, I saw a Humans of New York post about a man who’d grown up in a group home. I thought: ‘He could have been my child.’ I wrote about my difficulties in the comment section, and hundreds of people responded. Everyone told me not to give up. My phone was buzzing all day. The ones that touched me most were the stories from adopted children. It gave me the strength to go on.”

(Santiago, Chile)

It’s a mind fuck. You go to audition after audition, and there are one thousand more ‘no’s’ than ‘yes’s.’  And you try to find that one little thing that you can change that will make all the difference.  ‘Maybe if I lose 5 more lbs.’ Or ‘Maybe if I had gone to that school.’  Or ‘Maybe if I had worked on the lines for 30 more minutes.’  And it’s hard to step back and realize that it’s not even personal.  It wasn’t about your talent.  It’s not that you’re bad or you’re good. Most likely, the casting director already had a person in their head they were looking for—and you weren’t it.  Or even worse, the role had already been filled, and they were just holding auditions to follow protocol.  Even when you get chosen for a role, success is so fickle and fleeting.  A gig today doesn’t mean a gig tomorrow.  Unless you’re Brad Pitt or Will Smith, and you can make your own demands, you’re always going to be waiting for the approval of someone else.  In order to stay sane, you’ve got to find other things or people in your life that bring you value.  You can’t just be that weird actor person.
—  Humans of New York
some french phrases ♥︎


À la basically means “in the style of” or “according to.” À la débandade—literally “like a stampede”— used figuratively in English to describe a disorderly or chaotic mess.


an obsessive passion for someone, and in particular one that is not reciprocated. It literally means “insane love.


It literally means “the call of the void,” but in practice it’s usually explained asthe bizarre inclination some people have for doing something dangerous or deadly, no matter how foolish they know it is. So when you’re standing on a beach, l’appel du vide is the voice that tells you to swim away and never come back. When standing on a clifftop, l’appel du vide tells you to throw yourself off.


Après moi, le déluge means “after me, the flood,” and is used to refer to a person’s irresponsible or selfish lack of concern in what will happen after they have gone or moved on.


Literally meaning “look for the woman,” cherchez la femme is used in English to imply that if a man is seen acting out of character, then a woman will likely be the cause of it—find her, and the issue will be resolved. Although the origins of the phrase are a mystery, it’s often credited to the French author Alexandre Dumas, whose crime drama Les Mohicans de Paris (1854) contains its first written record: “There is a woman in all cases; as soon as a report is brought to me I say, ‘Cherchez la femme!’”


Coup de foudre is the French term for a thunderbolt or strike of lightning, but it’s been used figuratively in English since the late 1700s to mean love at first sight.


Known less romantically as “staircase wit” in English, l’esprit de l’escalier is the frustrating phenomenon of coming up with the perfect observation or comeback after the opportunity to use it has passed.


“Shame on him who thinks badly of it,” warns the old Norman French saying honi soit qui mal y pense, which has been used in English to discourage preemptively or unjustly talking something down since the early Middle Ages.


As well as having your fifteen minutes of fame, you can also have your mauvais quart d’heure(or your “bad quarter of an hour”)—a brief but embarrassing, upsetting, or demoralizing experience.


Mauvaise honte literally means “bad shame.” In English it’s often used simply to mean bashfulness or extreme shyness.


the phrase mise en abyme (“put into the abyss”) is used to refer to the mind-boggling visual effect of a recurring image containing itself into infinity—like a mirror reflected in a mirror.


The phrase nostalgie de la boue was coined by the French dramatist Émile Augier in 1855, who used it to refer to a person’s fondness for cruel, crude, depraved, or humiliating things. Its meaning has extended over time however, so that today a nostalgie de la boue is often used more loosely to refer to adesire to live a simpler, downsized, or less indulgent life—it literally means “a yearning for the mud.”


a world-weary acceptance of the current state of affairs—although things might appear to change or improve, beneath it all they remain just as bad as before.


The ironic expression pour encourager les autres—meaning “so as to encourage the others”—refers to an action carried out to discourage any future unrest or rebellion.


If you reculer pour mieux sauter, then you literally “draw back in order to leap better.” a temporary withdrawal or pause in action that allows for time to regroup or reassess a situation, and therefore make a better attempt at it in the future.


“let us return to the matter at hand.”


Literally a “do-nothing king.” leader who has no real power and instead acts merely as a figurehead, or as a symbol of power or authority.


Anything that is only partly or moderately successful. It literally means “as well as badly.”


Ventre à terre literally means “belly to the ground” in French, and so taken literally it can be used simply to describe someone or something lying face down. Doing something ventre à terre, ultimately, means doing it at full speed.


hidden talent or pastime, far outside of what you are best known for, and in which you are just as knowledgeable or adept.