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"State your business here and make it clear." //screw u, rivaille, they're just nice people. Thanks for the follow! :)

Both brothers give a confused look at the shorter male. The younger devil tilted his head while the older angel raised an eyebrow. 

… We were.. just walking around…“ Rosario, the younger one scratched the back of his head.

Si, We were just walking. What’s the matter with you?” The elder angel, Lovino gave him a blunt look.

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    //u will always be nice you’re seriously nice okay no one can ever call you an asshole

// ;U; people call me rude like every day (not really) I think it’s because I  am really blunt

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    //ok dear

// and the reason I just used my main blog is for the ease of life having a main blog and a rp blog would make me crazy