Hong Kong Jockey Club, Beijing.

Yes, there is a growing 1% in China. Second only to US, there are now more than 100 billionaires in China. A bunch of them like to hangout at this place, the Beijing clubhouse for the Hong Kong Jockey Club, a place they can talk about gambling on horses. But far more importantly, it is a place to see and be seen. 


The Hong Kong Jockey Club

7th June, 2013

The Hong Kong Jockey club is a betting branch that are located throughout Hong Kong and are specifically for betting on horse racing. As we visited one of the branches during a summer month it was quiet. This was because during the summer months it is too hot and the horses and jockey’s are given a break.

Not all betting revolves around horse racing. Other bets are more typical with sports and surprisingly include the Australian soccer league. They also sell lottery tickets using the system derived from ‘Tattersall’s’ in Australia.

It is extremely popular amongst locals and a percentage of what the agency makes is used in financing community development. Due to the adult content it isn’t publicly promoted and tourists may not be aware of it. 

Mitchell and Dilshan