hong pan

  • Person: You're going to hell for being gay.
  • Me: Oh no. Not all the gays together. In one place. Oh lord, how terrible. What could we possibly do with all the gays in one place together? This is what we're fucking gonna do: we're gonna have a sick as fucking rainbow rave and be super gay af and you're not invited so go shove a cactus up your arse.
This is an ace-friendly blog ||| Este blog acepta asexuales
  • Your sexuality is valid ||| Su sexualidad es válido
  • Your sexuality is normal ||| Su sexualidad es normal
  • You are not broken ||| No estáis rotxs
  • I love you all ||| Os quiero todxs
  • You are incredible |||Sois increíbles

~Thalia 🙈 (rugbyandrainbows)


[FANCAM] 150816 EXO @ EXO’luXion in Hong Kong - Peter Pan | Kai & D.O. Focus

so this is how you treat the bae now kim jongin??? hahahaha!!! cuties~