Pantone smoothie 727u, Peanut butter Toffee. Yes. You deserve some yummy-ness in your life. Wanna try the goodness? Here’s how. 


⅓ cup @KURAnutrition Chocolate whey protein

½  cup vanilla soy milk

½  banana

2-3 tbsp peanut butter

1 tbsp honey

3 Chocolate Squares, 85%


Mix it all with a few ice cubes. Then let’s go all in and top it off with whipped tofu cream, dark chocolate sprinkles and banana bits. 



Who doesn’t need a healthy purple drank in their life. Start your week with pantone smoothie 7661c, very blackberry. Made with yogurt, fresh berries, creamy almond butter and a boost of @kuranutrition berry protein.


 ⅓ cup @KURAnutrition Berry whey protein

⅓  cup blackberries

½  cup almond milk

1 tbsp creamy almond butter

1 tbsp honey

Mint for garnish


Put it all in there. Add some ice. Blend. Garnish with some fresh mint leafs.


This is my babygirl, my Honeybee sis.
We’ve not see each other for quite some time.
and finally, today.. there were these smiley faces…


for the first time, our no make-up faces is exposed
(-_-) ok lets just scratch that.
I wanna say, these are taken naturally. No camera tricks or phtshop. Bare faces..

a reblogged of posts (1, 2, 3) and made into video with a bit of extra pictures of the “You’re My Pet” parody post.
i gotta say this was our best photoshoot we done so far. It took us 3hrs to capture all pictures (there are approximately 50+ pics) and took me almost few hours to edit. posting this as reminisce of our moments because i miss her.
Hope it cheer you up a lil'bit, sis♥


Away We HappenedWongFu Productions

Honey sis gave the link to me before she went to S'gpore..
i remember i told her i’ll watch it when i have nothing to do and that she’s not online/here.. and i miss her lot and more that ever today..
so i just watched it..
and it is a very nice short story indeed ~

..actually its a unique web series which the audience decide what will happen. oh well, the voting is waaaay over but that doesnt mean we can’t watch right?
Please do enjoy it because i find meaningful stuff within..

change change change..

Honey sis totally ran thru all my stuff that can be seen in my room and guess what..
she strongly suggested that i tumblr this down..

yea.. i have not clean or even check or use any of this since i moved to this new house ~ thus, the garbage..
and so that explained why i bought so many cutex.LOL.