“1887: North Atlantic, east of the Canadian Maritimes–The Dutch Bark "J.P.A.” was confronted with an inexplicable phenomenon one day in March at 5PM. In the air, heading their way, were two “balls”. One was black. The other was illuminated. The illuminated object was oval or cigar-shaped. As it came overhead, the environment became pitch black above the ship, but the deck itself [and the sea immediately around] was brightly illuminated as if in a sea of fire. With a roar, this “ball” fell into the water, creating splashes that swept high enough to throw water onto the deck. Worse, the air was suddenly foul, and hands began suffocating and breaking out in perspiration. Then [logically] ice chunks rained down on the deck and even the rigging became iced over. The thermometer registered 19-degrees C. nevertheless [i.e. the ambient temperature was way too warm to allow this]. The barometer was going nuts. Shortly hurricane force winds seemed to [temporarily] arise. Of course the explanation for all this is obvious–they were close to the Bermuda Triangle, yet didn’t have the sense to abandon ship and become another Mary Celeste.“