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Anon Request: Favourite food / Comfort food of your choice of heroes?

I loved this prompt, especially since it gave me the chance to look up food from other cultures. If anything is inaccurate or want to ask me something, message me. I hope you like this!

Warning for food mention.


• Being a Southern boy, McCree loves comfort food. It reminds him of home, and he loves anything homemade. However, his favorite would have to be flaky biscuits smothered in honey. Though he loves biscuits and gravy, the flaky texture of these biscuits mixed with honey beat them out by a mile. They’re a mess to eat, but he can’t imagine a day without them.


• Widowmaker’s favorite food is ratatouille. Not the kind you see in the actual movie, but the rustic kind her family used to make. It’s more heartfelt and has more love mixed into it. She tried the more elegant version in the restaurant, but she found that it didn’t have the same nostalgia it once did. Though she hasn’t has it in a while, it still brings her joy to think about it.

Soldier 76:

• I see Soldier 76 being a burger and fries guy. He loves the classic and doesn’t like to deviate from that (though McCree managed to convince him to try a ranch burger with cheese in the middle). He likes homemade burgers with home cut fries just made. Soldier 76 tends to drown his fries with ketchup, but he doesn’t want too much on his burger. He’s a simple guy with simple tastes.


• Having a huge sweet tooth, Tracer’s favorite food is something sweet. They’re called Sherbet Fountains, and she used to eat them a lot has a kid. She remembered begging her parents for them and how wonderful it was to have them. However, they don’t really have them in America. What America has is called Fun Dip, but it isn’t nearly as good as the treat from her home.


• There is one treat that Hanzo loves actually doesn’t come from Japan. During a simple trip to the city with a few teammates, he was convinced to eat some cheesecake from one of the shops. He loved the taste of it and found the texture wonderful. After that, he would eat it at random intervals, sometimes trying to sneak it in when no one else was around.  He likes it simple, but he isn’t afraid to venture into something more flavorful.


• A favorite treat of Genji’s would be Onigiri. He had it when he was young and would devour them in a short period of time. They remind him of childhood, even now. Even though it isn’t as easy to find these treats in America, he does discover little shops that do sell them. He even attempted to make it one time, but that didn’t work very well…especially since he let Junkrat, Lúcio, and D.Va help. It turned into a mess of rice and other foods.


• When he was still Gabriel Reyes, he loved Tacos de Carnitas. It was a popular street food that he had a lot growing up, and he was in love with them from the first time he had them. After he became Reaper, he will occasionally venture toward the food trucks that happen to fill the city, and he finds the food from his childhood. Despite not filling him the way it used to, he still loves them and will indulge them sometimes.


FredThomasTV | Something About This Biscuit

If you love Whataburger, specifically the Honey Butter Chicken Biscuit, listen to this gospel.

I feel blessed. He touched my soul with this song 🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼


So this weekend we were at Samsara with o0pinkshadow0o and gre3nstyle and I think this is one of the most beautiful tea houses in Cluj. It has many different-looking rooms, but this one is my favourite: it is dark and painted with flourescent paint, lit with UV-lights. The music is always relaxing and you can drink many-many types of tea. You can also ask for different types of waterpipe and sit on comfy pillows and bean bag chairs. 

The pictures are made by me so please reblog with the credit :)

source: lifeincluj


#ByeByeBaoBao by Smithsonian’s National Zoo
Via Flickr:
Photo Credit: Adam Mason, Smithsonian’s National Zoo Feb. 16, 2017 In this photo: Bao Bao received a Smithsonian-themed enrichment box containing honey and leaf-eater biscuits, which are some of her favorite treats. # # #

TGI - ep 14
  • “jack, this got dark”
  • “except for roland, he’s getting a colonoscopy. which is guess is its own form of exploration”
  • “mason, you got a package. i shook it. it’s not a cat.” same
  • “is this an interveention? because i don’t steal. that much.”
  • mason’s squeal omfg
  • “i wonder how long i can hold my breath?” *gasps* “not long”
  • “here, you feel something?” “yeah. deeply uncomfortable.”
  • “with this stuff, you’ll never have a dry biscuit” paul honey………..no
  • “rachel, this is a shapeshifter that has taken the form of clark”
  • “i hope you find this gouda as good-a as we do.”
  • “moms are the best, right?” “i know one thing they’re better than.” both: “dads!”
  • im sure this has been said before but jack and mason’s height difference is ridiculous
  • “the bar was set pretty low, but you found some shovels and tunnelled underneath it”
  • “you can meet crazy kathy - that bitch was on the news!” 
Hush Little Baby.

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REQUEST: Hi what if the reader was from another smaller group with a baby and I’m getting baby stuff at the same time as Carl and we surprise each other and point our guys at each other then the reader tells him to get down and he does and the reader saves him from a zombie?? Then they find their groups arguing and have to calm everyone down?? Just an idea, you’re a really good writer.

FANDOM: Carl Grimes [The Walking Dead]


TAGS: swearing, guns, zombies, Y/N names her child Tommy

I can’t make him stop crying. Poor Tommy but all I could do is cradle him while searching helplessly in the abandoned shopping store. It looked rusty and old but it was helpful. I went aisle by aisle but all I could see were bugs and even spotted a raccoon munching on a box of honey biscuits. 

This was ridiculous! Tommy needed food and more clothes and I needed food myself.

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Honey and Lavender

Hi there, @mattmurdockmypay!  I’m your SnowBaz Secret Valentine, and here’s a fic I wrote just for you.  Sorry it’s a little late (it’s still Valentine’s Day somewhere!).  

The idea for this fic grew and grew and grew, not unlike a loaf in a proving drawer, until it was too huge to be contained in a short fic.  So here’s one day in the life of GBBO SnowBaz.  Hopefully more will come in the future (including Simon making black and white cookies during biscuit week).  

Honey and Lavender

Summary: It’s that thing where Simon and Baz meet for the first time as contestants on the Great British Bake Off.  You know.  That thing.

Week 1: Cakes

“Marie Antoinette famously said, ‘let them eat cake.’  And this week, we quite agree.”

“Without the messy political connotations, of course.  Please don’t write in.”

“I have tried to become monarch of Great British Bake Off, with limited success.”

“I’d vote for you.”

“Sue, you don’t vote for queens.”

“Fine then.  I’ll become king and change the rules and vote you in.”

The boy at the station to Baz’s right is a total mess.  A complete fucking nightmare.  He’s all sudden movements and frantic dashes and constant apologies for dropping things.  

Which he has done.  A lot.  They’re barely 30 minutes into the showstopper and there have already been a lifetime of mistakes.  Broken glassware, inexplicably far-flung scrapers, endless mixer mishaps.  

He was erratic during the signature and technical challenges yesterday, but this is an entirely new level of incompetence.  It genuinely feels as if he’s actively trying to be bad at everything.  

Which is fine, because less competition for Baz.  But the part that’s less fine: Baz can’t take his eyes off of the boy.  And it is seriously destroying his chill.  

Baz hasn’t bothered to learn names.  It’s a chore, pretending to care about strangers, and he doesn’t have the energy to play nice.  Still, he has to call them something, so he takes a perverse pleasure in creative labeling.  Woman With Too Many Jars. Man With Parchment Paper Fetish. Lady Most Likely to Burn Things.  Novelty Bow Tie Guy.

This boy, though.  This walking disaster defies snarky nicknames.  Everything Baz thinks of (Boy He’d Most Like to Pin Up Against a Wall; Boy Who Makes Him Feel Both Dizzy and Disgusted; Boy Who Probably Tastes Like Strawberries) is more distracting than helpful.

He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Allowed-Near-Glass-Jars actually isn’t half bad, but it’s wordy.

Baz pulls his attention back to his mixer just in time to save his butter from over creaming.  And it’s a good job too - he’s watched the boy beat his butter into an oily mess three times before finally getting it right.  If Baz did the same, he’d lose all right to feel superior to the boy.  And it feels amazing to know he’s empirically better than at least one person in the competition right now.

Even if the person he feels better than just so happens to be the person he most wants to pull behind the tent and snog until his lips are sore.  

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