harry potter rated by references to chocolate
  • philosopher's stone: First introduction into chocolate for Harry after a life with the Dursleys. Harry's first birthday cake was chocolate. + Hagrid gave him a chocolate/raspberry ice cream at Fortescue's. ALSO CHOCOLATE FROGS EVERYWHERE. They are big plot point too! a sturdy introduction: 8/10
  • chamber of secrets: Hermione savagely uses chocolate cake to trick Crabbe and Goyle. But, most importantly, if Dumbledore wasn't getting hot chocolate Colin Creevey would have probably died. proving again, chocolate saves lives. A steaming book for hot chocolate with 3 mentions. decent: 5/10
  • prisoner of azkaban: absolute PEAK. A whooping 27 references. A chocolate reference every 9 pages! Honeydukes is introduced!!! "Hundreds of different kinds of chocolate in neat rows", Slabs and bars galore! + chocolate is canonly used as a remedy for sadness!! chocolate queen™, remus Lupin helps the cause with his generous handing out of chocolate. Also, Pomfrey even provided a boulder sized block, complete with a hammer to collect chunks, ingenious. EVEN THE MINISTER FOR MAGIC insisted on Harry having chocolate! -5 points because Harry says he's sick of chocolate ate the end. Yet, still a solid 11/10
  • goblet of fire: The Fat Lady makes an excellent choice by getting drunk off chocolate liqueurs, a+ example of combining chocolate and alcohol. Ron got some chocolate from Hagrid for having a sneaky lil niffler... the BIGGEST disappointment is Molly Weasley sending Hermione a tiny chocolate egg instead of a dragon sized one like harry and ron because of a Rita Skeeter™ rumour she's with Krum and Harry?? like wtff a grown ass woman almost made a child cry because of their passive aggressive chocolate giving 1/10
  • order of the phoenix: Hermione gave two boxes of chocolate for Harry's birthday, but teenage angst™ harry throws them out. Poor form m8. Also, he has a weird dream about Cedric, Cho and chocolate frogs?? Why bro. Additionally, Harry and Ginny have a romantical moment as she gives him chocolate... Before Madam Pince screams "CHOCOLATE IN THE LIBRARY- OUT- OUT!" Classic choco madness! Overall, a wild ride on the chocolate train. maybe too wild. im going with a 6/10
  • half-blood prince: Romilda Vane tried to spike Harry through chocolate cauldrons -30 points... Furthermore, Tom Riddle kills Hepzibah Smith with hot cocoa and uses that death to make a horcrux. An absolute shocker! Chocolate used to make Voldemort immortal!!! and to murder!!! improper use of a sacred food: -282939399/10
  • deathly hallows: Wow, disappointing. One chocolate card wrapper on the floor, a chocolate card and french chocolate from the Delacours. 3 mentions in 197,651 words. Disgraceful. I reckon there's correlation between how happy a story is and the amount of chocolate references. conclusively: appalling 0.015/10
  • bonus fantastic beasts: "But I made 'em cocoa?". excellent start, promising: 7/10
1093. There are lots of Wonka candies at Honeydukes- mainly because Wonka himself was a student at Hogwarts once. A Hufflepuff, he was a very talented and creative student, particularly when it came to potions. They always came out absurdly sweet, though, no matter what.

One of my favourite things in when Hogwarts rules can be traced back and blamed on the marauders

Like the girls dorm stair case turning into a slide when i boy tries to climb them? We all just know that charm was made because of none other than Sirius Black. 

Not being able to go to Hogsmeade until third year? They were probably trusted until Remus bought 50 chocolate frogs from Honeydukes and consumed them until he was sick

Dude i just love the Marauders

Trap Door - Fred Weasley Imagine

Okay so I’m thinking of making a couple more parts to this if it’s popular enough! So it might be like a short fanfic I think, considering the ideas I’ve got, so I really hope you likey!

Today marks the first day of Y/N’s new job at Honeydukes. You see, Y/N never got her letter when she was 11 years old, because she’s not a wizard, I guess you could call her a Squib. But not too long ago, she was reunited with her long lost sister, Nymphadora Tonks (don’t mention the first name around her), and took Y/N away from the Muggle world she knew, and showed her the magical world that consisted of witches, wizards and every other magical creature fathomable. But that journey is a story for another time.

Now that Y/N was here, what would she do? She couldn’t make friends easily because they were all in school, and she couldn’t go to school because she had never been taught magic, and being 18 she’s missed all the basics. So, with the help of Tonks, she landed a job at Honeydukes in the small shopping village of Hogsmeade.

Anyway, being Y/N’s first day, she started from the bottom of the retail chain: unloading boxes. But this didn’t fuss her much. Y/N got to spend all day in a room full of magic, and seeing things she had never even thought possible. Opening a crate could result in chocolate frogs leaping out, or bubblegum bubbles floating to the ceiling. Both of these happened within her first hour of being in the shop. She’d retrieved the chocolate frogs from their hiding spots around the shop, but now it was time to get the bubblegum off the ceiling.

This proved to be quite a challenge, but eventually all of the bubbles were crammed back into their crate, and now all Y/N had to do was put the box back into the cellar and carry on with work.

Y/N couldn’t see where she was going whatsoever due to the enormous crate in her hands. It wasn’t heavy at all (due to the fact that it was filled with bubbles) but nonetheless it was still a struggle to manage getting it back into the cellar, not being able to see.

Making it into the cellar, Y/N set down the huge crate on the floor. Thinking how proud Y/N was for managing to find her way around the store without looking, she looked up to find two identical looking red headed teenage boys staring back at her, looking as if they had seen a ghost. Y/N didn’t scream, or shout, or say anything at all for that matter. She just stood there in complete shock. ‘Is this usual? No, it can’t be, they looked just as stunned as I do’ she thought.

After a few moments of awkward tension, one of the boys spoke up. “Well hey there” with a voice of fake confidence, but it was better than the lack of confidence Y/N had. “Uh… Hey” she replied cautiously, “I, uh, didn’t see you come in” The boys looked at each other briefly, before the same one that spoke before spoke up again. “Yeah, that doesn’t surprise me that you wouldn’t have seen us come in. We’re the, uh, loading guys, and we were just coming in here to make sure that the new shipment arrived. Well, looks like it did, we’ll be off then” Y/N gave them a suspicious look as the boy tried to walk past her and out of the shop. “George, shut up she clearly isn’t buying it, we’re in school uniform for a start” piped up the other one, shaking his head. “I’m Fred and this is George, and we were just sneaking out from school to come to Hogsmea-” “Wow, you go to a wizard school?” Y/N butted in excitedly, “that must be amazing, why on earth would you want to leave?” The awkward tension seemed to leave the room with the arrival of Y/N’s bubbly excitement. A smile of relief washed over George’s face, but it was a different sort of smile that was on Fred’s. It sort of looked like it was really genuine, like her presence lifted his happiness and it gave her the exact same smile.

They were sitting on the crates now, as Fred and George had been telling Y/N all about Hogwarts, including their classes and their favourite and least favourite teachers. They even gave her a few demonstrations of some simple spells which to them seemed pretty ordinary, but to her was absolutely brilliant. They told her about the trap door that they came through from Hogwarts, and at this moment the shop doorbell rang and a voice called out to Y/N.

The three all exchanged looks of panic before Y/N got up and Fred and George scrambled back into the trap door. “Wait!” Y/N whispered loudly and spun around. Fred, who she could somehow differ from George, popped his head back up out of the trap door. “Promise me you’ll come back?” she asked him pleadingly. “How does tomorrow sound?” he asked her with a sense of hope in his voice “Absolutely perfect” She said, and with a quick wink at Y/N,  he shut the trap door. Tomorrow could not come soon enough.


Who’s at the door???? What will happen next???? To Be Continued…..

….If it gets enough notes that is :P Holidays start at the end of the week so I’ll be free to write more stuff, so yeah! Requests are open, feel free to ask for ships/imagines/one shots/preferences or anything you can think of and I’ll willing to give it a go :)


The mood-enhancing properties of chocolate are well known in both the Muggle and wizard worlds. Chocolate is the perfect antidote for anyone who has been overcome in the presence of Dementors, which suck hope and happiness out of their surroundings.

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