hongkong b&w


Yao wang turned into a beautiful princess thanks to Alfred Fairy Jones to see the Handsome Prince Ivan Braginski

Sadly ivan already had so many princesses on the ball. Yaos biggest enemy was Eduard who shined as bright as Ivans Pipe

And Yao didnt have much time because Alfred said that the magic only lastet till midnight

But Yao managed to bitchfight against Eduard and the caterpillar princess Arthur and won Ivans Heart

But then while they danced so beautiful the clock gonged to midnight and Yao ran away but Ivan ran after Yao but couldnt catch him only the glass shoe remained because yao tripped on the stairs and there was blood everywhere

But Yao managed to get away but had to walk home because Alfred was at McFairy

Then her Evil Stepmother Kiku and Stepsisters Chao and Lien locked her up in a room because they felt like it

Meanwhile ivan searched for his princess in the whole town and would beat up everyone who lied

When He reached yaos house the two sisters Chao and lien lied and said they both were the princess and then they tried to fit into the shoe

But sadly both were too fat to fit in there so he beat them up with his magical pipe of pain and Yao heard him and used her tai Qui and destroyed the door

Then Yao ran down and screamed some Chinese shit and beat up Kiku and then Yao saw Ivan and was like im ur princess and the shoe fit and they got married

The end


Hongkong - Fantastic Baby - T.O.P the dancing machine !