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“cat street” da hugo poon
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View Large in Lightbox Cat Street (Upper Lascar Row), Sheung Wan, Hong Kong Why “Cat Street”? I have yet to find a real cat on this Cat Street: ’… as some of the shops sell stolen goods, which they are called as “mouse goods” (老鼠貨 in Chinese). The prices are relatively lower, this attracts many people to shop in this area. For those who buy these goods, they choose their favourite products stealthily along the street, as if they are acting like cats, which are ready to catch mouse. Hence, foreigners called this street as “Cat Street”’ Wikipedia In photography, I’m not sure if there is right or wrong, even good or bad, but there are certainly the interesting or the boring, like or dislike. These are the ones I like most… “all time favourites”

[ARTICLE] G-Dragon Throws a Couture-Level Party

This was not your average Paris fashion week party. This week, the South Korean fashion icon/producer/singer-songwriter/front row fixture known as G-Dragon and his art house brand Peaceminusone, a collaborative project with Gee Eun, staged a four-day guerilla media exhibition at the Galerie Frank Elbaz. The whole thing was pretty under-the-radar until Wednesday, when the clothes/sculptures/video/performance installation created in tandem with the creative crew +82 broke down the set.

What happened next caught on like wildfire: Bella Hadid, Olivier Rousteing, Ambush’s Soon Joo Yoon, Sam Tiba, Keith Ape and Anna Cleveland were among the in-crowd who hip-hopped until dawn at the boite Le Pompon. “I’m enjoying Paris in my own way,” G-Dragon offered. Chances are he’ll be back. But as of February, those who missed the party can still catch his collection at Colette, Dover Street Market and Joyce in Hong Kong.

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