hongkong park


So here are the things I had experienced in my Hongkong trip:

  1. First time to experience an international trip so this one will always be remembered! 
  2. Rode a double deck bus. We were at the 2L.
  3. I was amazed at Hongkong International Airport. The establishment itself is already a tourist spot.
  4. I went to the Happiest Place (Disneyland) and Most Fun Place (Ocean Park) on earth! Yes, for me they are far different.
  5. Experienced a 3D show. You’ll smell, you’ll feel, you’ll even get wet.
  6. I rode in different intense and exciting rides in Ocean Park and Disneyland! Sometimes I really get surprised to myself! Hahaha
  7. Riding to a cable car was so priceless! I see the beauty of Hongkong and appreciate it more. I think this one is the highlight of my overall trip.
  8. Watched the Parade of Lights in Disneyland and it was good food for the eye!
  9. And of course, the Disneyland’s fireworks is good to end this list!

I promise to myself that I will be back to that place! <3

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Stylenanda Hongkong Trip


香港仔上水塘 by Tridentz