hong seungsung


Catch a glimpse of G.NA’s photo essay in the book “There Will Be No Spotlight If You Stop Now” by CUBE’s CEO Hong Seungsung.

*Funfact: Gina calls CEO Hong Seungsung ‘abeoji’ (dad), which is important to note, because Gina’s real dad passed away when she was six, and she has never really called anyone 'dad’ before. But Hong abeoji said it felt weird to be called 'president’ (Gina was one of his first trainees when he started CUBE in 2008), he asked Gina to call him 'abeoji’ instead ♥

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[160121 - GOLDEN DISC AWARDS] Best Vocal Group - Winning Speech

Eunkwang: Hello, we’re BTOB. Firstly, we are thankful and very honoured to receive such a big award. We want to thank the people who gave us these beautiful voice… our parents, CEO Hong Seungsung, our CUBE Family, CUBE’s music producers, and out staffs. As a thank you for this award, we will give back through our voices and work hard to be a BTOB whose songs touches your soul. Thank you very much
MinHyuk: This is our 5th year since debut Thank you to our Melodies who stuck by us through hard and tough times. We promise to show you an even better side of ourselves as singers. Singers that you can trust. BTOB that you can forest trust.

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