hong kong fan signing

More facts about Lucas (Yukhei):

- His mom is thai (that’s why he knows thai)

- He went to Kim Sohyun’s fan sign event in Hong Kong (and there is a video of him getting her signature)

- He really likes Computer games

- He got an IG account and had over 10K followers (I am still finding his ig acc or maybe sm ask him to take it down before so it’s really hard to find)

- He is good at sports (I also don’t know what type of sport he is good at)

- He really likes EXID Hani, even posted pictures of her on his ig

- He participated in SM Audition 2015 in Hong Kong

- He joined SM at the beginning of 2016


170924 MXM Hong Kong APM Fan Sign (Cantonese Cut)
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OTRA - Vienna, 10.06.15

I didn’t have a chance to check Tumblr since the day of the concert, so I may be repeating some things said numerous times already, or get something wrong, I was in the first row next to the part of the catwalk, where boys sit during DFWYB, so it’s perfect to see them up close (some videos are being uploaded on YouTube right now), but really easy to miss out on what is happening when they are on the main stage, or, especially, the end of the catwalk, so feel free to correct me :)

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👧:오빠 애교 주세요 (Please charming brother)

👦:애교😂?( Charming 😂? )

👧:제발!!!!(please!!!! )


好得意阿佢怕羞😍😍 (So proud he is shy)

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