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So last year Chirstmas, the hetascanlations team held a secret santa where we send gifts to one another.  My recipient was pandabaozi and I just KNEW I had to get her an aph Hong Hong. :D  cioccolatodorima was very kind and drew me this art to go with the pressies.  THANK YOU SO MUCH HON but no she is too well-versed in hetalia she guessed the package wasn’t from Himaruya XDD

July 1st is a bad fan-decided birthday for aph hong kong :(

Okay ever since I found out about Hong Kong in Hetalia,, it’s really been bugging me that the day that the fans have picked for his birthday is the day of the Handover. That’s July 1, 1997. That is, the day that Hong Kong was returned to China after bein under British rule for a while.

One of the reasons why I don’t think this is a good day to celebrate his birthday on (shush I know it’s,, fictional but still I’m upseT over this okAY) July 1st is that - well. Hetalia characters are representations of the PEOPLE of the country, right?? well, a lot of Hong Kong’s population wants to go back to being under British rule. Since APH Hong Kong represents the population, that would mean the day of the Handover isn’t really a happy day for him, correct?? not an ideal day to celebrate a birthday.

Plus, nothing really special ever happened on July 1 BEFORE 1997. sure, it’s an important day in Hong Kong, but it isnt really the ‘birth’ of it. What would have been celebrated as his birthday before 1997? Despite the fact that July 1 was already decided (I thINk) as the day they’d be returned, that’s sad as hell!! “Oh hey, my birthday, the day I’m ‘freed’ from nice british rule and returned to Communist China! yay!!” yaknow?? not fun, not a good day.

Another reason is that I don’t think Hong Kong was really considered a ‘country’ (whatever you think HK is I consider it a country, not just a city) or seperate entity from China UNTIL the Britih gained control of it after the Opium Wars. The day that the British had full possesion of Hong Kong would be a MUCH BETTER birthday for the character.

Think about it. It was under British rule that HK got the things that make us special. Our milk tea? That’s from them. Our double decker buses?? Thats from Britain too!! The general feel of the city, the cleanliness that seperates us from mainland China, our /manners/. I think we got those all from being under British rule. That’s what makes Hong Kong special. That is what differenciates us from China, and thats why we are recognised as our own country/whatever special province HK is and not just a big city off the southern coast of China.


When night falls in Hong Kong, reds and blues and other hues cast a hazy glow over a city illuminated by tens of thousands of neon signs. But many of them are going dark, replaced by more practical, but less romantic, LEDs. Photographer Sharon Blance’s series Hong Kong Neon celebrates the city’s iconic signage.

Building a neon sign is an art, one practiced by craftsmen trained through apprenticeships to mold glass tubes into ornate shapes and letters. They fill these tubes with noble gasses that glow when electrified. Neon makes orange, helium yellow, mercury blue. It takes many hours to craft a single sign.

“You’re firing electricity through a weird gas to make it glow,” she says. “There’s an alchemy to it, a kind of magic.”

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