It was turning dusk, the red haired girl yawned and slowly fell asleep on the sofa of blackrock. The mage was in the magic room trying to figure out why all the old magic was gone. Rythian heard a creak coming from the hall way but didnt think much of it. while the red haired girl lay still a shadow crept through the door. The shadow slowly grabbed the girl but making sure not to wake her from her slumber and quitely walked back out the door. As the cold air hit her bare skin she awoke suddenly. The outline of the shadow scared her and all she could do was scream. As quick as possible her kidnapper held their hand over her mouth to lower the sound. They landed just outside a large building of some sort. they walked round the frount to see a massive darwf face above them. It said ‘HONEYDEW INC.’ zoey had heard the name honeydew before but couldnt put a face to the name. She tried struggling out of grasp of the shadow but could not. Everyone was asleep in the dormaterys as they went throuh the rather small door to a giantic, what seemed to be, a massive factory. after travelling down a long hallway that was covered but piston doors they ended up at the end where there was a large iron cell with only a small bed and a toilet. Zoey was pushed in to the cell with a large amount of unnessesary force. When the person made sure she was locked in they made a small write movement which turned in the lights in the room. It was Duncan. She was so shocked she froze in fear.

“Hello Zoey.” Duncan said in a rather pleased tone.

“ What Duncan, What do you want with me?” she replied worridly.

“I dont want anything from you Im only keeping you here till Rythian comes to find you and i will finally be able to kill him. your just the bait”

Duncan left with the last words “Sleep tight, Enderboy will be here soon.” Zoey curled up on the uncomfortable bed as tears started forming in her eyes.

—–Back at blackrock 2hrs later——–

Rythian was finished working on magic for the night because all he wanted was to sleep in his and zoeys bed. he strolled through the living room and noticed a note on the coffee table. it read:


AUTHOR NOTE ~ im terrible at writing but i gave it a shot.