hong kong post

Hong Kong: surprise selfie!

Iceland: wha-

Hong Kong: gotcha! Hey, and it turned out quite nicely!

Iceland: what was that for? You know how self conscious I am with photos.

Hong Kong: but you looked nice! You should try to relax and laugh every now and then.

Iceland: I’m not like you. Plus, it’s hard for me to laugh.

Hong Kong: really… then let it be my mission to cheer you up~!!

-Moments Later-

Denmark, from the distance: AAAAAAAARRRRRGGGHHHHHHHH!!!!

Hong Kong: Hahhahahaha! Told ya it’ll be worth it!

Iceland: Bwahahahaa! It totally is! Thanks, HK, I appreciate it~!

Hetalia as spongebob quotes #2
  • America: Well it may be stupid, but it's also dumb!
  • England: You can't fool me, I listen to public radio.
  • Russia: 1% Evil, 99% hot gas.
  • France: Oh well, I guess I'm not wearing pants today.
  • China: Look at all the hip young people eating sal...ads.
  • Canada: Excuse me sir, you're sitting on my body, which is also my face.
  • Prussia: Can't have dirty garbage.
  • Austria: Now you must develop a taste for, free-form Jazz.
  • Belarus: Good people don't rip other people's arms off.
  • Hong Kong: See, no one says "cool" anymore, that's such an old person thing. Now we say, "coral", as in, "That nose job is so coral."
  • Sweden: The best time to wear a stripped sweater, is all the time.
  • Romano: Hey pencil neck! Yeah you, slither over here. Surrender that ice cream cone or every waking moment for you will become a swarming torment of pain and misery!

[image description: a photo of four coiled knock-off Tangle Jr Fuzzies underneath the text “colour classification Note: There are 4 kinds of colors / patterns (shown at pictures), it will be sent at random. The Tangles are shown as solid black covered in white flocking, yellow/aqua/orange covered in white flocking, white/right/blue/dark blue covered in white flocking, and solid red covered in white flocking.]

While researching Tangles today on eBay, thanks to our anons asking the right questions at the right time, I found knock-off Tangle Jr Fuzzies.

Original listing: $2.49 USD each, free shipping worldwide from China, Hong Kong or Taiwan.

New listing: $1.99 USD each, free shipping worldwide from China, Hong Kong or Taiwan.

ETA: New, cheaper listing with ten available! I still probably wouldn’t delay on purchasing these. It might be that, like the GITD Tangles, a whole bunch of purchasing options will shortly appear, but I didn’t want to take that risk.

I will observe that the layer of flocking looks quite thin, especially on the red Tangle in the above photo. But as someone who loves the Tangle Jr Fuzzy, no way could I not buy these, even if they don’t last as long as the branded product.

I paid $12 AUD (first listing, $2.49 USD each) for four, free shipping to my house. I’d pay $12 AUD plus bus fare to buy two of them from Toyworld, and that’s the cheapest place I’ve ever seen them, so while these might have all the other problems we’ve seen in eBay Tangles, it’s probably worth a try for flocking lovers.