hong kong tattoo


model: Gong (Supermini Models) - photographer: Olivier Yoan - stylist / art direction: Florent Thiebaut - hair & makeup: Karen Yiu - location: Hong Kong -  MR Style Spring / Summer 2016

  • Lanvin - Bally

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Budapest and Hong Kong, please

budapest: what tattoo do you want?
i REALLY want to get a small rocket in my forearm, and i think i will add “aim high” to it

hong kong: what is your earliest childhood memory?
okay this is a silly one? it was my first day at kindergarden and my mom had packed in my powerpuff girls lunchbox some oreos and a carton of chocolate milk. when it was snack time i searched for my oreos but they weren’t there??? like?? they basically disappeared and i was very sad and hungry and when i got home THE OREOS WERE IN THE DAMN LUNCHBOX I STILL DON’T KNOW WHAT THE FUCK HAPPENED AND THIS WAS 12 YEARS AGO AND I’M STILL MAD ABOUT IT

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