So everyone who has emailed me in regards to getting one of the limited edition chinese new year charms - I have returned your email and one lovely lady who happened to send me the money right away will be happy to know that it has reached me here in the UK (See picture!)! :D It’s stunning! And will be hitting the post office tomorrow to make it’s way to the US of A! :) 

The offer is still there for anyone who would like to own one of these! :) The hong bao costs $67 which includes shipping. :) Anyone who would like one or the dangly dragon please get in touch at Hello_Cloe@yahoo.co.uk 

Hope everyone is having a great week so far and to all those who have asked questions or submitted, I haven’t forgotten about you. I am doing my research and have loads of great posts coming up myself! ^_^ 


Lunar New Year Day 1

Mamas and I // Gambling Winnings // Hong Bao (Red Packet) // Sequins // Luck (Fu) // Whelan

Sans the thunderstorms, I would say the first day of Chinese New Year was a success! I’m already feeling the change in luck and energy that this year of the snake has to offer ;)

Detail outfit posts will be up next week! I’m eagerly waiting to see what day 2 will bring. Here’s to saying goodbye to an awful year of the dragon, glad it’s finally over!


How not to open a red envelope or alternate ways to open a red envelope when you don’t have thumbs. 👍

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Happy Lunar New Years! 

Happy (Almost) Lunar New Year!

Lunar New Year 
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