hong jin young


the agit: the letter (day i) ♡ 170526
translation: bluejinki via majingi525

the last vcr during the concert was possibly a parody of the above cf for oronamin c featuring jeon hyun moo and hong jin young. op said that the dance was similar.


IZ (Pronounced ‘Eyes’)

IZ is short for ‘Open Your Eyes(IZ)

Company: Music K Entertainment

  •  Home of Trot singer Hong Jin Young.
  •  The Ark was formally apart of this Label.

Twitter: @official__IZ

YouTube: 아이즈          

Company Twitter: @musicK_official

Average age of 18 Years Old


Leader & Vocalist Jihoo

Drummer Woosu

Guitarist Hyunjun

Bassist Junyoung

(Everything will be updated as soon as more information is released!)

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Hong Jin Young: We don’t consider anyone to be our rivals per say. However, we did see Hong Jin Kyung with TWICE member Jungyeon’s hair style. So we thought maybe TWICE are our rivals after all.

Han Chae Young: I attended ‘Music Bank’ and saw TWICE in person and they all looked so pretty. I wondered if our stage would be fancy like that too.

MCIt seems like they are more of a role model/wannabe than a rival.

Hong Jin Young & Han Chae Young: That’s right. It’s more on the wannabe side.