Hii! 1 YEAR AGO.. 2nd June 2016 I created this blog and it was one of the best things i ever did..it wasn’t my first blog here on tumblr but i am so glad that i had the chance to share so many things with you and be part of this wonderful fandom and meet such amazing people so here i am making my first follow forever to tell you how much i appreciate and love each one of you thank you 💖💖 !!! faves:in italic

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Hello there lovely people. This is my first follow forever as i reached my goal and i wanted to thank you all for making 2016 somewhat bearable and making me happy and feel loved. Also thank you for dealing with me (and my petty ass) <3

lets get to it ! it’ll be in alphabetic order and my favs will be bolded :)


@1dwhom , @16isinlovewith18 , @2k17lou


@acelou @acelouies @acetheticlouis @almightytwink @arabibi @angellou
@bearfootlou @beautlouis
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Hope i didn’t forget anyone and if i did please tell me and i’ll add you :) <3

anhcor’s 2k follow forever!! its been a long time coming but anyway– here’s my favourite blogs of the year!! thank you so much for following tolerating, loving me and everyone should definitely check out those on this list!! i love you + your blogs very much!! 

//im sorry if I forget anyone!!//

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Merry Christmas, everyone~ ♥

also yes there’s Santa Orc Cameo from DN

inspired by this prompt from @otpprompts​; art by @honeyf​  (commissioned as usual cough); storyline and typeset by me; some of DL’s dialogues by @raelatte owo

first time typesetting so forgive me if the text layout’s weird _(:3 and I still can’t believe the drawings are done manually, Hanif /SHOT/ jk

More info on the story under read more o.o/

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