10 dramatic photos that show the protests and crackdown in Hong Kong

1) Demonstrators are protesting China’s plan for Hong Kong’s 2017 elections

The elections will be less democratic than Beijing had earlier promised. On September 24, the student-led pro-democracy protesters moved to Hong Kong’s financial district, Central.

(Xaume Olleros / AFP / Getty)

2) On Friday, protesters moved into the areas just outside of some government offices

The protesters are led by a group called Occupy Central. Here they are on Saturday facing off with police near Government House, the official residence of Hong Kong’s chief executive.

(Lam Yik Fei / Getty Images News)

3) This led to clashes with police

(Xaume Olleros / AFP / Getty)

4) Protests grew; thousands filled the streets in Central this weekend

(Lam Yik Fei / Getty Images)

5) Protests have shut down much of the city

This has led to concerns (or hopes) that it may disrupt the financial district so important to Hong Kong’s economy once markets open on Monday.

(Anthony Kwan/Getty)

6) On Sunday, police fired tear gas

This was a major and highly unusual escalation in a city where peaceful protest is common.

(Aaron Tam / AFP / Getty)

7) A defiant protester stands amid a huge cloud of tear gas

(Xaume Olleros / AFP / Getty)

8) A demonstrator has water poured on his face to try to ease the burning

(Xaume Olleros / AFP / Getty)

9) Armed riot police tried to secure government buildings

They give the streets an eerie sense of military occupation.

(Anthony Kwan/Getty)

10)Thousands of students remained on the streets Sunday night

It’s not clear what will happen next.

(Aaron Tam / AFP / Getty)

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Where can u find a place with over 13k protesters, not a car, or a store damaged? HONG KONG

We picked up the trash after being tesr gased. If u still say we are a mob, so be it.

We hold up hands to show the govt we meant no harm, yet the fired 87 cans of tear gas at us. We didn’t fight back or throw anything. Only “We are all HONG KONG ERS” echoed at the chaos.

Police brutality:

Information censoring in china


We clean up and recycle after ourselves.