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(TEASER) 24K 투포케이 - ONLY YOU 너 하나면 돼 (

- Park Shin Hye -

Park Shin Hye and Yoon Si Yoon

Park Shin Hye and Lee Jong-Suk

Park Shin Hye and Jung Il Woo

Park Shin Hye and Lee Hong-ki

Park Shin Hye and Jung Yong-Hwa

Park Shin Hye and Lee Min Ho


Park Shin Hye and Ji Chang Wook

(Think about it haha since I just watched him from “Healer”)

Park Shin Hye and Jang Geun Suk

Park Shin Hye and Yoo Seung Ho

+ More Pairs

Who would you like to see Park Shin Hye with in another drama?

Scarlet Heart Ryeo Episode 16

Let’s just rip the bandaid off: Wang Eun and Park Soon-duk are death. We all knew this was coming and that it was not only going to be horrifying and heartbreaking but that it would have awful consequences for everybody involved.

If you ask me what was the worst part of the entire scene, I have to say it was right after Soon-duk saved Eun and he called her “my wife”. Agh, just thinking about it makes my heart each because there was so much love and tenderness in the way he spoke to her. Soo may have been Eun’s first love but Soon-duk was the love of his life. And no-one can deny it when we watched him choose dying rather than living without her. I think there was for a moment a tiny chance that he could have survived those wounds but Eun would not have it without Soon-duk.

His second choice was asking So to end his suffering, which to me it was Eun’s fuck you to Wang Yo. He would not give him the satisfaction of ending his life and and in a way Eun was able to go in his own terms.

Right after that Wang So went crazy with grief, but I totally lost it when Grand General Park was caressing the face of his beloved, badass and death daughter, wondering if she received the love she deserved from her husband. And Soo answering that yes, they loved each other very much. And that is the truth.

For many characters, in different ways, the senseless and cruel deaths of Wang Eun and Soon-duk was the last drop. Now, Wang So is actively working towards becoming King with the support of his brother Baek-ah and Astronomer Choi. If you ask me about Grand General Park, I say he is playing Wang Yo and secretly supporting So… especially after the choice he made him do.

So had decisions to make in this episode too and by choosing going after the crown in order to stop Yo, he had to give up something. The only way to prove his commitment to the cause and gain General Park’s trust was for So to give up the one thing he holds most dear in the world: Hae Soo. Which means that just when she realizes just how deeply her love for him it is, now he has to leave her in order to find a way to defeat Yo.

Wang So’s face in that scene, after he leaves her, was award-worthy. I could feel how his heart had just been ripped off his chest. And Soo? You can see how heartbroken she is but at the same time chooses to believe in him. That he will come back to her. That their love and bond can be tested all it wants, they won’t waver.

Whyyy can’t they just be happy in their lovely starry night pond? Why I ask you? Why?? Worst part is that I can feel the laws of dramaland telling me the suffering it’s not over, how could it be when there’s still a dictator in power and 5 episodes to go?

I didn’t like the lack of Wang Wook in today’s episode either. I can tell the show is disposing of Yo’s storyline quickly to move on to the real tragedy and angst. Wook is like a dormant threat looming over our leads and I just know it’s going to blow in our faces. Speaking of which, Wook’s reaction to Eun’s death, was that remorse? Does he even deserve to feel it after he was willing participant and abler of what happened to his young brother and his wife?

At least I finally get to see Wang Baek-ah participating more in the life of court. Sending spies into the army’s camps? Methinks that was not only for Jung’s benefit. And in a more light note, the relationship between him and Woo Hee has progressed in a lovely way, their banter and chemistry screams married, but when are we going to find out Yo’s conversation with Woo Hee? Don’t make me worry, show.

I read once that “the hardest, coldest people were once as soft as water”. I think that’s the case with what’s happening with Wang Jung. He has seen so much tragedy inside his own family that he has grown detached and distrusting of his remaining siblings and I can’t really blame him.

But what I don’t understand is why he blames So for Eun’s death when it’s clearly all on Wang Yo. I get that he thinks Wang So could have saved Eun but as I mentioned before it was a pledge between siblings and Eun’s final say on the matter. Is this some kind of residual mommy dearest syndrome? And what did he ask of Yo for all the work he has done? *chants* Please don’t say Soo’s hand in marriage. Please don’t say Soo’s hand in marriage. *chants*

I can’t even with Wang Won. I can’t. All I expect is for the show to impart justice on this awful and terrible person. Does So’s warning to him seem like a omen to anyone else?

I just knew Wang Yo was going to go all Hamlet on us. Batshit crazy, hearing ghost and conspiracies where there’s none. I would like to think Moo and Eun are at peace, so they got better things to do than haunt Yo. Nevertheless, I’m happy this textbook shakespearean tyrant is being haunted by his own conscience and that his reign isn’t all that he was expecting.

Now, let’s talk about the blissful married life of So and Soo. Or at least what could have been for them if not for So’s right and duty to become King. I am happy they got that one day to share and help them keep going when things get harder, and they will, but at the same time I find myself a little at odds with Soo in the last scene. She can’t really expect, after everything she witnessed, that So won’t wish to become King to stop Yo’s crappy government and murders. Being together, sadly, it’s not enough anymore for either of them if they want to be happy.

We finally arrived here, the calm before the storm, and now all that’s left is for Wang So to be crowned King and Wook messing everything up. Is that the battle Baek-ah and Grand General Park are marching to with So in the series preview? I guess we will find out soon.

Bonus: Anyone else thinks the show is hinting at us to remember Soo is actually from another time? I got this feeling that while our ending might be happy, it may not necessarily be in Goryeo. After all, she has to go back to the future at one point or another. Right?

[ARTICOLO] Il Professor Hong Seokkyeong della Seoul National University ha pubblicato un articolo sui BTS sul Korea JoongAng Daily

“La straordinaria ascesa dei BTS”

““Wings”,  l’album 2016 del gruppo K-pop BTS, vola in alto. L’album ha venduto più di un milione di copie in tutto il mondo ed ha fatto vincere ai BTS il premio “Top Social Artist” ai Billboard Music Award con una percentuale del 75% su 300 milioni di voti. Senza alcuna promozione negli Stati Uniti, nè alcun video virale alla “Gangnam Style”, i BTS sono ascesi alla fama col potere della loro musica e della comunicazioen diretta con i fan di tutto il mondo attraverso i social media.
I ragazzi BTS cantano in coreano e il gruppo non ha nessuna canzone con testo in inglese destinata al mercato americano. Ciònonostante sono stati molto lodati per il loro talento musicale e la loro capacità di comunicazione. “Non abbiamo bisogno di sapere la lingua per percepire la passione di questi giovani, emergenti artisti”, recita un commento. “Un approccio grezzo alla cultura da parte di una generazione giovane”, dice un altro. “I BTS non escludono i fan che non conoscono il coreano”.
Anche senza questo premio molto prestigioso, sono sempre stato molto curioso nei confronti dei BTS sin dal loro debutto. Trovo ironico che questo “idol group” costruito da e per l’industria del k-pop, faccia musica hip-hop che richiede sincerità. Il loro nome “Bulletproof” mi porta alla mente la cultura militare, ben distante dalla creatività, e “Boy Scout” suona così rigido e serioso. Il fanclub si fa chiamare “Army”.
La lista riguardante l’ironia di questo gruppo si allunga guardando ai loro concerti e video musicali. Gli piace indossare uniformi, ma allo stesso tempo decolorare i capelli in colori chiari e accesi, e ballare energeticamente. All’apparenza sembrano la tipica boy band, ma tutti i componenti partecipano alla creazione delle loro canzoni. Le loro coreografie sono intense e richiedono un alto livello di maestria, ma alcuni membri dicono di non essere ballerini nati e che han dovuto resistere ad allenamenti estenuanti.
Ma più di tutto, la loro musica non rifugge da sentimenti quali la frustrazione, la rabbia e la coscienza sociale che tantissimi giovani condividono al giorno d’oggi, a differenza di canzoni di altri gruppi che toccano principalmente argomenti come il lusso, il far festa, l’amore e le rotture. Molti critici stranieri hanno lodato i BTS come artisti socialmente consapevoli.
Verso la fine del 2016, quando i protestanti accesero le candele a Gwanghwamun e cantarono canzoni di protesta democratica degli anni ’80 e ’90 contro la presidentessa Park Geun-hye, il music video dei BTS “Not Today” era in tendenza su Youtube. La canzone chiamava i giovani di tutti il mondo a schierarsi tutti insieme contro il neoliberalismo. I BTS stanno aprendo la prima porta ad una Korean Wave che è ai margini della cultura mainstream. “

Professore del Dipartimento di Comunicazione alla Seoul National University”

Traduzione a cura di Bangtan Italian Channel Subs (©Autumn) | ©KoreaJoongAngDaily

Jung Yong Hwa, Lee Hong Ki, and Jung Il Woo to Appear on “Running Man”

Jung Yong Hwa, Lee Hong Ki, and Jung Il Woo to Appear on “Running Man”

It has been reported that CNBLUE’s Jung Yong Hwa, FTISLAND’s Lee Hong Ki, and actor Jung Il Woo will be making an appearance as guests on an upcoming episode of SBS’ variety program “Running Man.”

According to a broadcast official on March 30, the three stars are set to take part in the “Running Man” filming that is taking place on this day. This recording of the show is said to be a ‘Men’s…

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