We didn’t have one, unless you count Paris,
20 years later, after we’d almost given up on the idea.
We’d imagined one, long nights beneath
a warm celestial sky; him growing his beard,
me in a silk turquoise robe, floating, billowing,
on a deserted beach foraging for whole sand dollars,
jelly fish washed up on the shore, their glittering insides
visible, still pulsing through flesh made of glass,
but it never happened. We had to work through
our vacations, refinance the house, find someone
to cut down the cedar that threatened to bury us
with each storm. We wanted to make up
for the wedding, or lack of one, the granite
courthouse steps, the small room with a desk,
the flimsy document stamped with a cheap gold seal.
Even then we meant to have a party on the deck,
cheese and crackers, fruit plates, sparkling
grape cider in plastic cups, our friends on the lawn
calling you the Big Kahuna, me Mrs. Dynamite,
me calling you my Sweet Dragon, you calling me
your little Red Corvette. Instead, time found a way
to demand each minute, until one night,
after you’d gotten a small windfall in the mail,
you turned to me and said, I’m going to take you to Paris,
me in my ratty robe and floppy slippers, you
in your flannel pj bottoms and black wife beater,
muting the clicker when I said “What?”
and saying it again. Then we were there,
in our 60s, standing below the dire Eiffel Tower,
its 81 stories of staircases we couldn’t possibly climb,
its 73 thousand tons of puddled iron, you
taking my picture for posterity, me
kissing you beneath the pathway of arched trees,
our voices echoing against the six million skulls
embedded inside the stone catacombs, me
saying, I guess you weren’t kidding, you
taking my hand in the rain.


Lana Del Rey leaving the stage at the TW Classic Festival yesterday. As you can see in the video she left the stage really quickly and really upset. According to the fans at the show, some people were really rude to her and had a bad behaviour during her performances. I’m really sorry about what happended but I really hope that she will continue to do her music, her shows and her art for all the fans like us who support, love and admire her as a real artist and singer. We love you Lana!


Lana performing Honeymoon in Greece