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Episode One: (please assume as if 17TV has never happened and this is their first time meeting each other ^^)

Pledis CEO-nim: “Alright boys, say hello to each other. These will be your fellow members of Seventeen that you will be with you until you’re probably 87 or when we finally milk you dry, well…. whichever comes first.”

Seventeen: *stares at each other awkwardly*

Pledis CEO-nim: “Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ll be in my office busy thinking of how to rob tons of money from fans by releasing thousands of versions of your upcoming albums”

Scoups: “Hello, I’m Choi Seungcheol, and I’ll be the leader, please guide me along”

Jeonghan: “I’m Jeonghan, the angel”

Joshua: “Thank you for blessing me with such an angel- I mean, hello I’m Joshua Hong”

Jun: “I’m Wen Junhui, I’m from China and I used to be an actor in China” *winks*

Hoshi: “My name is Soonyoung but you can call me Hosh”

Wonwoo: “I am Wonwoo”

Seventeen: “……”

Wonwoo: “and I like to read”

Seventeen: “……”

Wonwoo: “yeah.”

Woozi: “Okay then…  I’m Lee Jihoon, I compose music and if you bother me I will not hesitate to whip your ass with my guitar”

Joshua: “But guitars are beautiful creatures that the lord has created, every creature should be loved and not abused like that, it’s a great sin to-“

Woozi: “Someone get me my guitar”

DK: “In my previous life, I was a sunflower that brought joy and happiness to many people, I’m Seokmin but you can call me DK, which heads up for the millionth time does not stand for donkey kong” *horse pose*

Mingyu: “Hello my name is Mingy- *sneezes* Mingy- *sneezes*”

Jeonghan: “Oh my jisoos, someone get the boy a tissue”

Joshua: “Did you call for me?”

Mingyu: “What was I saying again?”

Scoups: “Your….name…??”

Mingyu: “Oh yeah! My name is Mingy- *sneezes*”

Scoups: “Okay nevermind, let’s just skip him”

The8: “ 大家好, 我的名字是徐明浩” (Hello everyone, my name is Xu Minghao)

Hoshi: “What did he say?”

Jun: “A fellow Chinese member! 我叫文俊辉, 你也是从中国来的吗?” (I’m Wen Junhui, are you from China as well?”)

Hoshi: “Wha-? Am I the only one who doesn’t understand what they are saying?”

Seungkwan: “Hello my fellow human beings, I am Seungkwan Boo from the beautiful Jeju Island, the land of tangerines and Dol Hareubang stone men but of course it isn’t as beautiful as I am”

Vernon: “Hi, erm I am Vernon Hansol Chwe, I was born in New York but I moved to Korea when I was 5”

DK: “You speak Korean?! Your Korean’s really good! How long have you been in Korea?”

Vernon: “Most of my life?”

DK: “Wow! When did you start to learn Korean?”

Vernon: “Since I was born?”


DK: “Can you say Apple in Korean?”

Vernon: “사-과…?” (Ap-ple?)

DK: *claps hands*

Dino: “I’m Lee Chan, I really like Michael Jackson and my stage name is Dino”

Jeonghan: “Awwww how precious~ I’m gonna call you my baby”

Jeonghan: “Dino nugu aegi?”

Dino: “…”

Jeonghan: “SAY IT”

Dino: “J-Jeongh-han hyung’s a-aegi?”

Jeonghan: “That’s my baby!”

Scoups: “Okay, since we’ve introduced ourselves I hope we all get along and achieve our dreams together”

Woozi: “God I hate this band already”


does anyone remember when jun was doing a vlive or something and he stared into the camera for a solid ten seconds, said ‘good morning’ in english and then muttered to himself 'it’s night jun’ because that was great

underappreciated things about seventeen

s.coups: his voice (I will never shut up about his voice bc his breath control is just A++++)

jeonghan: dancingskillsdancingskillsdanci-

joshua: same as jeonghan actually bc he’s improved a lot since their debut pls recognise his efforts

jun: his talent?? won multiple awards in national competitions for martial arts, art and drumming? has an arsenal of awards for his acting?????

hoshi: how he leads the performance unit with such discipline yet also knows how to take care of his members so well and bring out the best in each of them

wonwoo: his dedication and work ethic (according to the other rappers he has multiple notebooks completely filled with rap lyrics he’s written)

woozi: his legendary 2 rap lines in fronting and in the wally mixtape with vernon and scoops yES

dokyeom: how he puts so much pressure on himself as a main vocalist but is still always cheery and energetic (like when he cried when the judge only praised seungkwan and not him)

mingyu: his sense of humour like whY DOES NO ONE TALK ABOUT HOW FUNNY HE IS

minghao: his endless talent in singing and rapping and dancing and b-boying and martial arts chinaline is just a doraemon’s pocket of talent really

seungkwan: how he’s so willing to make fun of himself just to make others laugh (he turns every insult he gets into a joke he’s just so easygoing)

vernon: the amount of passion he has for rap (you can just tell how much he loves rapping and how he pours all of his emotions into his lyrics)

dino: everything. just everything.

I don’t understand

SVT: *works hard because of carats*

SVT: *cried bc carats went to their concert*

SVT: *cries at every win they’ve gotten* *thanks carats*

SVT: *does a VLive for every award received* *bows down to Carats*

SVT: *achieves fame* “It’s all thanks to carats”

SVT: *wrote a song for Carats*

SVT: *loves carats*

Someone: *starts rumor*



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Jeonghan: Dino, who’s baby are you?

Dino(in his mind): Bitch, I’m a grown ass mutha fucking man. You better back the fuck up off me before I yank them nasty ass extensions outcha head. Go back to cheating on S.coups with Joshua, or Joshua with S.coups, or whoever you’re cheating with today you trifling ass hoe. Damn.

Dino(out loud): Jeonghan’s Baby.

seventeen on stage and backstage
  • s.coups: daddy on stage, baby backstage
  • jeonghan: angel on stage, devil backstage
  • joshua: bad boy on stage, bible boy backstage
  • jun: badass on stage, dumbass backstage
  • hoshi: sassy on stage, crybaby backstage
  • wonwoo: cool on stage, lame backstage
  • woozi: producer performer on stage, super hitler backstage
  • dk: singer on stage, gagmaster backstage
  • mingyu: rapper that "can spread ppl's leg" on stage, nursery boy spreads booger backstage
  • the8: "i'm like a bird" on stage, "hu got da bird :^)" backstage
  • seungkwan: beyonce on stage, still beyonce backstage
  • vernon: leonardo on stage, uncle vernon backstage
  • dino: baby on stage, jeonghan's baby backstage
  • <p> <b>Rest of Hyung Line as team leader: </b> *revenge* *satanic rituals* you're my slav-i mean helper fairies :) *torture chambers*<p/><b>Jun as team leader:</b> I love all of you SO MUCH! Let's have fun, work as a team and help one another, okay? Please let me know if anything at all is wrong or seems unfair 💗💗💗💗 💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗<p/></p>