hongbaby replied to your post: This might be late but It was nice bumping into you at the mall Lena! =) I barely saw anything at lakeside… Lol Fail!

Geee, you’re the pretty one! But i was too focused on getting my shoes then clothes so i didnt get the chance to go into a&f ;( Lol We have One more yr left of high school, yayayay!

hahah i haven’t even gotten mines yet! i know. so exciting finally huh!? i wanna go on some type of all girls class of 2012 trip lol. consider? what college you going to?

rkhongbin asked:

{ / text; tiny min } Don't tell him stories of me being dumb, don't tell him about my messages to you just now. JUST NO EMBARRASSMENT. I still have to live with him. ;; ;;

[SMS] tbh i think i mentioned you enough when we were younger. if he remembers any of the stories, actually.

[SMS] ily = u =