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Tea Vocabulary in Romanian

I adore tea more than life itself so I was quick to make a tea vocab list in my new target language, română <3 let me know if I need to make any corrections!

  • tea : ceai 
  • mug : cană 
  • teapot : ceainic 
  • cup of tea : ceașcă de ceai
  • water : apă
  • green tea : ceai verde
  • black tea : ceai negru 
  • ginger tea : ceai de ghimbir
  • herbal tea : ceai de plante 
  • red tea : ceai roșu 
  • iced tea : ceai cu gheață 
  • mint tea : ceai de mentă 
  • tea bag : pliculeţ de ceai 
  • tea leaf : frunze de ceai 
  • tea caddy : cutie de ceai 
  • tea infuser : strecurătoare
  • tea garden : terasă de luat ceaiul 
  • tea shop : ceainărie
  • tea strainer : strecurătoare de ceai 
  • tea tray : tavă pentru servit ceaiul 
  • to infuse : a infuza
  • to boil : a pune la fiert, a fierbe
  • to drink : a bea 
  • to pour : a turna
  • to sip : a sorbi
  • to enjoy : a se bucura
  • to read tea leaves : a citi în frunze de ceai 
  • strong : puternic
  • weak : diluat
  • hot : fierbinte 
  • cold : rece 
  • sweet : dulce 
  • bitter : amar 
  • sugar : zahăr 
  • milk : lapte
  • cream : frișcă 
  • lemon : lămâie 
  • honey : miere 
  • cookie/biscuit : fursec 
  • sandwich : sandviş
a niall horan oneshot

Summer Camp

pairing: Niall/OFC

word count: 22,554 

warnings: sexually explicit content

Niall Horan was what one would call a cocky asshole. A loud, brash, outspoken and unapologetic cocky asshole who could either make your life a living hell or, in my case, give you the best summer of your life.

The first time I saw him was at Camp Counselor arrival day, about three days before the four week camp actually began. Being as this was my first time ever being a camp counselor, I really had no idea what to expect, but I eagerly unloaded my bags and puffed the fallen hair out of my face. I could see a crowd of people gathered over by a huge flagpole and I struggled a bit as I lugged my belongings over to join the big group of counselors. Everyone else had already arrived it seemed, the camp director shouting out a few instructions from his stance at the front, and I stopped at the very back of the group, dropping my bags at my feet with a sigh. My head twisted as two other people that had walked up caught my attention and I watched as they went around to the opposite side of the huddle, immediately engaging in conversation with some of the other counselors standing there.

Knitting my brows, I took a timid glance around and quickly realized that I knew not a single soul but everyone else seemed to already be friends, the thought making me gulp back a deep breath. This was going to be a long four weeks for sure.

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taylor sapphirestump’s i needed to do something to feel productive masterpost, seven ish hours after finally giving in to the anons asking for a second one !! have fun kids ok, remember to tag this as food and bookmark for rainy days !!

movies (be sure to check their imdb page for smth that may be triggering)

10 things i hate about you // 21 jump street // 40 year old virgin // 300 // adventureland // akeelah and the bee // aladdin // alice in wonderland // american beauty // american pie // avatar // the avengers // back to the future // back to the future part II // back to the future part III // batman begins // batman: the dark knight // beetlejuice  // black swan // blair witch project // the breakfast club // camp rock // cinderella  // a clockwork orange // cloud atlas // clueless // corpse bride // crybaby // dark shadows // dead poets society // django unchained // donnie darko // easy a // edward scissorhands // the emperor’s new groove // eternal sunshine of the spotless mind // fantasia // fight club // forrest gump // freaky friday // girl interrupted // grease // hairspray // the hangover // harry potter masterpost // heathers // the help // high school musical // hocus pocus  // home alone  // horror movie masterpost // how to train your dragon // the hunger games // ice age // inception // indiana jones and the temple of doom // indiana jones and the last crusade // iron man // jackass // jaws // juno // jurassic park // kick ass // leo dicaprio masterpost // les miserables // lilo and stitch // the little mermaid // lolita (tw rape, pedophilia) // madagascar // mean girls // men in black // mulan // monsters inc. // monsters university // monty python and the holy grail // musicals masterpost // napolean dynamite // nick and norah’s infinite playlist // nightmare before christmas // oz the great and powerful // paranormal documentaries masterpost // the parent trap // perks of being a wallflower // peter pan // pitch perfect // the princess and the frog // the princess bride // pulp fiction // rocky horror picture show // romeo and juliet // scott pilgrim vs. the world // school of rock // shrek // sixteen candles // skyfall // snow white // the social network // space jam // studio ghibli masterpost // the suicide room // super 8 // suckerpunch // tangled // titanic // teen movie masterpost // trainspotting // toy story // toy story 2 // toy story 3 // v for vendetta // wall-e // wreck-it ralph // zombie movies masterpost // zombieland


this site has a lot of stuff and this one has like every anime ever


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breakfast // no-bake energy bars // vegan french toast // banana pops // breakfast wrap // fairy porrige // vegan pancakes // spinach and eggs // baked eggs with red sauce and greens // honey butter chicken biscuits // chocolate waffles // pizza omlette // cinnamon sugar french toast sticks // no stove pancake mug // cheesy bagels // whole wheat greek yogurt pancakes // lunch and dinner // pizza bites // some type of tasty looking casserole ? // parsely pesto pasta // stuffed aubergine boats // sausage and mushroom risotto // tortilla soup // deep dish chocolate chip cookie (this can SO be dinner shut up) // crab cakes // blue cheese drop biscuits // coconut chicken soup // cowboy steaks // asian chicken bites // chorizo oil prawn linguine // grilled egplant and roasted red pepper sandwich // ten commandments of PASTA // asparagus white bean pesto pasta // crossaints + words i cant spell // snacks // spice up your hot chocolate // butterbeer recipe // 100 cal snacks // snacks for clean eating // sweet potato fries // peanut butter milkshake // strawberry banana ice cream // cinnamon carrot chips with honey yogurt dip // parmesan roasted broccoli // greek salad skewers // dressed up popcorn // buffalo chicken dip // baked apple chips // fried sweet plantains // coconut milk whipped cream // zuccini + cheese // fruit dip // dessert // ice cream sandwich // magic cocoa recipe // triple chocolate mousse cake // cake batter ice cream // mini chocolate chip muffins // easy baked doughnuts // chocolate pie // almond joy smoothie milkshake // raw strawberry cheesecake // white chocolate mousse cupcake // toasted coconut chocolate chip cookies // cinnamon rolls (gluten free) // mug cakes // mini pumpkin cheesecakes // more cupcakes // red velvet chocolate swirled brownie bars // chocolate and pomegranate cake

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anonymous asked:

So I tried recipe out of the GoT cookbook that might appeal to a lot of kinfolk-- honey biscuits! Pretty much your average pastry dough (rub in butter to flour until coarse crumb texture + cold water just enough to hold it together) cut into circles (or any shape tbh, I tried 2 shaped cookie cutters and they held up beautifully), fried in a little bit of oil or butter until light brown, and then drizzled with hot honey and cinnamon. Very easy on the stomach, and took like 10 minutes to make!

Wow! Those sound amazing! I never thought about using shaped cookie cutters for biscuits and now I want only heart shaped biscuits forever! XD

Thank you for the recipe, I’ll definitely have to try these. ♥


So this weekend we were at Samsara with o0pinkshadow0o and gre3nstyle and I think this is one of the most beautiful tea houses in Cluj. It has many different-looking rooms, but this one is my favourite: it is dark and painted with flourescent paint, lit with UV-lights. The music is always relaxing and you can drink many-many types of tea. You can also ask for different types of waterpipe and sit on comfy pillows and bean bag chairs. 

The pictures are made by me so please reblog with the credit :)

source: lifeincluj

Anon Request: Favourite food / Comfort food of your choice of heroes?

I loved this prompt, especially since it gave me the chance to look up food from other cultures. If anything is inaccurate or want to ask me something, message me. I hope you like this!

Warning for food mention.


• Being a Southern boy, McCree loves comfort food. It reminds him of home, and he loves anything homemade. However, his favorite would have to be flaky biscuits smothered in honey. Though he loves biscuits and gravy, the flaky texture of these biscuits mixed with honey beat them out by a mile. They’re a mess to eat, but he can’t imagine a day without them.


• Widowmaker’s favorite food is ratatouille. Not the kind you see in the actual movie, but the rustic kind her family used to make. It’s more heartfelt and has more love mixed into it. She tried the more elegant version in the restaurant, but she found that it didn’t have the same nostalgia it once did. Though she hasn’t has it in a while, it still brings her joy to think about it.

Soldier 76:

• I see Soldier 76 being a burger and fries guy. He loves the classic and doesn’t like to deviate from that (though McCree managed to convince him to try a ranch burger with cheese in the middle). He likes homemade burgers with home cut fries just made. Soldier 76 tends to drown his fries with ketchup, but he doesn’t want too much on his burger. He’s a simple guy with simple tastes.


• Having a huge sweet tooth, Tracer’s favorite food is something sweet. They’re called Sherbet Fountains, and she used to eat them a lot has a kid. She remembered begging her parents for them and how wonderful it was to have them. However, they don’t really have them in America. What America has is called Fun Dip, but it isn’t nearly as good as the treat from her home.


• There is one treat that Hanzo loves actually doesn’t come from Japan. During a simple trip to the city with a few teammates, he was convinced to eat some cheesecake from one of the shops. He loved the taste of it and found the texture wonderful. After that, he would eat it at random intervals, sometimes trying to sneak it in when no one else was around.  He likes it simple, but he isn’t afraid to venture into something more flavorful.


• A favorite treat of Genji’s would be Onigiri. He had it when he was young and would devour them in a short period of time. They remind him of childhood, even now. Even though it isn’t as easy to find these treats in America, he does discover little shops that do sell them. He even attempted to make it one time, but that didn’t work very well…especially since he let Junkrat, Lúcio, and D.Va help. It turned into a mess of rice and other foods.


• When he was still Gabriel Reyes, he loved Tacos de Carnitas. It was a popular street food that he had a lot growing up, and he was in love with them from the first time he had them. After he became Reaper, he will occasionally venture toward the food trucks that happen to fill the city, and he finds the food from his childhood. Despite not filling him the way it used to, he still loves them and will indulge them sometimes.

"You're lucky you're my daughter and I love you enough to go along with this charade."

Aurora pinched her eyebrows together as she stares up at her daddy. She take the miniature porcelain tea cup from his hand and pushed away her mommy’s homemade beignets.

“You’re lucky I invited you to my tea party. Not everyone can get in you know.” The young hybrid sassily told her grouch of a father.

The Original couldn’t help but to chuckle at his princess’ narrowed glare and furrowed tiny eyebrows. “You’re right.” He pulled his little one into his arms and kissed her dimpled cheek. “I am honored you invited me to your extravagant tea party.” Aurora pushed her lip out into a pout, not believing her daddy sugar coated words. Klaus poked her bottom lip playfully. “There’s no need for that. Put that away.” Aurora did as her daddy said, but still on the oust with him.

Klaus turned her around so her back was pressed against his chest and placed his chin on her tiny shoulder. “I love the spread you laid out for us. It almost looks like mommy’s when she have tea with her coven or your godmother.”

Aurora turned to her daddy, eyes sparkling with excitement when he mentioned the resemblance to her mother’s fine China. “Mommy had asked the craftsmen, Mr. Meng, to make me the same China sets she has for my tea parties.”

“Did you say thank you to Mr. Meng for making them for you?”

Aurora nodded her head. “Mhmm. He said I could come to his shop next time mommy pick up her next set. He said I could pick a pattern and he’ll make a tea set for my birthday.”

“Then you should make him one of your special flower arrangements you like to make, to show him your gratitude.”

The little one gasped liking the idea. “Can I, daddy?”

“You have to ask your mother if you could pick some flowers from her garden.”

“I can ask mommy to help me make treats for Mrs. Meng so she can have some with her afternoon tea she has with mommy when she visits.”

Klaus kissed the top of her daughter’s head. “That’s a brilliant idea. Now,” He nudged his little girl forward. “May I have some tea, please?”

Aurora placed the tea cup in front of him and placed a saucer plate with miniature buttermilk biscuits and crumpets. “You wants some honey for your biscuits, daddy?”

“No thank you, sweetheart. Can I pour you some tea?”

“Yes you may.” She tucked her tea dress Aunt Gigi brought her and sat down between her daddy and Mrs. Cuddles. “Can you pour some for Mrs. Cuddles too?”

“Of course.” Klaus finished pouring his daughter’s tea then moved to Mrs. Cuddles’ cup.

“Don’t forget Mr. Cuddles.”

Klaus inwardly cringed. He side eyed the chocolate brown bear next to Mrs. Cuddles. He hated that bear. Not the actual bear but the person who brought the stuffed creature.

“Sweetheart, I’m sure Mr. Cuddles doesn’t want any tea. Perhaps a juice box.”

Aurora folded her tiny arms over her chest. “Daddy, we talked about this.” And they did at least twenty times. This was the twenty first. “Mrs. Cuddles have to be with Mr. Cuddles.”

“He doesn’t.” He didn’t mean to sound firm but he was annoyed with the thing. His reason for hating it was -

“But Mr. Damon brought it for me.”

THAT! That was the reason!

Damon Salvatore brought his daughter (with out his permission!) the damn bear for her third birthday. Aurora went through the roof when the Salvatore pulled out the stuff animal. What made it worse was she had gotten the bear after Klaus gave her his present, which was a white gold charm bracelet.

He watched in horror as his daughter dropped the charm bracelet on the couch to run to the vile thing. It was as if time slowed down. It was torture.

“She ran to it, Bonnie.” Klaus complained to wife that night in the sanctuary of their bedroom. “Ran to it.”

“Nik, if you don’t let me and our baby sleep in peace, I’ll put you through your final death.” He didn’t, of course. Marriage was a wonderful thing.

Aurora never parted with the bear since she got it and Klaus hated it. “Love, what happened to the one I brought you?”

Aurora frowned deeper. “He’s in my room.”

“Don’t you think little Klaus deserve some tea too?”

“His name is NOT little Klaus. His name is Wolfkin and he’s not allowed to have tea with us.”

Klaus brows furrowed. “Why not?”

“Because he bit Mr. Cuddles.”

“Did he really?” Klaus didn’t even pretend to hide his smile.

“It’s not funny, daddy. Mr. Cuddles was in the hospital for weeks. He barely survived.”

Serves the bear right, the Original thought.

“Daddy, are you still upset that Wolfkins and Mrs. Cuddles got a divorce?”

Klaus pouted that rivalled his little girl’s. “Maybe.” He muttered lowly.

Aurora huffed but stood from her seat to wrap her tiny arms around Klaus’ neck. “Silly, daddy. You already got your Mrs. Cuddles.”

That made the hybrid shake with hollering laughter. His little girl knew him so well, all his children did. How did a monster like him ever get such precious treasures as his four little ones?

Klaus held Aurora closer and kissed the top of her dark curls. He breathed in deeply taking in her scent. She smelled of sunlight and wild flowers. She was in her mother’s garden today.

Another chuckle shook through him making Aurora body can shake with him. “You’re right, sweetheart. But do you know who you are to me?”

Aurora leaned away from him to stare up at her daddy. “I’m your little princess.”


“Little lady bug.”


“Apple cheeks.”

“Your Cousin Lulu is the only one that calls you that. What else?”

Aurora took a moment to think about it puffing her cheeks out. “Oh!”

“Figured it out, did you?” She nodded her head. “What is it?”

“I’m daddy’s little girl!”

“Correct.” Klaus stood from seat and brought his little one with him. “Let’s get your mother and siblings to join us for tea.”

“Okay, daddy.” Aurora tucked her head in between her father’s chin.

Klaus turned to leave his study but not before he sneakily kick Mr. Cuddles off his chair. At the last minute Aurora seen the injured bear on the floor.

“Daddy, Mr. Cuddles fell off his chair!”

“He’ll survive. Besides,” Klaus looked down at her. “He survived a werewolf bite.”

“That’s true.” Aurora laid back on her daddy’s shoulder clutching his fuzzy sweater. “Mr. Cuddles gone through worse to protect Mrs. Cuddles.”

Klaus arched his eyebrow. “He didn’t have my bite yet.”

Aurora sprung her head up with a face that would have put the fear of God in him. He have seen that expression many times from his wife. His daughter have perfected the scowl in her early age. Bonnie would be proud.

“Daddy, stop it.”

Klaus snickered evilly into his daughter’s hair. “No promises, sweetheart.” He kissed her little button nose. “I can get quite jealous.”

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Hush Little Baby.

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REQUEST: Hi what if the reader was from another smaller group with a baby and I’m getting baby stuff at the same time as Carl and we surprise each other and point our guys at each other then the reader tells him to get down and he does and the reader saves him from a zombie?? Then they find their groups arguing and have to calm everyone down?? Just an idea, you’re a really good writer.

FANDOM: Carl Grimes [The Walking Dead]


TAGS: swearing, guns, zombies, Y/N names her child Tommy

I can’t make him stop crying. Poor Tommy but all I could do is cradle him while searching helplessly in the abandoned shopping store. It looked rusty and old but it was helpful. I went aisle by aisle but all I could see were bugs and even spotted a raccoon munching on a box of honey biscuits. 

This was ridiculous! Tommy needed food and more clothes and I needed food myself.

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Honey Biscuits


The day had dragged by hour by hour. When he had left the gas station he had stopped by the bar and managed to win himself about fifty bucks before the dude had gotten pissed that he had been hustled and started throwing punches. He’d lucked out, then again maybe he hadn’t depending on how you looked at it, and gotten punched in the same eye that was already swelled over. John had a good laugh at him when he had gotten home but he had at least managed to make it to his room without incident, the money he had earned hidden in his boots, a package of biscuits he managed to get from the store

Sadly he hadn’t made it to the store before the head ache kicked in. He was already six Tylenol deep and nothing was touching it. He spent most of his night half sleeping, half drifting propped up against the door to his room while John raged down stairs. There would be moments of the tv blaring, day time television. Too much news, too many commercials, too many ads for the injured. He was sure he had heard someone else at some point in the day but he hadn’t woke up enough to really pay attention. When he woke up a few hours later it was to John knocking on his door, screaming from the other side.

It was his normal fits of rage brought on by PTSD and too much drinking. Within the hour he was passed out somewhere in the house and Dean was able to get a few more hours of sleep in before the dark in his room woke him up.

Stretching his arms and legs he stood up pulling on his jeans and an old Zeppelin t-shirt, along with a worn red flannel and his boots before he pulled open the door. The house was quiet, the hallway empty and he could feel a spark of hope that maybe just maybe John was out for the night. It was early still, around 8:30, the last dregs of sun, filtering through the bare windows and down along the stairs, painting the room in a weird pinkish gray darkness.

When he reached the bottom of the stair he noticed that the truck was gone from the driveway which meant he was alone for now. Making his way to the kitchen he pulled out the biscuits he had hidden in the fridge and a pan from the over, kicking it on. The small of the oven alone had his stomach growling and he thought that maybe he could order him and Cas a pizza tonight. The cheap place was open late and he had a few bucks to spare.

A quick shower and change of clothes later had him pulling the pan from the oven and dropping the biscuits into the cleanest bag he could find. He was sure it just had bread in it last week from the food Bobby had brought over. Judging by the smashed jar of something on the wall it looked like he had been back today. Stuffing the bag in his jacket pocket he left the house, swinging by the shed in the bad to look, sure enough bobby had dropped off some food, John never went out there so he was fine to leave it till he got back. If Bobby was over today it meant John would be gone for a week or so. It was how it always happened. Sometimes he thought Bobby did it on purpose. He was thankful for that. John wasn’t dumb enough to hit his brother.

Grabbing his bike he made his way to the gas station dropping it by the place they had been sitting the night before and walked inside. It looked like he was actually in the middle of a small rush, so Dean occupied himself with pursing the aisles, giving him a small waive when he caught his attention a soft “hey” leaving his lips.