hongbin's mistake

That’s Right. Good Boy.

Summary: You are Hongbin’s mistress, so you decide to go into his cell and have some fun with him. Based off VIXX’s “Chained Up”.

Genre: smut/bondage

Length: 1812

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I sat at the edge of my bed and listened to the heels clacking against the floor. The sound was getting louder, so I knew the mistress was coming for me tonight. Sighing, I rolled my shoulders back, trying to get the tension out of my body, but I knew it’d be no use; as soon as my eyes landed on her, I’d completely freeze.

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Stranger Things AU:

  They were in the midst of the chaos; the pinpointed location where the worst of the mysterious phenomenon originated. Sanghyuk sat in front of the television. The fritz created was an underlying annoyance while Jaehwan paced the room of the home that was now a beacon for danger in their reality. 
  “The lights..” he barely hears, and Wonshik drops the bottle of amber liquid he’d been investigating. “The lights!” Sanghyuk exclaims once again as his eyes begin to focus from when they had once been fogged. 
  Before he can ask, Jaehwan’s heart begins thundering. The lights in the room are flickering. There’s no mistake. Hongbin was communicating. Wonshik falls to the floor in relief. Sanghyuk’s eyes are filled with a new determination. Jaehwan is filled with trepidation.

In which Sanghyuk proves that Hongbin can be reached despite the distance and Jaehwan’s stomach begins to turn. 

Pt. 1, Pt. 2, Pt. 3, Pt.4, Pt. 5

exodarkwolf16  asked:

Hey please can I request a vixx reaction to another member accidentally insulting you and you start crying :)

Thank you for the request! I hope you like it! - Admin O

N: He glared at Ravi who had accidentally made you cry. “Apologize.” N’s face was serious, even though he knew that Ravi was only playing around, he didn’t want you and the members fighting with each other.

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Leo: He sighed, slapping Ken on the shoulder. He didn’t say anything, he just nodded in your direction. “I’m sorry Y/N,” Ken pursed his lips, worried what Leo’s next move was. Leo walked over to you and cupped your face in his hands, kissing your forehead gently. “I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have let him get out of hand.” You shook your head, giving him a soft smile.

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Ken: He was surprised that he wasn’t the one that had offended you. He put his hands on your shoulders, forcing you to face him. He wasn’t sure why you were crying, but he knew he couldn’t leave things the way they were. He looked over at Leo who looked upset for having made you cry. Ken chuckled, “It’s okay Y/N, Leo was only playing around. He didn’t mean it.” Ken pinched your cheeks before pulling you into a bear hug.

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Ravi: N was a sweetheart, so he couldn’t imagine how N could have made you cry, nevertheless, here you were. Ravi was angered by his band mates behavior, but he understood that mistakes can happen. He would get N to explain the situation and apologize to you to set things right. He would then spend his whole day trying to cheer you up and make you feel better.

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Hongbin: Hongbin fiddled with his fingers, expecting Hyuk to apologize immediately. When Hyuk didn’t, Hongbin grabbed him by the collar of his shirt and dragged him to where you were sitting. “Apologize,” When Hyuk was silent, Jongin growled. “Now Sanghyuk.” Honginb pursed his lips, hoping he wouldn’t have to take things farther. “I’m sorry Y/N,” Hyuk rubbed the back of his neck, unsure of why he was apologizing when it was only a mistake. Hongbin grabbed your hand and lead you from the room. “Let’s go somewhere fun, okay.”

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Hyuk: Hyuk was livid as he dragged you into the practice room. “Hongbin!” “What,” Hongbin stood up, confused until he saw your face. “What do you think you’re doing make Y/N cry.” Hongbin sighed. “I’m sorry,” Hyuk clenched his jaw. “Why are you apologizing to me?” Hongbin walked over to you and apologized, ruffling your hair as he explains that he didn’t mean it. You shook your head. “It’s really okay.” “Don’t worry Y/N, I’ll make his life a living hell as the evil maknae.”

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151004 VIXX 빅스 - Love Equation 이별공식 at Korea Culture and Travel Festival in Thailand [ LEO FOCUS ] 1080p | DO NOT RE-UPLOAD / GIF

Leo x Hongbin moments :

0:49 ( Leo made mistake & Hongbin noticed it )
2:23 ( Leo kicked Hongbin )
2:31 ( Hongbin revenged by tickling Leo )
3:22 ( Leo hugged Hongbin )