160306 Jungkookie at the back!!! OMG!!!

He was watching a group perform Boys in luv;

He told the girl who recognized him “Shhhh”, maybe he doesn’t want to distract the performance going on *awwwww*

There’s an area of Seoul which has managed to retain a lot of pre-war/colonial architecture, markedly different from a lot of the cookie-cutter buildings built nowadays: high ceilings, huge, wall-length windows, etc. Because the buildings are so old, they can’t be developed, which means elevators can’t be installed. This, in turn, means that the rent stays low, and it’s becoming the perfect place for artists and designers who can’t afford to be in, say, Hongdae.

We climbed to the top of this one, right in the heart of the city, built in 1937. We drank wine from red cups and enjoyed the cool breeze, a welcome retreat from the normally humid Seoul summer.



Come here for all the selca and fancam of him at Hongdae! (Continuously updating)

I’m soooooooooo jealous right now TT TT TT :’( 


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My friend showed me this week the most adorable cafe ever! It’s called Ver’s Day and it’s located in Yeonnam-dong in Hongdae. It’s really small and it was full when we came but luckily we still managed to get a table!
But, can we talk about the main point of the cafe aka FLOWERS AND PLANTS EVERYWHERE. I’m a huge plant lover and I just adored the place. First when I saw the cafe I seriously thought it was a flower shop or something, but it turned out to be even better!
I just loved the athmosphere and the decor, no wonder it’s such a popular place~