I wish

I wish I could tell you just how much you mean to me.
I wish you could understand how much it saddens me when you’re hurt and I can’t be there to kiss the pain away.
I wish I could explain why I love you so much.
I wish you knew that it was you, imperfections and all, that I fell in love with.

I don’t care if you’re battered and scarred, your scars have made you the strong woman you are today.
I don’t care if you think you don’t deserve anything, if anyone on this earth deserves better, it’s you.
I don’t care if you stain my favorite shirt with your tears, if you stain my favorite shirt, it doesn’t matter because you are more important to me than any of my material possessions.

I want to be with you every day, and I wish you knew how I feel during each long day I go without you.
I want to spend my life with you, side by side. Not only as lovers, but as a couple, as parents.
I want to marry you, raise our children with you, and live out my days with your fingers laced in mine.

I wish you knew that every time you push me, I take a step closer.
I wish I could stand and face my problems and accept your help, in stead of running and hiding them away.
I wish you were with me right now so I could wrap my arms around you and feel whole again.
I wish you knew that losing you, would be the death of me.