August Challenge Day 24 - Colorful

“Dressed up all colorful for today’s challenge! We went on a tour through a popular winery and got to see how everything is processed. At the end of the tour, we were offered a free bottle of wine, our choice. We don’t drink though, especially me being pregnant too. I wonder if they have regular grape juice…”


Rivendell, it turned out, did actually have a proper bathhouse.  Tauriel had found the place quite easily on the second day of their visit, and from then on she and Kíli often spent the mornings there.  Kíli supposed such frequent washing was not strictly necessary, though elves, he was discovering, liked to bath often, and did so as much for pleasure as for cleanliness.

Tauriel always began with a plunge in the cold pool.  Fed by a waterfall that poured through an opening in the roof at one end and emptying down into the the valley below from the other, the water here was constantly refreshed, and, Tauriel claimed, very alive.  You could still feel, she said, where the water had been, slipping over rocks beneath sun and stars on its journey down from the Misty Mountains; bathing here woke up your skin.  Privately, Kíli suspected this was more the effect of chilly water and goose-pimples than any communing with the river (at least, on his part), but he was not inclined to complain.  

He liked to watch Tauriel glide through the clear pool amidst the dance of early morning sunlight off wavelets and blue-green tile.  She moved as gracefully through water as she did on land, and Kíli guessed she must often have visited those cold springs and pools under the Elvenking’s palace. With her flame-bright hair fanned out about her shoulders in the water and then coiling close against glistening pale skin when she rose above the surface, she seemed some improbable creature formed of both water and fire. 

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When asked about the state of her personal life before and during the recording process for Honeymoon, Del Rey explains how she “really wanted to have one more record out that was able to speak for me, even if I wasn’t in a place where I felt like speaking about myself.”

HONEYMOON by Lana Del Rey (insp.)