honeyed beans

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Milk Tea for Imbolc

(I don’t do measurements)

Cinnamon (a little goes a LONG way)
Vanilla Bean (or extract)
Honey (or maple syrup)
Milk (can use coconut if not dairy)

Carefully heat milk together with lavender in a small pan on the stove for about 10 minutes (watch so it doesn’t boil over).  
Strain out lavender and discard.  
Whisk in the honey and vanilla bean (or extract).  
Pour into a serving cup, top with a dash of cinnamon and a few lavender buds (optional).

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get to know me meme [5/30 male characters]: Miles Hollingsworth

“It’s just a bunch of crap. You don’t want to know how we feel. When people ask you to express your feelings, they don’t mean your actual feelings they mean the feelings that they want you to have because people can’t deal with dark or scary or weird. They want you to smile and say ‘Yeah, I’m fine. Everything’s great,’ because then they can just go on with their boring lives and never think about you again.”