You May Not Believe Me..

Hello chingus. It’s admin Hui, here witH A JEONGHAN SMUT. I got this idea when I couldn’t sleep, and also b/c there isn’t enough Jeonghan smuts in the world. I mean, who couldn’t love this evil angel?

Group: Seventeen

Genre: Smut w/ a fluffy ending.

Word count: 1655

Warnings: getting bias-rektd by this baby

Pairings: You x Jeonghan

Enjoy~ ♥

I awoke, though it was barely past twelve. My numerous phobias – once again – were encased in a nightmare. I tried to forget the nightmare, but I kept shuddering just by simply replaying the images in my head. Still, I absentmindedly started towards my safe place: Jeonghan’s dorm. Everyone else was dead asleep; tomorrow was their free day. Of course, it would be spent sleeping and eating.

Knocking on the door, I hear a soft hum on the other side. I am sure Jeonghan had been expecting me, considering I hadn’t asked to sleep with him for a while.

In the beginning, it was innocent, backs facing each other. But now, my insides stirred with anticipation and excitement as to what he’d do to me.

I twist the knob quietly, and the room is illuminated by the pale moon entering from his window.

“Cannot sleep? Or something else?” Jeonghan’s cheeky smirk seems brighter than the moon, but I shake my head.

“Nightmare. But, I wouldn’t mind for the latter.” I say, settling beside him. Instantly, his hands go to my waist, and lifting me up and setting me on his lap.

“Let’s sleep.” He mutters, nuzzling his nose into my neck, his breath hot against my wanting skin.

I let him lay down first, following soon after. Our fronts face each other, and soon, I feel his hand grope my thigh, lifting it above both of his legs. My breathing stops, my heart racing. I knew he did this with other girls, that he knew what he was doing to me. Yet, I still can’t seem to stop wanting to feel him inside me, though it hasn’t happened.


Soon, I let my hands run over his features. Unlike the other times, I plant soft kisses where my hands go.

My fingers land on his prominent cheekbones, and I let my lips make gentle contact with the smooth skin. Jeonghan hums in satisfaction after I kiss his temples, cheeks, forehead.. just about anywhere except his lips.

I let my fingers touch the soft, pink skin.

“Kiss me.” Jeonghan whispers, his eyes closed, though the command was clear.

“What?” I say, even though I know I heard him.

His free hand goes to the back of my head, and I feel warm contact of his lips on my own. My eyes widen, but I let my lips move freely.

The kiss soon turns heated, with Jeonghan turning his head slightly. We pull away, gasping for breath.

“Have you ever French-kissed someone?” Jeonghan asks with a sly grin, knowing the answer.

“No..” I say shyly, pressing my lips together.

“That’ll change. Listen, I want you to open your lips, not wide, and just push your tongue out a little.” Jeonghan’s hand unlatches from my thigh, knowing that it’d stay there. Obeying him, I parted my lips enough for him, and let my tongue rest father at the front of my mouth. His hand cups my cheek, the pad of his thumb rubbing against the skin.

He nears me, and I soon feel something wet and warm press against my tongue. Jeonghan provokes me into moving, his soft tongue dominating my own.

I let a gentle moan slip through my lips, and opening one eye, I see Jeonghan smirking down at me.

My hands run through his body, and I feel Jeonghan’s fingers ghost over my own body. Every section that he touched felt like it was lit on fire. I pull away, seeing as we’re both panting, gasping for breath.

Jeonghan’s hands go to the hem of my shirt, and looks at me. He knows I have never gotten this far with anyone, much less have had sex.

I nod, getting onto my knees to help pull the shirt over my head. My hands grab at his own black shirt, and he smiles sweetly, before letting me tug it off. My eyes bulge at the sight of his beautifully-toned body; slim, yet the muscles on his stomach were prominent, his arms lean, but not ridiculously muscular. I start at his jaw, placing a kiss right on the square. I let my lips wander, feeling Jeonghan’s hands grip at my waist, my core directly on top of his member, which feels partially hard. I start going down his neck, nipping kisses, until I hear a lewd moan escape from his lips. I stop for a second, but then bite and suck on the place that lets his moans become slightly louder.

His moans.. they’re almost musical; light.

Before I have the chance, he turns us over, pinning me down to the bed. His lips go for my collarbone, where I’m very sensitive. I try to muffle my moans, but Jeonghan looks up the instant I don’t release the sound.

“(Y/N)-ah, you don’t have to hide that you like it. Who cares if other people listen? We know everyone is asleep, baby.” His hands slide to my waist, his thumbs rubbing patterns of any sort into the flushed skin.

I mewl out soft moans, and feel Jeonghan’s erection grow harder with each one. His hands go behind me, to my back. With his nimble fingers, he unclips the piece with ease. I feel my core throb with each second, my mind fuzzy.  

He nips small kisses at the rosy buds, erected with pleasure. He trails kisses down my torso, landing at the waistband of my sweatpants.

“Tell me what you want.” He whispers against my bare torso, looking up at me. I want him, and I’ll express it.

“You. I don’t care how, but I want you in me.” I say, sitting up and holding onto his face.

“Are you sure? I don’t know if I can give you everything from this point on.” Jeonghan starts, and I know what he means. Commitment. A relationship. I don’t care. I’m sure I’ll regret it later on, but it’s more than likely that he will too. He was all about one nights, one try. Only if you were good enough you could go again. My heart tugs at me, but this seems best.

“I’m sure. I promise.” I stick out my pinky, and he wraps his longer one around mine.

“Then, we begin.” He barely finishes before my pants and highly expensive panties are torn off and discarded. His own sweatpants are discarded along with his boxers. His member stands tall, and I’m almost a little intimidated. I lay back down, and Jeonghan’s hands go on either side of my body. He lowers his head, kissing my forehead.

“Tell me if it hurts.” He states, and I feel his head press against my core. The feeling alone sends shivers down my spine, making me wrap my arms behind his neck. He enters slowly, and I feel something rip, and a sting follows soon after. Jeonghan’s sweet lips kiss all over me, trying to distract me. Once he was completely inside, I felt full, filled to the brim.

One he started thrusting, carefully, the pain went dull. But soon, I understood why people did this.

“Wow.. you’re so fucking tight princess.” Jeonghan growls in my ear, and my heart pounds against my rib cage.

The feeling turns into pleasure, and soon, the slow pace isn’t enough.

“Faster.” I pant, my hands unlatching and instead gripping at his broad shoulders.

Jeonghan speeds the pace up, and my moans grow louder, my curses unfiltered.

“Ah, shit Jeonghan. Don’t stop.” I let my fingers claw at his back, and Jeonghan lowers his head, his lips pressed on my own. We move slowly, Jeonghan’s hips snapping harder and faster, angling himself. He hits my sweet spot inside, and I nearly scream from how amazing it feels.

My body trembles lightly as I feel something collect in my abdomen, turning into a knot. A thin layer of sweat covers Jeonghan, making him glisten deliciously.

“Hannie, I think I’m close.” I pant into his mouth, and soon, the knot snaps violently, sending me to grip and claw at Jeonghan’s back, nibbling at his shoulder as strong waves of pleasure nearly make tears collect in my eyes.

I feel Jeonghan’s shoulders shudder, and his elbows nearly buckle from the strong hit of his release. Warm and thick spurts of his come shoots in me, but I do not falter. Ya boi’s been taking birth control for nearly two years now. Jeonghan obviously knows this, along with a few other people.

Jeonghan collapses beside me, his arms wrapped around my waist, his face buried into my neck. I grab the blankets, and pull them over us, cuddling beside him as he falls asleep.

I think for a bit, how I’ve known Jeonghan nearly my entire life. Since the 4th grade, to be exact. I know everything about him, as he does me.

But what I don’t know is what he spurts out in his dream.

“(Y/N)..” He whispers, and I hum, as if expecting him to reply.

“I love you.”

My face flushes. I know he doesn’t mean that.

But I let myself sleep while smiling, because, deep down, I know he means that.


The next morning, I awake to an empty spot beside the bed. But, then again, it was Jeonghan’s dorm we.. did things in. However, as I turn, I see a note with hastily scribbled hearts, along with words.


              I know you may not believe me for what I said. Maybe you still think I’m just someone who wants to sleep around. But what I said last night is true. I know you like the back of my hand. I love you, (Y/N). Every time I was with someone else, only you is who I wanted. Please meet me outside later. It’s my treat.


              Your little Hannie. ♥”

happy 22nd, hong jisoo! 

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Requested: @highest-quality-of-trash

Word Count: 1,673

Genre: Fluff, Romance

Author’s Note: I’m so sorry it took so long!!! I wanted it to be perfect for you!! I really hope you like it! Let me know if it’s what you wanted. I kinda made to where they both had feelings.

It was the beginning of senior year and you were still on the fence to confessing your feelings to Jeonghan, your best friend. I mean, he was your best friend after all, you didn’t want to ruin the friendship you had with him but also you were just too shy to do so. Every time you thought about confessing to him over the summer, you got anxious and scared. You would think about every possible outcome there is, good and bad. You’ve wanted to tell him exactly how you felt and how happy he makes you but, it was nearly impossible because of your shyness and his popularity. All the girls in school flocked to him, like he was Prince Charming himself. Always crowded him, buying him gifts and confessing their love for him. You didn’t want to be like the other girls. It was particularly one reason why Jeonghan liked you so much, you weren’t like the rest of the girls in school. You weren’t head over heels in love with him, well at least to his knowledge, you weren’t.

You weren’t always in love with him, your feelings for him came over time spent with him. From all your late night talks to your morning walks to school. From spending holidays with each other to rooftop met ups. Feelings for him developed more and more. You’ve never liked a boy like Jeonghan nor have you ever confessed your feelings before.

You’ve been thinking about confessing to him for awhile now. Give that it’s senior year and you wanted to make the best of it. Hoping that revealing your true feelings wouldn’t damper your last year of high school. You figured you would do it during lunch, when the two of you would go off and eat up on the rooftop of the school. No one ever bother you guys up there, since no one ever when up there besides you, Jeonghan and twelve of your friends. You secretly hoped that they wouldn’t be there today but you knew they would be. Lunch was the only time all fourteen of you could hang out during school.

When made it to your guys spot, you found Jeonghan and the gang goofing around like they normally did.

“Y/N! You’re finally here!” Mingyu came up to you with open arms.

“Mingyu.” You hugged the boy back.

“Y/N what took you so long? You missed all the fun.” Jeonghan wrapped his arms around you and pulled you in closed. It was at times like these that you wish you could tell him about your feelings but, you couldn’t. At least not while everyone was around. It was bad enough you were already shy about it, you didn’t need an audience too.

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Request: Im really interested what a husband au for joshua would be like :) ty and if you dont want to I understand ^^

  • okay so I think we can all see Joshua is absolute husband material
  • like he would not start any fights ever and if you did he’d make sire the misunderstanding or problem is resolved as quickly as possible
  • he would def make you breakfast on bed if he had a day of or something
  • just he’s one to do these kind little gestures like leaving notes to make sure you don’t forget stuff or just to tell you he loves you
  • it’s very likely you’d get a pet together 
  • I think he’s a dog person but if you’d rather have another pet he’d be okay with that
  • might nag from time to time he wants a doggo
  • will def help you with chores even if he’s had a long day of work because “It’ll be done faster if I help”
  • Joshua would also sometimes bring you flowers like not only at anniversaries nono
  • just because he loves youuuuu
  • cheesy fucker
  • kisses everywhere because he’s just such a sweetheart
  • like just always wanting to do stuff for you 
  • totally one to yell “HONEY I’M HOMEEEE”
  • then to get some honey out of a kitchen cabinet and say “Hi there honey”
  • act like he hasn’t noticed you and he’s like “It… it’s not what it looks like Y/n…”
  • just Joshua and cringy acting all day
  • will like casually bring up with “If we ever got children what language would we raise them in…?”
  • because they gotta know Korean and English for sure
  • from time to time he’ll serenade you a song but not like in the total mushy way but like “I really think it’s nice to sing to you because I love you”
  • but not in a cheesy way if you get me
  • he can be cheesy though like probably the most cheesy out of Seventeen even 
  • he likes caressing your hand with his thumb if anyone knows what I’m talking about that’s hella relaxing
  • like making circles with your thumb on the back of someone’s hand like it’s basically a win-win situation
  • goodnight hugs AND goodnight kisses because honestly he’s sweet
  • he also sometimes places stuff around
  • for example suddenly your closet and bed switched places because he was bored of the way the bedroom looked
  • which results in you both waking up disorientated
  • but he likes the getting used to stuff like ‘every day an adventure!’
  • yeah Joshua sure if suddenly come home and my tv is at the other side of the room SURE AN ADVENTURE
  • he’s not that messy tho it’s just he knows where everything is because he always moves stuff
  • also useless decorative stuff that later turns out to be useful
  • like a key box why u need that?? but afterwards you’re glad you don’t have to search for your keys every time you leave the house
  • you also have those locks that can open even when there’s a key inside the other side of the lock because there have been some accidents
  • your wedding was also something he loves to remember so there is at least one picture of it in your living room or bedroom 
  • you held either one in church (if you’re christian or you don’t care that much) or two being one in church and one somewhere else.
  • also if your family/friends live far from South Korea there’ll probably be two 
  • and Joshua loves wedding so the more the better let’s be honest
  • your honeymoon was probably a trip through Europe because Joshua is obsessed (come visit me Joshua)
  • every day would be fun with Joshua be sure of that


Older Brother! Joshua ☼

Originally posted by mc-gyu

hello, it’s been awhile so here’s older brother Joshua.

  • Joshua seems to be a really calm person so I don’t think he’d be anything Seungcheol
  • Joshua would care for you but like a friend
  • to be honest Joshua is more of your older friend that’s low-key your mum but never gets mad
  • like, you failed a test, ‘oh try getting a better score next time,’
  • like he’s just really frickin calm.
  • i also feel like he would always walk home with you from school whenever he can
  • like growing up you knew all his friends bc you would always go home with them
  • he probably had a really calm friend group
  • like they would always say hi to you and it wouldn’t be weird
  • and you could probably approach him or his friends and they wouldn’t be embarrassed
  • like if you came up to Shua after class bc, you had a problem he would help and understand, so would his friends
  • like say it was your time of the month and you weren’t ready or something, he would be like oh, i’ll help you
  • to be honest, he probably has pads and tampons with him just incase you bled through
  • he’s just really calm like i can not express how calm he would be
  • like whenever he’s not calm is bc someone reeeaaally fucked up or he’s reeeaally happy
  • i feel like when you’re sad he wouldn’t be like, ‘CHEER UP,’ (〃^▽^〃)
  • he’d be more of a sit beside you while you tell him all your problems and he pats your back
  • he’d probably would talk a little but he’d probably just say, ‘it’s okay, don’t worry,’ something like that
  • like the only time he gets slightly mad is if someone did something really mad to you
  • say your significant other cheated on you
  • he’d probably curse, not exactly but y’know, under his breath and have a slight grudge against that person
  • like he wouldn’t like not talk to them or talk shit about them
  • he just wouldn’t like them
  • I honestly don’t think he’d care much about your love life
  • like you going on a date would be like,
  • ‘Joshua, tell mum and dad I’m on a date with ____,’
  • ‘okay (y/n), don’t have too much fun, stay safe and drink water,’
  • you guys would probably spend time watching anime together
  • i also feel like he would take you to anime conventions
  • or if you’re a fangirl/boy he would take you
  • your parents love him for this
  • he would also take you to meet seventeen if you asked
  • he wouldn’t care much if the other members flirted with you
  • he would probably give them a look that’s like
  • ‘keep on going i don’t care, unless you treat her like shit,’
  • when you first met them Joshua was like, ‘hi everyone, this is (y/n),’
  • then they introduced themselves while Joshua stood there with a slight smile
  • tl;dr Jisoo is just a really calm brother that always looks out for you and never gets mad at you.

Okay, school’s almost starting so I’m gonna post more before school starts. I might add more to this one bc I feel like there’s more to brother Jisoo than this.

-Admin Jola🌱