Lana Del Rey photographed alongside Neil Krug by Chuck Grant behind the scenes of a promotional shoot for Honeymoon in July of 2015.

I’m so happy to finally be able to finally be able to share this!!

This was my piece for Gold Medal: A Yuuri on Ice Fanbook (featuring only Latin American artists woo!!)

The’re strolling down Coyoacán (the municipality in Mexico City where my mom grew up, and where I spent most of my childhood holidays), with pecked paper hanging over them (one of my favorite Mexican aesthetics). They’re both wearing Otomí embroidered shirts (Victor is wearing a belt as well), which is my favorite indigenous textile pattern, and embroidered wrist-bands with their names on it (a very silly Mexican souvenir you can get at mercaditos). 
Victor is having a bollo (they have other names in the rest of the country, but we call them that way in Monterrey), which is basically ice cream in a plastic bag. I added this bc it’s a thing you see almost everywhere, and Yuuri is having an elotito with spicy chile. Because elotitos are the best  (っ˘ڡ˘ς)

I hope you like it!! 

  • me: I am fine and focussed on my own goddamn life
  • me, at night, eyes snapping open: Lana Del Rey wrote a song named "Terrence Loves You" for her album "Honeymoon". Said song references David Bowie's "Space Oddity". David Bowie had a half-brother named Terence, who suffered from schizophrenia and who he was very attached to as a kid. He was also the one who turned David's interest at an early age towards jazz. Due to David being fearful he might be schizophrenic himself and general fear of mental illness that ran in his family, the two brothers lost touch after David witnessed Terry worsening and checking himself into a mental hospital. They never quite reunited before Terry's suicide in January 1985. The line "and I lost myself, and I lost you, too, but I still got jazz, when I've got the blues", might be meant as spoken from Terry's perspective.