Honeymoon in Italy

It was late in the afternoon when the not-so-newlywed couple arrived at the international portkey station in Rome, ready to start their two week long honeymoon around Italy. She’d never been there and was excited to see all the beautiful buildings, art and history of the country, while Ron was mostly excited about the Italian food and icecream. “Here we are… let me just find our intinerary … and take the suitcase out of the bag, we can’t arrive at the hotel without a suitcase, do you have your passport?”

The Famous #FollowMeTo Couple Recently Posted Their Honeymoon Photos

Russian couple from Instagram, Murad Osmann have garnered over 3 million followers after posting photos of his then girlfriend and Natalia Osmann (now wife) leading him around the world since 2011. After years together, the couple recently posted images from their wedding and honeymoon to Las Vegas. After the success of their stunning and love-filled journey, they decided to publish a book Follow Me To: A Journey around the World Through the Eyes of Two Ordinary Travelers  on Amazon with more breath-taking photos. 

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Lana Del Rey - Honeymoon

With interest in Lana Del Rey’s upcoming album “Honeymoon” at a fever pitch, it can’t be surprising that the title track has sprung a leak. It’s really, really good. This will do nothing to diminish the anticipation.

Our honeymoon...

There are violets in your eyes: Taurus, Libra & Aquarius

There are guns that blaze around you: Aries, Virgo & Sagittarius

There are roses in between my thighs: Cancer, Capricorn & Pisces

And fire that surrounds you: Leo, Gemini & Scorpio

Lana Del Rey’s ‘Honeymoon’ Debuts at No. 1 on Billboard + Twitter Top Tracks

Lana Del Rey emerged from the shadows this week to release “Honeymoon,” which bows at No. 1 on the Billboard + Twitter Top Tracks chart dated Aug. 1. The singer unveiled the song on July 14 via YouTube and her social networks, noting it serves as the title track from her upcoming fourth studio album. Honeymoonfollows 2014’s Ultraviolence, which became the singer’s first No. 1 album on theBillboard 200. Del Rey’s resurgence prompts a boost in her social activity, with Twitter mentions up to 83,300 for the week ending July 19, according to Next Big Sound – a surge of 495 percent.