hong kong dragon boat festival

CHINA, HONG KONG : Competitors paddle their boat after racing during the annual Dragon Boat Festival in Hong Kong on June 20, 2015. Dragon boat racing dates back over 2,000 years and has now developed into a serious sport on the calendar of many countries around the world. AFP PHOTO / DALE DE LA REY                        

Hong Kong Dragon Boat Festival Day 2

Dear Diary (I mean Very Manly Journal),

          Hong Kong Dragon Boat Festival was at Meadow Lake for the second day. I got to the dock at 7am this morning and IT WAS POURING. Then I got the shitty news that I’m going to be on a pontoon again. I was like O.O ARE YOU SERIOUS??? Its pouring and I’m gonna be stuck on a 4X6 island in the middle of the lake… GREAT. Thank gosh I had a change of clothes. Anyway while I was getting my life vest and my radio I hear one of the race officials talking to the judges about delaying the race in case there are any lightning sightings. THAT PSYCHED THE SHIT OUT OF ME. The only thing going through my mind is I’m stuck on this 4X6 platform surrounded by water and will be soaked by rain. Last I checked water conducts electricity. THEN IT HIT ME… THE PONTOON IS HELD INTO THE LAKE BY LONGGGGG METAL POLES or better known as LIGHTNING RODS. FCK… Anyway we go out and 2 races go by with out a issue. Then as the 3rd race was coming towards the start line BAM I hear over my radio that Lightning was sighted and I hear frantic yelling “GET BACK TO THE DOCKS NOW!!!” Chase boats come to get us and everyone else out of the water and back on land. After waiting 20-30 mins. WE ARE BACK ON THE PONTOONS and then the scariest thing happened. For the next race all the boats got to the start line except for one so the pontoons had to hold on to the boats that were there. THEN LIGHTNING HITS THE WATER A HANDFUL OF METERS FROM THE PONTOON I WAS ON. HOLY BALLS. NATURE HATES ME. Then the most frantic evacuation ensued because LIGHTNING HIT THE WATER. After that all the pontoons were left empty and the rest of the races were unheld THANK HEAVENS. The rest of the day I stood on the dock helping out with the guy I helped last year. It was cold so I strapped on a life vest which kept me relatively warm. However the cheap POS poncho I got was not keeping me dry at all. I make my own poncho out of a garbage bag which worked better. The rest of the day was just docking, bailing, and drinking some nasty ass Pepsi max in the rain wearing my ghetto poncho. After the races ended my friend and I were leaving and one of the judges said we could take a case of the pepsi max soda. We ended up shaking some up and chucking them to watch them explode. I’m definitely going to be sick in the morning.

Hong Kong Dragon Boat Festival Day 1

Dear Diary (I mean Very Manly Journal),

          Hong Kong Dragon Boat Festival was at Meadow Lake. As usual I go there to volunteer waterside on the docks and I’m told I’m on a pontoon. FML I had to do pontoon for a bit last year and it was unbelievably boring. Basically, you are stuck on a 4X6 piece of wood in the middle of a lake and your job is to hold on to the boat and line them up at their start line in their lane. LOVELY. not. So basically I was there from 9-12:30. Funniest thing was how the kid on the pontoon next to me didn’t bring any water so I had to chuck mine to him and it didn’t quite make it so the other pontoons tried to pass it to each other. WE ALL FAILED. Then the same kid that didn’t bring water really had to pee at around 10 but he was stuck on the pontoon until lunch. TIGHT LIFE. That wasn’t all. The pontoon on the other side of me got hit by a boat and it came out of the poles that was holding it into the lake. The pontoon started drifting and getting far from us. Finally we got off the damn pontoon for lunch. Only to go back at 4ish. Until then I was helping out the dock hands as I originally wanted to. But the whole time I was on the pontoon I took off my shoe in hopes of evening out my awkward foot tan. I hope I didn’t get a sunburn.