Several years ago now, walking along the river i passed by an open door of a roll gate along the west side highway. Passing into the darkened space with sunshine streaming through the open gate, I found myself immersed in the discovery of terra incognita; a complete departure from the cold commerce and white walls of chelsea. A world of raw wood. a bridge suspended across the space, lead me to portals that revealed works of wood and shell inlay charged with a sensual mystery.

It was the world of Thomas Beale and the first show in Honey Space.

I was deeply inspired and transformed by this experience of art that seemed to be growing in it’s own wild environment. It created an immersive space that was so different from the detached isolation where objects are shown just to be looked at. I found myself wanting to create pieces for people to lose themselves in for a moment in the vitality found in this departure from the known world; the joy unleashed by reconnecting with the senses in an adventure with the unknown. I began creating pieces in the space I had at the time, throwing parties to get people to play along.

I came to many of of the Honey Space shows, always eager to experience the vision of different artists in the way it could come to exist in immersive nature of the space. A couple years later I met Kirsha Kaechele, and she invited me, somewhat at the eleventh hour to create a piece for “Do you want Gold?” I found myself working in the space excavating one of the rooms from beneath one of Tom’s huge piles of wood. I began cutting the pieces on the street outside for my installation in the afternoon, all through the night until dawn. Almost an impromtu performance, people passed on the street, and hours later passed again, wondering what was still going on.

I am filled with a sense of being at home in this constantly transforming and ephemeral space we have had the gift of working with in this extraordinary time. Yet i am certain that it is the magic of possibility, and the family of artists that have breathed their alchemical presence into what is Honey Space.

photo: Andy Levin