hong kong trip 2013

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Cognition, Creation, Conviction {2013}

Contemplations of the self.

So before my Hong Kong trip, I had to win an art contest. These are what I produced for the exhibit. And thanks to this triptych, I was able to re-experience Hong Kong Disneyland, familiarize with the uncomfortable feelings that came with cultural and social anxieties, as well as attain a bit of personal enrichment.

Cognition is about how we perceive. I was greatly inspired by how Philippine indigenous tribes created icons and pictograms to portray ideas. These were never realistic renderings, they were simple shapes but they could tell so much about how the people saw and understood and valued their surroundings. This is often present in indigenous Philippine textile designs which often held a vocabulary of visual representations.

Creation drew a lot from contemplations about how a people may communicate. Our use of language or even the act of birthing and articulating an idea, reveals us. It’s curious how natural some words roll of our tongues, like neologisms and colloquialisms, and it tells so much about what we are as individuals and as collectives.

Conviction is about beliefs. The ideas we attach to ourselves constructs the persona that we are perceived. I used the image of the Lingling-O as an attempt to convey that idea.  Lingling-O’s are symbols, often crafted into wearable pendants in some tribes in the Philippines. Depending on the tribe, their meanings may vary, but these meanings are always attached or appended to the bearer of the Lingling-O.

And that was my rationale for all three paintings in nutshells. Thank you and goodnight.

CAUSEWAY BAY – Hong Kong Trip 2013.

I can’t quite remember what transpired during this day; in a whole. I remember the walk. Lots and lots of it. I remember the building with the brown glass/tint. It made it seem like the golden hour (refer to third to the last photo). I remember eating at McDonald’s. I remember craving for and warming up at Starbucks. We both left a mark at that establishment’s lavatory. HAHAHA! I remember having lots and lots of fun with Nikk and his family. I miss travelling, especially with Nikk. Is this what they call wanderlust?

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Canon AE-1P // Schlecker-Fotoland AS 200

SYMPHONY OF LIGHTS — Hong Kong Trip 2013.

A visit to Hong Kong wouldn’t be complete without seeing their light show at the Avenue of Stars. However, if you kept comparing it to Singapore’s Wonder Full Light and Water Show, like I did the entire show, you wouldn’t enjoy it as much as I think tourists should. Or is it just me? 

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Canon AE-1P // Efiniti UXi Super 200

WISDOM PATH — Hong Kong Trip 2013.

I am not much of a traveler. I don’t like moving from one place to another in a very short period of time. I don’t like moving fast as a matter of fact. I don’t even like flying. However, given the chance to travel, I would definitely jump into it. Who am I to turn that kind of opportunity down, anyways.

I’d prefer to live in one place then move a few weeks or months after. Much like a nomad. That kind of traveling is what I’d love to do some time in my life. Hahaha! Despite all my traveling shit, I’ve been having some sort of wanderlust lately. I miss Hong Kong! I miss going to places with Nikk. Thus, these overdue photos from last year’s Hong Kong Trip.

I love this place! Going to Lantau Island is my favorite part of the trip. I think I’ve mentioned that already on my other HK posts. I wish we had more time to hike Lantau Peak though. 

Wisdom Path. Written on the wooden columns are calligraphies of verses from the Heart Sutra by a famous contemporary scholar. It is arranged on a figure of 8 which symbolizes infinity. Just read this from Wikipedia. Hahaha! 

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Canon AE-1P // Tudorcolor XLX 200