cool Ok so Im pretty sure the last one was 400? I dont remember doing one for 500 or 600 but I dont feel like going back to check– anyway these are my favorite mutual blogs. I never really list non-mutuals as to not disturb them bc i am a garbage blog?

This is basically a shout-out to everyone who has stuck around for the awkward dark times, anime-blasting, aesthetic and shit posting and all around /tom/-foolery, despite my blog changing drastically CONSTANTLY YESthis is for you!!! 

{Below are blogs of my irl / internet friends*, consistent mutual re-bloggers as of lately oooor, you know…. ppl that have just stuck around for the ride!}

 Anyway, here we go:

reapermon* eredar* fatseawitchsexonadeathbedmudkipsan on-strange-tides* littleredlala cinderlily33thistle-pearlcorrsollarobotobsidianbutterflyriddlemetitillatedhiddles* dashingyounghero* what-sa-be* flowerbelli* pxldream honeydewhearts tavaselda* myazunyan fatherlonglegs sothasil supermelty* therocky-khorosho* flameatronachgoldfishandumbrella* ethelnotethyl northernpansy ihateteganandsara* prince-sweetrichard usopp* izayaoriharaisannoying amora-harleykins vampishlykingbrownham hanniteat fuglybakaslut vault15 failfish* johnnwatson stonerprivilege* amythe3lderakiyamalove naru-gami hotmessm0nster maddoxmackfreaking-heteros empressimpie diane-11-30-am blxxding colettel04 groomp dorkytedbear dysfucntion* noviacubana sweetfeet4 mermaidnymph gotpenguins rockmanclassic generouslion sugarscabs starskissyou permanentlybaffled dreyma-fyrstr monogatariyumy thearnott kv3dia  songstressneko cumberpegg normalsinusrhythm remainlikethis crvmer feelghost poonseason alexofthenorth gh0stbf notaturnkey maggieistired embalmerintraining badlittlekitten nagitokomaedorable stealthcrown drugpudding pawstar babeofhyrule paradoxicalavenger lookatthisclown plutoast acealpha fallovtfox anarcistnobody ichigoguts silkwxter  eyeflies cyborg-mermaids gatissfied sarcophaghoul thatirishnerd sakurahonda-chan lisagemeni glitterswitch camilaocarina claraccoon rankkor gangstatomhiddleston marythecow  lordbuttface* cruisinginmyowndimension mushroooms* mayhemiia huntree voguepakistan misteridiot quiveringposeidon canisseptimus notafuckgiver frostbitexp

—Thats all for now, Im sure theres more but the post is going to get too long for my taste, so please dont be discouraged if I havent mentioned you! ur great!! (This and I thought maybe clustering everyone like this could make them nervous!)  

happy shitposting blogging !!!!!!!